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Should same-sex marriage be legalised in Australia?

One of the government’s roles is to ensure that all Australian citizens have access to fairness, justice, protection of youth and it's citizen's and equality. The government appears to be reinforcing prejudice by not allowing equality and the same rights to all citizens when it comes to homosexuality. Or is it?

Most people in Australia, if they spoke out, believe that same-sex marriage is a threat to the institution of the traditional marriage model. Homosexuality is recognised in our society but is NOT broadly accepted. Allowing same sex marriage would affect Australian society negatively through raised financial health costs, the break down of family values where in the past strong families have been the corner stone of our society and abandonment of children who may be adopted into sudo-gay marriages. Statistics around the world show same sex relationships, on average, only last from 1-2 years.

Those who believe that marriage is simply a legally social and economic contract discard the purpose of marriage. The point of marriage is to create a lifelong, protective environment to birth, raise and cultivate the next generation into adulthood. Gay marriage cannot produce the next generation and for any nation this would obviously be detrimental in the long run.

If we are all to decide increasingly that we should be in same sex marriages, we would only serve to degrade the Australian birth rate even further. The current Government within Australia is making all efforts to increase the birth rate, why would it allow this minority group to influence vulnerable youth into it's ranks for increasing it's agenda.

Marriage has not evolved... ever! It has always been the same in all of history, hence tradition. It is between the union of a male and female. It should not be adapted because a few yell loud enough!

Australia says, "Let's keep our family values intact, so our children can continue to live in a lucky and blessed nation of wealth and prosperity".

We, the people of Australia, urge the government to dis-allow same-sex marriage throughout all it's states and territories.

Marriage - It is about gender, traditional family values and youth protection for the following generations after us.

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