#Human Rights
The Prime Ministers Office, 10 Downing Street

The Syrian Crisis as reported by the United Nations confirms the appalling abuses of children in this escalating conflict and this underlines the urgent need for a resolution to this crisis and for humanitarian access to those children still trapped in the country.

It is a sad indictment of the international community's failure on Syria that children continue to be killed, injured and maimed by artillery and crossfire. There are said to be approximately 6,500 (likely to be a huge underestimate, as two thirds of all recorded deaths, the UN reports, do not include an age) children killed so far in this 27 month conflict.

We the undersigned call on the UN to bring this war to an end without further escalation.

This is a reminder of the devastating effect of this conflict on the young. ChildVision would like your support in signing this petition which will be passed on to the Prime Ministers Office in th UK in a plea to resolve this crisis peacefully given the drastically deteriorating pattern of the conflict over the past year.

ChildVision thanks you for your help & support.

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