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This is a petition to help the father's out there being singled out of their children's life's by the British Court System. The Government has done nothing to help the father's and their children.

The court system stays one sided and the father's and their children are separated because the court system says so. It is never about what's best for the children it is about how to take the children's father down. This has to stop father's have just as much love and care for their children as mother's do. We need to do something to help the fathers in the UK get their rights with their children and their life's !

This petition is for all those who are great father's and deserve equal rights. In many cases it is not just the mother that is needed. A father that is caring and loving just as the mother deserve EQUAL rights to their children !!!

I am planning on taking this as far as I possibly can until there is no where to go and right now I believe our government in the UK and Canada and the States all over the world really don't see the whole picture for the father's except for them to be the one to nail in a court room even when they did nothing to deserve it except love their children !!! This has to stop !!!

Please if everyone would kindly send this to everyone you can to help our fathers and their children get what they so much deserve.. Thanks everyone that signs this petition and for your caring and love for everyone we are fighting for !!

Mission Statement
New Fathers 4 Justice is administered by a group of former F4J members who have all been involved in some form of direct action. We will actively help, support, encourage and publicize non violent direct action in the name of fathers rights. We believe that direct action is the only way to keep the pressure on the Government, CMEC, Family Law system and those that support them to force a change.We will uphold the ethos of the original F4J.

This will be done by using the tragic comedy style in an ever changing methods of direct action and protest. We hope to carry on where F4J left off.
Please note that we can not offer support or personal advice but will attempt to offer help whenever possible based on our experiences of these governmental structures. Now that awareness has been achieved, interest, desire and ultimately action are now our goals

1) To build a culture of the "family unit" and promote that two parents are better than one.
2) To promote that every child needs a daddy.
3) To promote that it is bad parenting to alienate a child from their daddy.
4) To promote that it is child abuse to stop contact with the father.
5) To promote that society needs dads as well as mums. We all matter.

What We Want - Two Measures Of Reform
1) Open Courts -
To be brought in line with the crown and magistrates courts. This will prevent corruption, biasness and implement a culture of accountability to the judiciary.

2) An Automatic Presumption Of Equal Contact When Parents Split. -
To have equality, will mean that both parents will have equal parity over seeing their children. Naturally, this will be in the best interests of the child.

Someone has to do something they can't keep tearing father's and their children apart.

This petition is in hopes to turn over to our government and with high hopes they do see the problems the courts are causing for Fathers and their children by turning them into Visitors and not fathers !

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