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As part of the development of Redcar Town JFC, new facilities are being build at the Trunk Rd playing fields. This development includes fencing off the allotted are of the palying fields. However, there is a campaign to stop the fence being erected a the Trunk Road.

The club has contacted Neil Russell, a Redcar Council official, who has confirmed that this is true. Neil is slightly concerned as he has only received negative letters /emails from local residents regarding the erection of the fence.

To counter act this we need to send emails / Letters of support for the fencing, obviously letters from local residents surrounding the Trunk road would be ideal, however support from anyone who will use the site would help support the erection of the fence.

The obvious benefits of the Fence are -

    Promotes safety for children;

    Stops irresponsible dog owners letting dogs foul in areas children will play;

    Stop unsupervised dogs from harassing players and destroying equipment;

    Stops youths on motor bikes riding across pitches when children are playing.

Please offer your support in the matter of erecting fencing at the Trunk Rd.

This is very important we need the facility to be fenced in order to ensure the health and safety of junior members of the club, enhance the impressions of the local area and to enable us to develop the site to its full potential.

After signing this petition, your support can be sent to:

Email - Neil_Russell@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

Letters Post to:

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
Sports Development
Kirkleatham Museum
Bellamy Pavilion
Kirkleatham Museum
TS10 5NW

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