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Wrestling in the UK has always had a loyal and enthusiastic following, with every show that the WWE promote, there are sold out arenas due to the familiarisation with the superstars on show.

We believe that if the WWE were to produce a reality based TV show that linked in with the stars of a UK based promotion, it would give the WWE a new complex brand with more potential and provide developing WWE stars an opportunity to work in medium arenas in front of the camera and a live crowd.

Although initially the brand will be developmental, there is scope for the brand to extend out onto TV with the opportunity to build characters before they are put on a grander stage. UK fans are dedicated and passionate about wrestling and will continually strive to ensure that the industry improves.

After we have gathered enough signatures we will present the information to the World Wrestling Entertainment with the hope that they will take our response further and look at extending out and producing a UK based brand.

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