The Governing Bodies of Football

This petition is a response to the injustice felt by the lifeblood of football, the people who support their club/nation, the people who sustain an industry with their tireless support, the people who own the game, the football fans.

We are seeking to eliminate the cheating which is blatantly obvious to the majority of people watching the game, but all too often goes unnoticed and unpunished by the referee and their assistants.

“Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly”. This is an extract from the Fair Play Golden Rules, and does not seem to tally up with many examples of victories achieved unfairly and dishonestly such as; Thierry Henry handling the ball and leading to a goal which ultimately stopped the Republic of Ireland reaching the world cup - Rivaldo’s play acting which lead to the sending off of Hakan Unsal and a winning penalty scored by Rivaldo, and Ultimately winning the World Cup – Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ which knocked out England and ultimately led to Argentina winning the World Cup.

Surely a great deal of value was gained by France, Brazil and Argentina in the above instances of unfairness and dishonesty.

Players have a duty towards their own country/club and therefore can only be expected to do everything they can to win. If the option is there for them to make a split second decision to cheat in order to gain an advantage, it is inevitable that they will take the chance.

Something must be done to both deter and correct this.

We, the undersigned, call on the governing bodies of football to bring in video referees to help eradicate the injustice inflicted on football fans by way of rules being broken in plain sight of those watching the once beautiful game.

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