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1. Help Restore Hemphill

Our children deserve a facility where they can enjoy participating in team sports without the parents worrying about their safety. The fields where so many of us spent our summers playing baseball and softball are now becoming an embarrassment and eyesore. For a number of years, the continued deterioration of the baseball and softball fields are not only unsightly, more importantly, they have become hazardous. Failure to maintain these fields has led to preventable injuries of our children which are certainly only to escalate as the conditions worsen. We are pleading with the city, mayor, board of aldermen, parks department and any other officials to take an honest evaluation of our facilities. Get out of your office and walk around our fields and see the atrocious conditions. Some of the problems are minor and can be rectified with a little time and effort, while others need a major overhaul. We, the parents, are willing to put in the effort to assist you with revamping our park if you allow us to help. A small example of some of the problems are: the fields do not have adequate lighting for night games; bleachers do not exist for a majority of the fields or in a state of disrepair; grass is not cut on the fields or in the spectator areas or if it is cut, it is the day before games and lumps of grass impede play ; fences and wooden backstops have holes or the fencing is bent allowing balls to pass through; fields have dangerous and un-level transitions from grass to dirt; playing fields are un-level; wooden pitching mounds manufactured for the specific purpose of practice areas are used on fields instead of dirt mounds; and so much more. We are asking you to take an interest in our park for the enjoyment of our children and revive the pride we once had in our facilities.

2. St. Louis Park Fastpitch Association - Youth softball facility equality

SUBJECT: Softball Fields in SLP – Need for Equity

How does the City advertise St Louis Park?? What do your promotional materials say???

Experience LIFE in the Park -- Celebrate Your Events in St Louis Park -- Parks & Recreation - Enriching Life, Inspiring Community – Founder of Children First and the 40 Assets
Asset #7 – Community Values Youth
Asset #16 – High Expectations
Asset #27 – Equitable & Social Justice
SLP Public Schools - Achieving Success, One Student at a Time!

These are lines we are all familiar with and can recite when asked why you live in St Louis Park. But what are our actions??

Let’s take a line from a SLP brochure - Experience Parks and Rec in the Park – but let’s do that as you take your daughter to softball practice. You may drive past, Skippy, Northside Park, Dakota, Aquila, Carlson, Freedom/Paul Frank, or Dale Petit Fields, conveniently located throughout the city on your way to Aquila Field #4, the Middle School, or Pennsylvania Park. That is right, you have passed by 9 baseball fields and 7 adult softball and kickball fields to get to one of 4 fields your daughter can play on.

If you were paying attention your saw nicely groomed fields with storage sheds, parking lots, lights, scoreboards, covered dugouts, and other amenities. Most, if not all, of those things are lacking or of lower quality at the 4 fields your daughter is now practicing at.

If you were paying attention to construction activity the last 5 years, you observed over $1,000,000 in City paid improvements to baseball fields and $19,200 to one softball field at Pennsylvania Park.

Then one day your daughter plays a game in a neighboring community and their fields look like Northside or Skippy. On the way home your daughter comments on how nice it was to play there and asks why don’t our fields look like that? Or one day she comes home from school very excited to tell you she finally chose the topic for her 5th or 8th grade IB project. This is the project that culminates a student’s experience and global learning at the end of Elementary and again at the end of Middle School. It needs to be a topic they consider worthy of change and they have to design action steps to reverse the problem. You anxiously ask – What did you decide on??? She says – “Inequity in girls vs boys sports”.

How do you as a parent answer these questions and still try to support the City and their priorities?? The parents signing this letter have all had to come up with answers – what would yours be??

We appreciate your time and attention to this issue of fairness. Please work with us to bring about positive change and equity for the Fastpitch girls of St Louis Park.

3. Support Eastcote HC Second Pitch

Eastcote Hockey Club has submitted a revised application (2414/APP/2012/2812 ) to LB Hillingdon to build a 2nd Astroturf floodlit, multisport pitch on their club grounds at Kings College Playing Fields Ruislip. This pitch will be used mainly for hockey & football similar to the existing pitch, with more than 50% of users being community non club members.

The second pitch will allow the club to play all its home games at the club on Saturdays, carry out midweek training and accommodate all of the youth coaching and matches at the club on a Sunday to cope with the ever-increasing number of youngsters who want to join in. It will also be used by local junior and adult football clubs for 6-a-side games during weekday evenings. The 2nd pitch would also be available to local schools

Ruislip Rangers Football Club will continue to use the grass pitches for junior football and the running track will be refurbished and maintained by the club in the future for unrestricted free community use.

The new artificial pitch provides more than 5 times more sports playing capacity than the traditional single grass pitch it replaces. This increase of sporting facilities entirely supports government ambitions to promote and encourage the general public to engage in physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as providing increased leisure activities especially for young people.

The second pitch will occupy 5% of the area of Kings College Playing Fields ensuring that 90% of the playing fields will still be totally available for unrestricted access by the community who will be able to continue their traditional pastimes.

Eastcote HC


We believe that developing land adjacent to a SSSI site and near to protected Heathland will have a detrimental effect on the existing wildlife, habitat, flora & fauna.

We believe that building a road to access the new school development, to sustain school traffic, will greatly impact the ecology and environment.

Another site is available for development adjacent to the existing school, it is within the village boundaries and does not have the environmental pressures of the currently proposed site.

5. Save the animals of Devon

I am writing about the proposals to build a new town called Cranbrook near where I live. If you do this, millions of animals, birds, insects and even people will lose their homes and livelihoods. I know that it is now far too late to stop the building, but it is not too late to reduce the plans to half the size. This is the flood plains that you are about to build on so your building work will only be destroyed if there is a flood, which there is a high risk of.

This is supposedly to reduce homelessness and to increase the number of people employed, but it will actually destroy more employment by destroying the farmers’ land and the forest where the forest rangers work. If we do need more business jobs, old buildings can be reconstructed and reused wherever possible. As for the homeless issue, I feel that the right way to deal with this would be to reuse old homes wherever possible and to reduce household costs.

Haven’t you ever taken the time to observe and try to understand the beautiful wildlife that live there? The wonders of nature should teach you why it is so important that you reduce the planned area to around half its size. Trees are vital for our survival as they produce life-giving oxygen as well as providing a home to the unique British wildlife.

Unless you at least reduce the planned area, you will never be forgiven by the environmentalists. There may be protests outside the Council houses, letters of hate and disgust, and maybe even economic boycotts of this county. I will not support the Council in any way until you reduce the plans and unless you do so, I for one will never forgive you".

This was how my letter to the Devon County Council read. Unless I get enough signatures here, beautiful innocent wild animals will die.

6. Save Our Fields - Charterhouse Residents Association

If you do not know the background to this battle or would like a recap, please click on the following link, Keri-Anne's Facebook notes, which will take you to a Facebook page that has the original preamble. You can also get more in depth information from Dave's Facebook notes and up-to-date information from Charterhouse Fields Facebook page and our You Tube channel:

Latest from the Charterhouse Residents' Association Leaflet

You may have heard or read reports about the result of the campaign to Save Charterhouse Fields. We thought we should keep you informed.
The Council have granted the lease of part of the fields to Blue Coat school.
Does this mean we have lost?

  • No! *They had to add in to the lease the rights of residents to use and access the land.
    Our rights are clearly stated.

  • *Also, all the northern half of the fields will now be registered as 'Public Open Space'.

  • *The school and council have declared there is no intention to fence off any fields.

So, the lease talks of our rights and the council say they agree with dual use of the fields by both the school and the community.

BUT ... Those concessions we won from the Council are not legally guaranteed, indeed parts of the lease contradict our rights. It is helpful to Coventry citizens that our rights are stated, but we cannot be confident that in the longer run those rights will be legally protected.

That's why at a recent packed meeting the residents' group unanimously agreed to continue to support Councillor Dave Nellist's application for the fields to be made a Village Green. That way, public rights to the land would be established in law.

In summary, Charterhouse Fields was public land left to and bought for the citizens of Coventry. We have not yet won full legal rights to the land because of the resistance of Coventry council, a council that is supposed to be there to represent us! But we are much further ahead in terms of our rights of use than we were in April when the council decided to give the land to the school.


The school say if we win Village Green status, they won't be able to use the fields. But this is not so.
We residents have never disagreed with dual use by both ourselves and the school.
Currently we believe we should refrain from using areas in use by pupils for lessons. If Village Green status is won, we will give the same agreement to the school as applies currently, organising restraint of our use, certainly until the school's future use of the old allotments is determined, and beyond if agreed.
All a Village Green would mean is our long term legal rights to the area are established.

So we continue to urge residents to use common sense and not use areas pupils are using for lessons and keep the fields clean. We should continue to show responsibility and coexist with the school.

Thank you! Can we thank you deeply for all the brilliant support from the neighbourhood for the campaign to keep the fields public. If we and Councillor Nellist hadn't reacted so quickly in March/April it could have been very different. The council told us there was nothing we could do, that if we resisted we may lose more of the fields. The marvellous campaign proved all their arguments wrong.

We forced a U-turn on the council. But it was through gritted teeth that they conceded points to us.
They refused to even consider our hard earned evidence at the recent council meeting. That is why the campaign must go on. We cannot let down our guard.

Best wishes, Charterhouse Residents' Association.

So, if you live in Coventry or have lived in Coventry and have used the fields at some point, then we may like to speak to you about using your comments in order to support our legal campaign. Also, if there is any support you would like to give the campaign, then please drop us an email on and we will be in touch.

To reiterate the last preamble:
"Now is the time for us to unite against the powerful few in order to protect what is ours. Today, it's the Charterhouse Fields the Council are willing to sign away, but tomorrow it could be YOUR Open Space.
Together, we can win!"

7. Student’s Right to use the Campus our Tuition and Tax Dollars Built at the U of U

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

A group of approximately 25 students of all races, nationalities and ethnicities, was recently denied access to soccer fields located near the HPER buildings to play “The Worlds Beautiful Game”, soccer, on a late Thursday evening. The students were also warned that security would be called if they proceeded to use the empty soccer field.

The reason’s for denial of use of the field that were stated in a brief conversation with an administrator at the College of Health, the College responsible for the field, were that the students did not reserve the field, but also did not pay $30 an hour to utilize the field.

It is interesting to note that in years past, this fee was not applied to anyone who used these fields but is now being done so due to recent budget cuts. Ironically, all 25 of the students could have swiped their U-cards to use the heated indoor pool inside the HPER complex or have gone to the Field House to play basketball, lift weights, or play indoor soccer. The students would not have been charged further to use those facilities.

It quickly became apparent the ‘Mandatory Fee’s’ that are addendum to students tuition did not cover this field. Rudimentary research to ascertain what the ‘Mandatory Fees’ that accompany the tuition are quickly shows that these fee’s go to: ‘ASUU Activity, Athletic, Building, Collegiate Reader Program, Computing, Fine Arts, Utilities, Health, Library, Publication Council, Recreation, Study Abroad, Sustainability, and Transportation budgets.’ In light of the highlighted budgets, it would seem evident that use of the soccer fields is a fundamental right that students garner when attending this institution

This denial of campus grounds is far more egregious after contacting the city and county about their reservation policies and charges on the use of their soccer fields, softball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts and discovered that the city and county do not charge for use of their facilities, even in this economic recession. In addition, BYU does not force their students to reserve and pay to use campus ground.

To add to this incendiary act, the group of students was of an international origin, making this denial of use an international disgrace. Despite being a large commuter campus, student life of all forms should be supported; especially those activities that are constructive and healthy in nature. In light of student fee’s paid, burdening students further with financial obligations to play something that is otherwise free elsewhere is in principal a folly and sinister in nature, especially since one of the fields is in near unplayable condition,

Bret Van Ausdall
Graduate Student at the University of Utah

8. An Alternative Infill Solution for New York City's Synthetic Turf

The New York City Parks & Recreations Department is leading the way in discussing new initiatives and enacting new lesgislation that protects the health and safety of our communities by limiting the amount of hazardous materials used in construction of playgrounds, recreation areas, sports fields and landscaping.

Synthetic turf surfaces that use crumb rubber infill will no longer be installed, and current installations are under pressure to replace or remove their infill materials.

Finding a suitable alternative infill to maintain the quality, safety and performance of these fields has become an important issue for New York City residents including city officials, architects, engineers, coaches, parents and athletes.

9. Stop Dog Breeding in our Subdivision

The Martins at 8116 La Fon Avenue, Zelma Fields Subdivision, in Louisville KY are breeding and selling dogs in their residence basement, garage, and privacy-fenced backyard. On multiple occasions, there have been as many as 6 adult dogs and 10-15 puppies in the backyard of this residence.

The backyard is less than ¼-acre lot, which is adverse to the new Louisville Animal Control ordinance restricting a homeowner to have a minimum of ½ acre of property for 3 dogs. This “business” results in unacceptable noise levels and sanitation concerns.

The noise problem has been addressed to the owners by the neighbors with no correction. The situation was also reported to Louisville Animal Control. When Animal Control responded, the dogs were put in the basement before responding to the door. The privacy fence hides the “business” from the street, but not from the neighbors in the adjoining backyards.

Owners of the adjoining properties in the subdivision must deal with noise, odor, and feces run-off from the dog-yard onto our adjoining properties. Clean up has been observed using a water hose with a spray nozzle to breakdown the dog feces in the yard and driveway. The run-off drains onto the adjoining properties. When the dogs are kept in the basement of the home, is cleanup of the dog breeding area washed into the city sewage and drainage system?

10. Fight For Turf

Turf allows us to have more practice and/or playing time. A lot of other high schools are starting to get turf fields and we think we need to be the next.

List of Schools with Turf:
Boston English
Catholic Memorial
Madison Park
Thayer Academy
Tyngsborough High School
Newton South High School
East Boston High School
and many more, so why can't we be the next to have one.

The fields we have now are horrible, the football field has no grass and its full of dirt and rocks and the baseball field gathers a lot of water causing puddles and mud. Also West Roxbury High School is a community center so the fields are getting used by alot of other people.

11. Support the fencing of Redcar Town facilities at the Trunk Rd

As part of the development of Redcar Town JFC, new facilities are being build at the Trunk Rd playing fields. This development includes fencing off the allotted are of the palying fields. However, there is a campaign to stop the fence being erected a the Trunk Road.

The club has contacted Neil Russell, a Redcar Council official, who has confirmed that this is true. Neil is slightly concerned as he has only received negative letters /emails from local residents regarding the erection of the fence.

To counter act this we need to send emails / Letters of support for the fencing, obviously letters from local residents surrounding the Trunk road would be ideal, however support from anyone who will use the site would help support the erection of the fence.

The obvious benefits of the Fence are -

    Promotes safety for children;

    Stops irresponsible dog owners letting dogs foul in areas children will play;

    Stop unsupervised dogs from harassing players and destroying equipment;

    Stops youths on motor bikes riding across pitches when children are playing.

12. Atkinson Field Improvement Project

This petition is to ask the city of Henderson Ky to make the City owned fields, at Atkinson Park, up to playing standards.

Those fields are in need of some improvements we support what H.S.D.A is trying to do to improve them.

We feel like it's the city's responsibility to upgrade those fields to meet the standards of the other fields that are in the city of Henderson.

13. Help Eliminate Math Requirement

Clearly all teachers need to be proficient in English. But why math? Why ONLY math? Who besides mathematicians use algebra or geometry in their professions or in their daily lives? Who uses them to such a degree that proficiency in those subjects would be necessary to teach any other subject?

Demonstrating a basic knowledge of math doesn't prove competency in a non-math field. It doesn't indicate a lack of intelligence or teaching competency.

If the goal is truly well-rounded teachers, why aren't teachers required to demonstrate proficiency in literature, music, art, theater arts, psychology, philosophy, history, biology, sociology, geography, physics, film, environmental studies, current events, anthropology, computer programming, or any other field studied in college or taught in public schools?

Why is math privileged?

Many people hate math. Why are potential teachers forced to learn what for them is an irrelevant, boring subject when there are many other subjects that would be of more interest and value to them and to their students? Why not give potential teachers a choice of subjects to be tested on to indicate well-roundedness? Why not ask them to show proficiency in several subjects instead of just one - math?

If well-roundedness is truly the goal, teachers should have to show knowledge proficiency in several subjects, not just English (which obviously we all need) and math (which only a small minority actually NEED). Teachers should be free to choose which subjects they're tested on.

14. Birstall against Dog Bye laws

Birstall Parish Council have recently enforced a bye law which has been in place for 15 years but never enforced.

This has been done without any prior warning or notice to the residents of Birstall most of whom do not know this bye law exsists.

The council are of the opinion if dogs are kept on leads the fouling problem will improve on the playing fields and will not except responsible dog owners who are capable of excercising their pets and cleaning up the mess.

15. Junior Raider Football

-Junior Raiders 3rd to 6th grade represent the community.

-Rest of NCKL junior football programs play on high school fields.

-These kids generally weight 100 pounds or less, so the statement that we are going to tear the fields isn't accurate.

-Outside organizations have used USD#320 facilities in the past for our children, e.g. Manhattan Basketball Association had basketball tournaments at all of our schools last year. These were ran and organized by coaches/parents of the school district.

-Additional money to the community through visiting teams and parents.

-The self-esteem that will last forever for these kids to play where the big boys play is tremedous.

-Let's the community come out and support our children.

16. Polo Fields neighborhood needs a monthly newsletter.

Polo Fields needs to improve communication between neighbors.

17. Rename the Sayreville AA complex the Thomas V. Pollando home of the Sayreville AA complex

Morgan Complex renamed the Sayreville AA complex in 1991. Thre individual fields named after Wayne "Butch" Grant, Thomas Hugeinin and Jay Fuller. The complex will change not the individual fields to the Thomas V. Pollando complex home of the Sayreville AA.

18. Build Soccer Fields for Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg, Mississippi is a town of 25,000+ that presently has no soccer fields within the city limits. The local soccer organization has 600+ players. City residents are forced to drive ten miles outside the city limits for practice and games. Youth
Development of the sport therefor struggles within the city. This has been an issue for many years now. Please sign the below petition for the good of our youth.