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1. Review Student Safety Policies

Recently my 8 year old daughter who was supposed to stay in an afterschool childcare program, was accidentally put on the school bus to ride home. Upon arriving home to an empty house, her bus driver let her off of the bus and left her untill 5:30 in the afternoon. The transportation department claims that they are only responcible for preschoolers and kindtergardeners. I as a parent am outraged at the fact that is is ok for our school system who are responcible for our children, to just be allowed to drop elementary aged school children off regaurdless of age or supervision.

Bus Drivers' Responsibilities

All bus drivers shall meet the qualifications of and be in compliance with the responsibilities noted in Kentucky Administrative Regulations.

Walkthrough at End of Run

Bus drivers shall conduct a walkthrough of their buses at the end of each run to ensure that all students have disembarked at their designated stops.

Disciplinary Action

Bus drivers who fail to observe/perform their responsibilities shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

1 702 KAR 005:080; 702 KAR 005:150
KRS 189.370
KRS 189.375
KRS 189.380
KRS 189.450
KRS 189.540
KRS 189.550
KRS 281A.175
KRS 281A.205
Adopted/Amended: 08/15/2000
Regular Bus Stops

Discharge of Pupils

The bus driver shall discharge pupils at their regularly scheduled stops only, except with written authorization from the Principal to discharge a pupil at another location.1 Preschool students shall be transported in accordance with applicable regulations.2
The Principal shall have a written authorization from a child's parents before permitting discharge at a location other than the regular stop.


The driver may discharge a pupil for disciplinary reasons in accordance with Policy 06.34 of this manual and with 702 KAR 005:080.1

1 702 KAR 005:080
2 702 KAR 005:150
KRS 158.110
KRS 189.370
KRS 189.375
KRS 189.540
Adopted/Amended: 09/12/1991
Order #: X

2. Free Ryan Tucker

Ryan Tucker now 29 years old went from an abusive home to prison with no stops in between, he also suffers with epilepsy, has a brain tumor and has had his skull sliced into by a metal fan blade, he depends on medication to survive each day but he also needs therapy to help his rehabilitation.

Returning to prison will not help him become a better citizen, it will destroy the true man inside.

3. Support the fencing of Redcar Town facilities at the Trunk Rd

As part of the development of Redcar Town JFC, new facilities are being build at the Trunk Rd playing fields. This development includes fencing off the allotted are of the palying fields. However, there is a campaign to stop the fence being erected a the Trunk Road.

The club has contacted Neil Russell, a Redcar Council official, who has confirmed that this is true. Neil is slightly concerned as he has only received negative letters /emails from local residents regarding the erection of the fence.

To counter act this we need to send emails / Letters of support for the fencing, obviously letters from local residents surrounding the Trunk road would be ideal, however support from anyone who will use the site would help support the erection of the fence.

The obvious benefits of the Fence are -

    Promotes safety for children;

    Stops irresponsible dog owners letting dogs foul in areas children will play;

    Stop unsupervised dogs from harassing players and destroying equipment;

    Stops youths on motor bikes riding across pitches when children are playing.

4. Shuttle America: Extra stops for Route 426

Route 426 will be cancelled on 9/21.

Shuttle America will take over the routes and will not make stops at pace bus stops.

This will have an effect on a lot of students and staff that use the shuttle.

5. Make Safe Sex Free

The average cost of birth control and safe sex methods in Canada for womyn over 21 is $25-50 a month. I believe that the cost of birth control is the reason that unplanned pregnancies have risen among womyn below the poverty line by 30% in the last 3 years. This is a ridiculously high number that allows the cycle of poverty to continue, and get more vicious.

Right now, there is a rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections. Between 1997 and 2004 Chlamydia rose by 70%, Gonorrhea by 80%, and Syphilis by 908% in Canada. This is likely due to the cost of condoms, and inaccessibility of free condoms in places such as bars.


6. Bibb County School System - Reroute our childrens pick up and drop off stops

Concerned parents would like to extend the dropoff point for a number of reasons.

During the morning hours they have to be at the stops so early that you don't feel it safe for your children to be at the stop alone. They also drop off so late in the evening after school has been let out.

7. Astoria Lane Stop Sign

The residents of Kedron Hills would like to see a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Astoria Lane, Euclid Court and Creston Hill. This would slow down speeders and help insure the safety of our kids.

This intersection is one of the busiest school bus stops in the neighborhood and installing two more stop signs on Astoria would greatly deminish the probablity of accidents and or fatalities invloving our children.


Invader ZIM must not be cancelled.

It's come to the attention of many that a much loved show is being cancelled. Invader ZIM. This funny, twisted, and popular cartoon will be cancelled UNLESS the good people of the world stops Nickolodeon from doing doing it.

If we all sign Petitions and write complaint letters to Nickolodeon I'm sure we can convience them to save ZIM. While saving Invader ZIM you'd also be saving his fans. Who knows what some people would do with out the smart and halarious cartoon, Invader ZIM. So please sign this and SAVE ZIM!!!