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As our supporters will know, we believe a national public library service is vital to the democratic impulse which lead to the great Libraries Act of 1850.

There is some great work going on in the public library service, and we want to celebrate that (see Libraries We Love) , but change is needed.

Libraries could do much more to meet social and individual needs. New thinking and additional money needs to be brought so that libraries can reach out to the greatest and growing need.

Our own experience shows that shared reading can play a practical and important role in delivering outcomes in public health, employment and educational attainment and we want to further develop the reach of the library services to deliver these and other outcomes.

We want to work with library staff and local authorities to bring these great changes about.

Tell the world you want New Reader Libraries.

Up and down the country, libraries are being marked for closure; 800 may be shut by the end of the year. No one supports the cuts and there have been protests aplenty. Now it is time for a change.

The Reader Organisation wants to work with library services to extend their reach, creating New Reader Libraries, with people and reading at the heart of them.

Libraries should be a presence in communities and create a relationship with people who are passionate about reading, who can take you on adventures in reading you would never have embarked on alone. Books, but also companionship with other readers. Pleasure, but also advice and encouragement for new goals and aspirations.

I want to see New Reader Libraries in my neighbourhood. I want my local council to ask how it can do things differently to reach more readers and promote reading. I want to see my local library service join with other services to make my neighbourhood a good place to learn, earn and thrive.

I encourage my local council to meet with The Reader Organisation and learn from its unique experience of developing readers and designing new kinds of reading services.

I’m joining the Reading Revolution. I am going to read aloud to someone I care for today.

The Support New Reader Libraries petition to National and Local Government was written by Jennifer Tomkins and is in the category Culture at GoPetition.