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Support "Presumed Consent" Law for Organ Donation.

A Petition for the Government to change Legislation to "Opt-out" and Save Lives

As of 1 March, 2010 there were 1,716 adults and children waiting for an organ transplant in Australia with these numbers increasing every year, and at least 1 person dying each week whilst waiting for a transplant, we believe the current Donor Registration System must be reformed.

These numbers represent real people, with real lives... waiting... hoping... with deteriorating health... and in financial ruin. Hundreds of others are currently in this predicament, right now, needlessly.

The fact that we as Australians, in today's society can not meet the need of saving and improving Australian lives, is just not acceptable. Under 1% of registered donors actually become a donor. Approximately 100 people each year, adults and children die waiting for that precious gift. We can prevent this. We can save the lives of children and loves ones in the future. By starting this petition, organisations in (hopefully) all states, will encourage conversations with Senators and Representatives. This issue can be examined, discussed and considered by the public and Parliament. expert testimony can be offered by those in the medical community, educational organisations associated with the transplant community, transplant recipients, donors and their families. We want to make a difference and work for a change in extremely important legislation.

We, the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to change the law regarding Organ Donation to the "Presumed Consent" System.

Don't let the Gift of Life die with you.

The Undersigned

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