#Civil Rights
United Kingdom

Nick Griffin, BNP Leader -“I want to see Britain become the 99 per cent genetically white country she was just eleven years before I was born . . . Nothing will ever turn me from working towards that final vision”

Many people are disillusioned with British Politicians. Expenses claims, the economic crisis, rising debt, smear campaigns, never answering questions with a straight answer… The list goes on.

The BNP want you to believe that they are a moderate party who provide you with a protest vote against the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties.

They are not. The party is built around a leadership and philosophy that wants British citizens deported just because of the colour of their skin.

The BNP could win seats in the European Parliament on June 4th. Help us stop them. Please sign below, and please vote in the EU elections on June 4th.

Britain is the fairest country in the world, there is nothing British about the BNP.

Visit our site at: www.nothingbritish.com

We, the undersigned, see Nothing British about racial prejudice, Nothing British about the deportation of British citizens and Nothing British about the BNP.

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