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1. Financial support for Gibraltar low income pensioners

The GPSW & PA was formed over 6 years ago by a group of pensioners who do not benefit from an occupational (workplace) pension and desperately struggle to make ends meet, with their Old Age (State) pension as their only means of financial support.

It is lobbying to Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar to establish a minimum income for resident pensioners, in order to afford them a dignified standard of living.

It is also looking to the future to protect today's workers by lobbying for the implementation of legislation, to make workplace (occupational) pensions compulsory.

2. Supporting private/charter school sector disability rights

Supporting and advocating rights within the private/charter school system. It is a missing element in bridging the gap within the private/charter school system in having rights for disability rights and inclusion for all.

Rights for all children and advocating right to choose for parents who might want to have the right to go to private/charter schools but have a need to still have services within the private sectors for all children. Have the rights to have the opportunity to choose what educational environment they may want to choose for whether, for religious reason or want a alternate way of learning for their love ones.

The right to choose should be given to all regardless of their circumstances. and services should be for all those who are in need.

3. Make All Votes in the Georgia State Senate Recorded Votes

Not all votes in the Georgia State Senate are recorded.

Current rules in the Georgia State Senate allow for recorded votes on floor amendments only under these specific circumstances: A Senator requests a recorded vote and five additional Senators raise their hands in agreement.

These rules result in many unrecorded votes.

Without recorded votes it is impossible to hold elected representatives accountable.

4. Arizona Amendment Legislation to Legalize recreational possession and use of Marijuana 2016

State law arizona revised statutes £11-410 addressed the issues and concerned with voters, expressing to demand not to mention the ballots for legalization. That the county shall not spend or buy in its resources for the purpose of influencing the outcome of elections for this particular vote.

A petition was filed to allow for circulation on April 17th, 2015. ALL LEGALIZATION go through the initiative process. This may appear on November 8, 2016 ballot in Arizona as an initiative state statute.

We the undersigned need to push for approval to Legalize the possession and consumption of Marijuana by persons who are 21 years of age or older. People permitted to grow 6 plants in their homes. Taxes will be enforced 15% to be levied for the sales of Marijuana, revenue from tax would be allocated to education and health care.

Initiative proponents need to collect 160,000 signatures by JULY 7TH 2016. TO MAKE THE MEASURE LAND ON OUR BALLOT ELECTIONS TO VOTE FOR THIS TO BE LEGALLY PRIVILEGED RRECREATIONAL for citizens with regulations and age restrictions.

5. Bring HB 3785 to a vote - Texas Needs Medicine

For the first time ever, there is comprehensive medical marijuana legislation in Texas. HB 3785 was recently heard in the House Public Health Committee where dozens of severely ill patients, veterans with PTSD, and doctors testified in support.

The fate of hundreds of thousands of patients in Texas are in the hands of Rep Myra Crownover and the Public Health Committee she chairs. The facts about the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana are known to her Committee. The only unknown facts are the ones that are influencing her decision to delay HB 3785.

The bill will allow patients with cancer, seizure disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other debilitating conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. And it would establish a tightly regulated system of licensed marijuana cultivators, processors, and dispensaries to qualified applicants.

Thousands of patients in Texas are needlessly suffering because they have no access medical marijuana. Right now patients face fleeing the state or participating in the criminal market to simply access the medicine that works for them. It’s cruel and it’s time for reform.

We can’t do it without you. Stand with seriously ill Texans and urge your legislators to approve safe and legal access to medical marijuana.

Please contact Rep. Crownover today and ask her to bring the bill to a vote!

6. Microchip Legislation

This petition has been started to change the legislation concerning pet microchips.

It has been done for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

It would allow vets, as recognized identifiers, to confirm ownership once scanning has been completed.
It also has the potential to discover any stolen pets.
It would give breeders the choice of either reclaiming or re-homing a pet if it has been surrendered, abandoned or lost.
This has the potential to uncover any breeders/sellers who are either unsuitable themselves or who are selling to unsuitable buyers.


7. Support Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Legislation in Wisconsin

In 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to pass a non-discrimination law based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations. No similar state legislation exists for people of differing gender identities.

Today, 18 states and the District of Columbia have surpassed Wisconsin in the enactment of vital protections for the transgender community.

Sign to show your support in the pursuit of non-discrimination legislation and move Wisconsin forward to equal rights for all.

Feel free to contact the author with any and all questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and support.

8. Support Spiritual Crimes Legislation

Since the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692, there has been a major gap in the law for protection of citizens from spiritual crimes in the U.S.

Many protective laws against the use of malicious witchcraft remain stricken from the books. That is a travesty of justice because it denies the true criminal nature and intent of those who practice it to harm and manipulate others.

This results in helping it remain under the radar of law enforcement when perpetrators use it to hurt others and those people need the help of resources and laws that protect them.

9. Regulate the Domestic Use of Spy & Terminator Drones -- Allow Voter control of SkyNet

The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) system is the simplest key to preservation of civil liberties, legitimate government use of drones, and reasonable UAV commerce without a need for extremist legislation.

ADS-B is the new form of GPS-based radio beacon required for most aircraft operating in American skies by January 1, 2020. This new system enables precise tracking of all aircraft and will be required also for drones. As such, it is also the greatest point of vulnerability and leash against future SkyNet and Terminator bots run rampant on U.S. soil.

This petition calls upon the President, House, and Senate to enact law requiring a system for voters at local, state, and federal levels to control the use of drones in American skies.

The simplest and most reasonable solution is for voters and community planners everywhere to GIS designate boundaries, no fly zones, authorized airspace, operation times, emergency conditions, and operational conditions for any unmanned aircraft activity.

Through legislation that the Federal Aviation Administration must record all such ADS-B data and share it publicly, the ability of voters and governmental agencies to monitor, litigate, and prosecute any violations of law is enabled.

This petition calls for a bill to further empower the Federal Aviation Administration with supremacy over all law enforcement flight operations -- making any drone flights outside of boundaries and controls set by the voter to be federally illegal and subject to enforcement action by the FAA, which may include revocation of Certificate of Waiver (COA) to operate such drones and other penalties.

Anti-drone legislation exists in the states of New Jersey, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Virginia. What is further needed to leash the drones at their weakest point is: 1) Software reporting of their position; 2) Litigation and Prosecution where operations exceed boundaries, limits, and manner set by public will.

This petition also calls for a bill to further clarify that the desire of a police state to use airborne drones in any form of attack upon American citizens -- lethal or non-lethal (tear gas, rubber bullets, deployed nets, etc.)-- is a clear violation of existing FAA regulations that no aircraft operator may engage in hazardous operations or the dropping of objects upon the public (14 CFR 91.15).

This petition seeks to return authority over American skies -- the Public Use Airspace; the citizen's airspace -- back where it belongs: to the public, the FAA, pilots, and manned air traffic.

10. Breed specific ban VS sexual predator acceptance

South Milwaukee has a breed specific dog ban. They also have 28 sexual predators living here.

11. Stop Abortion being legalised in Ireland

The legalisation of abortion is being debated in Ireland at present. Legalisation of abortion would open the way for devastating consequences, such as the possibility of mortality of mother and child during the legal abortion process; possibility of illness of the mother post-abortion; and post-abortion trauma such as cerebral palsy and twisted off or dismembered limbs in the babies who survive abortion.

The majority of Irish citizens firmly hold that the sanctity of the life of each unborn child in Ireland be protected.

12. Take affirmative action in changing firearm legislation

After recent violent crimes in America relating directly back to the misuse of firearms, of particular note the most newsworthy being the senseless attack by a 20 year old man Adam Lanza from Newtown Conneticut entering the school grounds of Sandy Hook elementary school and the shooting spree began. Not only taking precious children's lives but teachers who started work that morning ever dreaming that anything like this could happen in their school.

In the wake of this attack many families and friends are left to mourn their losses. All the way across the world I cannot be there to comfort them in our arms but we can help sign this petition and take it to the US Government and force change.

13. Reverse Ontario Anti-Strike Legislation

The Ontario Liberal Government, with the support of the PC Party of Ontario, has passed the Anti-Strike Legislation. This legislation imposes new two-year contracts on thousands of teachers that freeze the pay of senior instructors and cut benefits. The legislation also gives the government the power to ban strikes and lockouts for least two years.

I am not a teacher and do not work in the education sector but I know that there are two things that Ontarians need to fight for - One is health care and the other is EDUCATION!

14. Australians against Government censorship

The Gillard regime has been trying to censor the media and several other groups for a while. Now they have passed Legislation allowing them access to your internet details, to collect and keep Australians' internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails.

We can either sit back and watch this Legislation be abused to a point where a Government will have a complete profile on each of us, or we can act now and ensure even if this Gillard regime doesn't reverse it, the Coalition is left with no doubt we do not want it and we expect them to reverse it if they win the next election.

The book 1984 had the administration divided among four Ministries:

the Ministry of Truth, which deals with news, entertainment, education and fine arts,
the Ministry of Love which maintains law and order,
the Ministry of Peace which wages war and the
Ministry of Plenty which handles economic affairs.

The very vocabulary of the people was under Party Control; a system called “newspeak” was encouraged. One of the most dreaded words in the arsenal of Newspeak was the most heinous offence according to the Party – that of “thoughtcrime” which was sure to be punished by the Thought police.

The slogans of Newspeak are “War is Peace” Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.”


15. Support a Student Bill of Rights

Petition for an American Student Bill of Rights:

Students in the United States are blessed to have legal rights, freedoms and protections. These include constitutional, civil, contract, consumer rights and rights specific to higher education. They are scattered, however, through a number of legal documents and court decisions making it hard for students to find them.

Please sign this petition for the creation of a National Student Bill of Rights which clearly states what rights exist to protect students and how they are applied in institutions of higher education.

It doesn't matter which country you live in or where you are from, please, show your support. Press the sign petition button at the bottom of the page. You have nothing to lose and students have everything to gain.

16. Petition to Change Criteria to Receive Canada Pension Plan Survivor Benefits

The CPP was enacted in 1965 and came into force on January 1, 1966.

This 47 year old legislation does not allow a survivor under the age of 35, unless they are disabled or have children, to be eligible to receive these benefits until they reach the age of 65. For 31 years they are not entitled to receive CPP Survivor Benefits.


Marriage is an institution vital to the well-being and natural order of society.

In particular, it confirms the importance of motherhood and fatherhood and seeks to protect children's biological identity.

18. Enough is Enough - NYS-County Medicaid Boycott

Message: The cost of the Medicaid is out of control. The financial burden of the program is placed on County’s and ultimately being shouldered by property tax payers.

The State must take action to take financial responsibility for the program in an effort to lower property taxes in New York State.

Until the State takes responsibility for this burdensome program we are advocating that Counties withhold Medicaid payments made to the State of New York.

Objective: Passage of a bill that requires the State to take over the funding of Medicaid.

Strategy: Build a Coalition of support to withhold Medicaid payments to New York State through the Boycott Petition.

[11/17 Update: In Chautauqua County, the Tea Party Chapter and friends are also circulating a paper petition. This is especially important for those that support the effort but are not online. At present they've collected over 300 signatures. To download a copy usable in any county, go to ""]

19. Freedom To Brew and Distribute in Florida

In the state of Florida, beer manufacturers are prohibited from marketing and selling their product directly to retailers, restaurants/bars or bars. Instead, they must go through a third-party distributor.

This "3-tier system" creates an oligopoly and goes directly against the concept of an open and free market system. While over 30 other states have a right to self-distribute, Florida does not.

Therefore, we are petitioning for an amendment to the regulations over beer manufacturers and the creation of a third type of license for beer manufacturers that allows for different avenues of self-distribution.

20. Abolish breed-specific legislation and prevent innocent dogs from being destroyed



21. Support Pure Honey in New York State!

Question:Do you want honey cut with corn syrup or do you want pure honey?
Answer: Say "yes" to pure honey!

Legislation is in the NYS legislature to define pure honey (S3321). Due to adulterated Chinese honey entering the US food stream, a more definitive description of pure honey is needed. This Bill is needed to protect the image of pure honey and to protect the consumer from adulterated honey or honey pretenders.

New York beekeepers also need a level playing field to compete with cheap adulterated imports by having an established reasonable standard for all products labeled "honey".

This legislation should not affect the majority of honey producers in New York, but may weed out and discourage those seeking to sell substandard honey in New York.

This legislation has the support of major beekeeping organizations in New York and is almost identical to the California standard of identity for honey, which has been in place since 2009.

For more information see:

22. Pass Bill C-393 now and save lives

The acceleration of globalization of the market over the last
three decades, greatly facilitated by the expanding
influence of neoliberalism in international economic politics,
has advanced the internationalization of pharmaceutical
research and has influenced the ways in which it is market,
researched, and developed. In lieu of all the benefits they
bring, the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest companies
face a battle between the goals of corporate wealth and
public health. A small number of corporations have come to
dominate the research agenda and operate in a system
which the relentless pursuit of profit takes priority over
public good. While the majority world suffers because they
are deprived of essential medicines and die of neglected
diseases, people in the minority world still benefit. The
reasons for lack of access are diverse and complex, but in
many cases the high prices of drugs are a barrier to needed
treatments. Prohibitive drug prices are often the result of
strong intellectual property protection (‘t Hoen, 2002). The
devastating consequences of implementing patents on
pharmaceuticals and the influence of the market on
prioritizing research and development has led to a
perpetuation of global inequality.

Thousands die of preventable or neglected diseases like
malaria, HIV or tuberculosis every day (Albright et al.
2005). The reason why not enough attention is called to
the matter is because the people who are dying are too
poor to command it. If the same situation was found in
developed countries it would most likely be lead news every
day and they would be devoting serious resources to
finding a cure as fast as possible. As it remains, just 10%
of the world’s research and development on health is
targeted on diseases affecting 90% of the world’s people
and sadly, of more than a thousand new medicines
developed over the last 25 years, just 1% were specifically
for diseases of tropical countries (Albright et al. 2005).
Similarly, it is Western Europe, North America, and Japan
who make up 80% of the world’s pharmaceutical market
where as Africa is 1% (Robinson, 2001). The people who
need the most drugs are the people with the least access
to them. Therefore, they go without. Little money is to be
made in the developing countries that suffer from disease
pandemics. Therefore, they get neglected.

It is clear that the current state of modern medicine and
the pharmaceutical industry is not well. It needs an
accurate diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment.
The remedy to reversing the effects of the symptoms can
be achieved; it will be a challenge but it must not be

23. Stop the NT Cash for Containers Legislation

The Northern Territory has come a long way in the way it recycles its empty bottles and cans. More people are recycling than ever before through their convenient and easy to use kerbside recycling systems, there is less litter and a greater awareness of reducing the impact of rubbish on our environment.

But we can all be doing more.

The Government believes the answer is a “Cash for Containers” Scheme, where consumers across the Territory will have to pay more for their bottles and cans at the shop (10 cent deposit plus a handling fee of up to 10 cents). Consumers would then have to take empty containers to a depot to have the 10 cent deposit returned.

The Environment Protection (Beverage Containers and Plastic Bags) Bill in its current form will see the introduction of an expensive and inconvenient system that threatens the viability of existing kerbside recycling systems.

A better alternative exists.

Responsible Recycling has already had discussions with the Northern Territory Government about a better alternative to the proposed “Cash for Containers” Scheme. Our Product Stewardship Model would see industry provide direct funding for projects that will have a real impact on recycling and litter reduction in the NT, while ensuring the viability and convenience of existing kerbside recycling systems is maintained.

So let’s work together to build on what we already have, instead of threatening kerbside recycling with an inconvenient and expensive inconvenient “Cash for Containers” system.

The NT Government must suspend the debate on the current Bill until all options have been investigated.

24. Money for drug users and alcoholics but not for fulltime students?

Did you know that currently, if I were to sit on my backside all day watching day time television and drinking and smoking my life away, I'd be able to claim more in benefits than most people who are working earn. Is that right? Is that the sort of person you want your taxes to support?

Or would you rather your taxes go towards helping someone support themselves through college so that they can get a decent job at the end of it and pay back what they've claimed?

I am a young person living independently and trying to put myself through full time college whilst support my family at the same time. As it stands, I am not entitled to any money to help pay the bills or pay for household essentials, and what is this going to lead to? It's going to lead to me and my partner dropping out of college and claiming benefits for a lot longer than our 2 year college courses.

25. We Stand With David Pringle on raising the level of neglect awareness for children

Georgia is besieged by unwritten laws -- more mothers than fathers are granted custody of their children in the United States regardless if neglect is present or not. Children continue to suffer at varying levels that go with it — untreated infections, unsanitary conditions, mental and emotional abuse, and immoral influences. And the Federal government has done NOTHING to stop it.

More single mothers than fathers are in the news for killing their children. Fathers are having custody taken away despite hundreds of documents showing they are the primary caretaker for their children.

26. Rights of Tenure for Boat and Houseboat Dwellers

Legislation for, the protection of boat and houseboat or floating home dwellers and their rights of tenure are urgently needed in the UK.

Over 150.000 people in Great Britain alone, live and reside full time on board their boats, houseboats or floating homes.

And yet there are no legislation in the UK to protect the rights of tenure for floating communities and their dwellers.

Travellers and Gypsies have their rights, so should boat dwellers too!

This Campaign is for the Legislation of the;

* Rights of Tenure / Housing Rights for boat or houseboat dwellers.

* Protection, security and safety for boat, houseboat and floating home dwellers and their communities.

Vogue La Galere! / Push The Boat!

Campaign Movement for the rights of tenure for boat and houseboat dwellers. Please Help and sign and spread the word. Follow twitter @domportucallis

*Thank you!*

27. Truth in Legislation Act

If we refuse to hold our representatives and our president accountable for our security, economics and rate of spending then we risk allowing the united states to smother under her own weight.

We have a vote and fully intend to use it wisely research the issues before us and separate the truth from the lies I’m asking you sir to introduce a Bill to bring about truth integrity & honesty. With strong penalties of their own expulsion should a representative or any government official including the president willfully misled the American people.

Bring this law not only to the capital but to the white house and the entire political process. We must demand that we get real and truthful facts to base our opinions (votes) on. We the people are ultimately responsible for our own destiny. However there can only be one true set of facts, we will no longer allow congress or the senate to lie or otherwise mislead the American people . This Is not politics Like the president said in the resent round table debate. It is simply seeing who can be the best story teller and convince the American people that a specific bill is in there best interest. WE deserve better and we know better we need to be assured that when the members of congress or the senate or the president speak it is with the same reliable truthful stabilizing voice reflecting the same set of true facts or numbers so there can be absolutely no confusion. This has become necessary because of the present policies in congress, senate and the white house. Additionally distorting the true facts of any candidate running for office in this land our land can not will not and should not be tolerated..

I simply can't believe I am writing this letter and it has become overwhelmingly apparent that Washington is out of control and needs the oversight of the American people to ensure we have truth in the legislative process. This is an important first step this has got to be done the American people will not allow you all to ignore the simple truth. WE the people are the most Important and powerful part of this republic.

P.S. I am sure you can agree that truth in legislation is a positive thing that will bring about a new era of trust in government

28. Smarter SRC = Less disruptive & destructive strikes

South African tertiary institutions are being crippled by disruptive and destructive strikes spear headed by academically under achieving students occupying high posts in our SRC's.

These people stay for years in these institutions so they can enjoy many benefits including free fees, etc.

Why are people consistently failing on the one thing that got them in the institution being allowed to lead fellow students ?

In high schools we see bright kids excelling in their studies and sports but also head their Learners Representative Councils, what happens to this aspiring leaders when they arrive in institutions of Higher Learning ?

Lets call on the Department of Education to pass Legislation that will force tertiary institutions to set out clear and sensible criteria for students' eligibility in occupying seats in the SRC's.

29. Retrospective Land Tax - Valuation of Land and other Legislation Bill 2010

The Government will attempt to pass a bill very soon that will alter the way valuations on homes and small businesses are determined, therefore affecting Rates. The Bill will redefine "unimproved" to include the hard work of property owners, including (among other things) the buildings they have erected, the leases they have in place, business goodwill and infrastructure charges.

This will have profound effect on home owners who have done any improvements on their property (excluding their house), property investment in Queensland and will result in an even more desperate rental situation that already exists. When you don't have investors you don't have rental properties. These charges will be retrospective to 2002. If you own a home YOUR RATES WILL GO UP, this does not just apply to investors or business.

30. Give Parents the Choice!

Starting September 2011 the BC ministry of education has stated that it will only fund full day kindergarten. As the decision stands now, if an independent school does not implement full day kindergarten by 2011, it will not receive funding for the kindergarten program.

Take action if you believe parents should have a choice:
- Sign this petition and forward it to your friends.
- Write to the addresses below and let your voice be heard.

Minister of Education, Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid
PO Box 9045 Stn. Prov., Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9E2
(250) 387-1977 Fax: 250 387-3200

PLEASE cc. all letters, emails, faxes to the FISA Board, Attention: Fred Herfst
The Federation of Independent Schools Association,
150 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 2A7
(604) 684-6023, (604) 684-7846 Fax: (604) 684-3163