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1. Residents Opposed to Amplified Sound in Green Point Eco Park

The residents of Green Point and Mouille Point in Cape Town are happy to support numerous events in their neighborhood.
However, they are vehemently opposed to amplified sound or music in Green Point Eco Park which is right next to old age homes, numerous apartment complexes and houses.
Sound from this beautiful green eco park also travels to hundreds of homes further away due to the amphitheatre type layout of the region, weather patterns and the geology of the area.
Amplified noise is not only distressing to people but also the the animals and bird life in this family friendly park.
We respectfully ask the City of Cape Town and Event Organisers that any events with amplified sound or music be placed in one of the infinitely more suitable spots in the immediate area and not in Green Point Eco Park.

2. Give Us Gaming Events In Scotland

In Scotland we have no gaming events. I want to appeal to gaming companys worldwide to help me to get some, they will most likely make profit and it will be fun.

3. The Face of Surfers Paradise Tourism

The Surfers Paradise Metermaids have been a most recognised icon of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast for the past 49 years, celebrating all Surfers Paradise has to offer - its beaches, bikinis, sand sun surf and fun.

The peak body charged with the promotion of Surfers Paradise, the Surfers Paradise Alliance, do not believe that the Surfers Paradise Metermaids are relevant to the promotion of Surfers Paradise. In most cases planned events promoting Surfers Paradise do not involve the golden bikini girls.

So the question is, do you believe that the Surfers Paradise Metermaids should be involved in the marketing of Surfers Paradise and should they be the face of Surfers Paradise promotions?

4. More awareness of Downs Syndrome

Just getting the awareness out to everyone that Downs is rising more and more every year, and I think most of us should respect the fact that it is part of the community world wide, and they are also human.

5. Save Deus Ex Machina's Events

Over the last 5 years Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown has utilised its carpark to host Swap Meets and festivals for surfing, cycling and motorcycling communities.

These events are congregations of enthusiasm that draw people from all walks of life to share in the passions of others, Deus makes no money from these days and all the gate donations go to the relevant charity of the day. We are facing a ban on holding these events by the powers that be, they cite we do not have approval to hold these events in our carpark. We think this would be a shame to see these events disappear.

If you have attended one of our days or would simply like to see the Deus carpark continue to be a place where enthusiasm can overflow please sign the petition and help our campaign to keep the swaps alive.

6. Just for us

My name is Deborah, i am a military spouse and stay home mother. The Fort Hood base usually has functions for military families, but they invite civilians in as well, and when they do that there is no room for military families to attend because of overcrowding issues, and alot of military personnel and their families believe this is unfair to those who serve their country.

And any other time, civilians are not allowed on base, unless they have papers that say they can be there, so if they aren't allowed on base any other time, they shouldn't be allowed to come to our special events especially for free.

7. Stade De France, a recipe for Human Crush

Numerous large scale events have been held at Stade De France, numerous concerts, matches etc.

On a large occasion the crowd control and organisation was so poor it was non existent, which has lead to numerous complaints on forums of a human crush,with security doing nothing to prevent this occurring and it seems Stade De France still cant organise a large scale event.

also for those who camp out, or que from early morning, it was highly unfair that all gates opened at different times, meaning those who were there first, were last in on most occasions. All gates should open the same time, and in a safe manner.

8. Front Street Lahaina Halloween

Origins/End Result —Halloween grew (in the 70’s) from a couple of costume parties, at local bars after revelers spilled out onto Front Street. More and more came over the years, eventually an amazing 20,000 annually.

Getting Organized — In 1980, The LahainaTown Action Committee (LAC) stepped and supplied port-a-potties, got a permit, closed the street, worked cooperatively with police, sponsored a costume party, and until recent years, ran a tight ship.

Local Businesses Prospered — Enjoying one of their biggest nights of the year, eateries used the extra revenue to tide them over during weak Novembers until the return of holiday visitors. Merchants thought they had a field of dreams: October 31, and they will come.

Halloween Challenged — A group of Native Hawaiians in 2006 challenged LAC sponsorship, saying they objected to parking problems, costumes interpreted as lewd and an alleged increase in crime. In 2008, the Cultural Resources Commission bought the “inappropriate to the culture argument” and denied a street-closing permit for prime time. As a result there was less Sensation for a Front Street Lahaina Halloween. This year there are no planned events and the LAC has pulled their permit.

9. Support Epic Productions & Media help raise money for charities such as the RSPCA, Breast Cancer & Youth Violence

To put on gigs and festivals in the RCC | Redland City Council in Bay Areas, and to help raise money for charities such as the RSPCA, Breast Cancer & Youth Violence.

10. Support a WWE UK Promotion

Wrestling in the UK has always had a loyal and enthusiastic following, with every show that the WWE promote, there are sold out arenas due to the familiarisation with the superstars on show.

We believe that if the WWE were to produce a reality based TV show that linked in with the stars of a UK based promotion, it would give the WWE a new complex brand with more potential and provide developing WWE stars an opportunity to work in medium arenas in front of the camera and a live crowd.

Although initially the brand will be developmental, there is scope for the brand to extend out onto TV with the opportunity to build characters before they are put on a grander stage. UK fans are dedicated and passionate about wrestling and will continually strive to ensure that the industry improves.

11. Allow Children in Caesers Windsor to See Concerts and Events

I have grown up in a family where music is very important part in our lives. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Herman Hermits, Tom Petty, etc, are a few examples. Many great musicians of that kind come to Caesers Windsor.

I believe children should be allowed in to see concerts and events and I'll tell you why. The main reason children are not allowed into Caesers is due to the atmosphere of alcohol and gambling. Yet, there in NO ALCOHOL allowed in the concert bowl, during concerts. Due to this children should at least be allowed in to see concerts and events of many types, without drinking or gambling.

Many die-hard music fans, that are children, should have the opportunity of seeing their favourite artists, while they still can. Even if there are no children allowed in the bowl , it would be wonderful if they made an minors section, separate section, far away from any alcohol or gambling. So that die hard music fans-such as myself- can still have the opportunity to see many great artists. Thank You.

12. City of Ashland Ky. to consider expanding their public transportation hours into the evening

Those of us who depend upon the bus system for transportation would like to see expanded hours especially during special events such as Summer Motion. This would help with grocery shopping, attending events, taking evening classes at ACC and attending special events in the park.

13. We Want the PortaJane!

The PortaJane is the first portable restroom made exclusively for women. It’s the answer for women who want and demand fresh, clean, for-women-only restroom facilities. Not only is it uniquely designed for women, a portion of the proceeds from each unit rented will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is manufactured in the United States out of recyclable materials. So in addition to experiencing an odorless and truly unique portable toilet, women can feel confident about the fact that PortaJane is both environmentally "Eco-Friendly PortaJane's Odorless Solution" friendly, and supports an important cause such as donating to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is bright pink with white trim and displays 3 large breast cancer awareness ribbons embossed on the front door and sides. Each unit includes a hands-free flushing toilet, curvaceous hourglass-shaped back wall, a water-flowing, hygienic hands-free sink, 2 vanity shelves, the "hover bar," mirror, hanger hooks and so much more. Because it is created exclusively for women, the PortaJane is designed without a urinal.

Exclusive PortaJane distributorships are now available and PortaJane is seeking entrepreneurs to provide these upscale portable restrooms at outdoor events across the nation.

Please contact for further information.

14. Fair and Equal Access to San Anselmo Street Banners

The Town of San Anselmo is proposing to adopt an ordinance that will make the across-the-street banners on Drake and Tunstead and the Hub sign available only to those who have political "pull." The banners and Hub sign are valuable, precious community resources, and they should be made available on a fair and equitable basis to qualified organizations.

There is a Town Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 28, at 110 Shaw Drive, behind Safeway. Please sign this petition, and appear at the Town Council meeting to voice your opposition to this unfair ordinance.


For many years, the Town of San Anselmo allowed organizations to advertise “charitable and civic events” on two street banners across Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and Tunstead Ave., and on a sign at the Hub. The street banners and Hub sign were used by most organizations in Town, including the Stapleton Ballet Nutcracker, the Ross Valley School District Yes! Foundation, the Drake Pirate Pancake Breakfast, the Sleepy Hollow Kitchen Tour, the San Anselmo Baseball Association, Lower Brookside Octoberfest, Manor School Winter Faire, the Chamber of Commerce Art and Design Festival and many, many others.

In October 2005, the Town administration approved the display of a street banner for a political campaign (“Yes on Measure B”). Since the Town’s ordinance permitted banners only for “events”, this political campaign sign clearly violated the ordinance. The Town administration allowed it anyway, presumably because the Yes on Measure B Committee was composed of Town Councilmembers. The Yes on Measure B banner was followed by another political banner (“Yes on 73”).

Adoption and Administration of the Emergency Ordinance

In response to many public complaints about these political banners, in November 2005, the Town Council adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting all parties, other than the Town government itself, from erecting street banners and Hub signs.

In short order, the Town administration violated this ordinance as well. Over the course of the last year, street banners have been displayed by several organizations that are not part of the Town government. These included banners for an organic Farm Stand (a commercial enterprise), Girls on the Run (an event in Tiburon), the San Anselmo Baseball Association (an independent association that is not affiliated with the Town government), and a Fairfax Haunted House (produced by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce). Each of these banners, displayed with the express approval of the Town administration, violated the emergency ordinance, which limits banners to Town government messages only.

In the meantime, other community organizations saw that the Town was allowing numerous non-Town street banners and signs. When these organizations asked for banner space, their requests were denied, for no valid reason. In addition to violating the Town’s own emergency ordinance, it is patently unfair, not to mention unconstitutional, that the Town administration is able to pick and choose which banners to display.

The Proposed New Ordinance

The Town administration has now proposed a new permanent ordinance, which is similar to the failed emergency ordinance. In the new ordinance, banners are permitted “to promote special events of which the Town is either the sponsor or a co-sponsor.”

The terms “sponsor” and “co-sponsor” are not defined. Is it sufficient for the Town administration to simply say that the Town is a sponsor or co-sponsor? Or does the Town have to contribute any funds or staff time in order for an event to count as a sponsorship or co-sponsorship? Does the Town have to be named as a sponsor or co-sponsor in any publicity materials, or can the Town administration simply agree to be a “silent” co-sponsor?

In addition, there is no indication of who would decide on behalf of the Town whether or not to sponsor or co-sponsor an event. Would it be the Town Council? A Town Commission? Any Town staff member?

And what is the criteria for determining whether to sponsor or co-sponsor an event? Will the Town look at the content of the proposed banner to see whether it is acceptable to the Town? Will the Town look at the organization, and make some determination as to whether that organization’s views and policies fit with the Town government’s view of politics?

The proposed ordinance is flawed in the same way as the emergency ordinance. There are no objective standards as to who can display a banner and who cannot. If a group has “pull” within the Town government, it can request that the Town be a “co-sponsor” of the event. If the Town administration agrees, then the group can use the banner space. If, however, the Town administration decides for whatever reason not to “co-sponsor” the event, then the banner space is not available.

Because the banner space is a public forum created by the government, any right by the government to control access to that forum based on the content of the banner or the organization is clearly an unconstitutional violation of freedom of speech. Under the proposed ordinance, the Town government is allowed to grant or deny access to a valuable public resource, street banner space, based on the content of the banner’s message or the group displaying the street banner. If the proposed ordinance is adopted, the Town would be opened up to fair criticism by any group that did not receive “co-sponsorship” and therefore was denied banner space by the Town administration.

In addition, it is unfair to the community to allow some groups with political pull to get to use this extremely valuable community resource, but then deny its use by others.

The Town administration believes the proposed banner ordinance is legal and constitutional based on a recent court of appeals case. However, the ordinance at issue in that case is dramatically different from the one proposed by the Town. The Town cannot rely on that court case to claim that the proposed banner ordinance is legal and constitutional.

The Citizen’s Sign Committee Recommendation

In January 2006, the Town Council convened a Citizen’s Sign Committee, a group of 21 residents and business owners, to study signage issues. The Sign Committee debated the street banner issues for hours. After several months of weekly meetings, the Sign Committee recommended to the Town Council that street banners and the Hub sign be permitted for the following purposes:

Town-sponsored events, Ross Valley accredited schools, Ross Valley youth organized sporting and cultural events, and 501(c)(6) [chamber of commerce] status for Ross Valley businesses.

What we are seeking

We are simply asking that the Town Council adopt the recommendations of the Citizen’s Sign Committee. Banner space should be allocated on a fair and equal basis to all organizations that meet objective criteria. The banner space is an extremely valuable and precious community resource that should be made generally available to the community, not just to a select few who have political pull.

15. Fix Throwing Conditions at Santry Stadium, Dublin

The current conditions in which Hammer and Discus throwers are expected to throw at Santry Stadium Dublin are unsafe for both the throws competitiors and the competitors on the track.

The "new" circle is the result of shody workmanship and it is highly unfair to ask athletes to throw in such dangrous conditions. Athletes have commented that they feel they are "signing a death warrent every time you went into it."

As well as it being unfair to ask athletes to throw from such conditions, it is even more unfair to ask them to throw in a manner that will be safe to track competitors. Throwers have complained about the difficulties in keeping control of the emplements they are throwing due to the conditions and unless this is rectified it WILL lead too an injury, either to a thrower or someone on the track.

The angle at which the cage is now set up also means that, on top of the highly dangrous and unpredictable conditions of the circle, it is highly possible for a 16lb hammer to land on the track. The AAI attempted to rectify this by abruptly changeing the direction of the sector line at 60m. This is something that a wayward hammer will not take into consideration when it is heading towards the track. And the AAI does not want to know what kind of damage a 16lb ball traveling at that speed can do to a track! Unless these conditions are taken into consideration, I can see the closeing of lanes due to damage as well as injury to athletes.

There has been outcry by members of the throwing community since the "new" circle was put down and various demands for the establishment of petitions. As well as being extremly angry at the conditions we are expected to perform in we do not wish to see clamp downs on our events due to somebody on the track being injured.

Irish Throwers have just as much a right to compete in safety as do the other athletes. It is the duty of the AAI to provide safe conditions for the athletes of this country to take part in. The conditions at Santry are safe for neither thrower nor athletes useing the track.

We respectfully ask that the circle be fixed or that the Irish Championships and other events due to be held at Santry be moved to a new location which provides proper and safe conditions for holding a competition.

16. Secure school fencing at The Entrance Public School

March 15, 2006

Suitable fencing is required at The Entrance Public School to protect our children due to unsecure fencing and events that have happened recently.

The parents & teachers of The Entrance Public School & P&C Association have organised this petition to express our concerns for the saftey of our chilren/students within the playground in light of past & recent events.

17. Remove Seating Facilities for Concerts at S’pore Indoor Stadium

February 7, 2006

This is a Petition to request for action on the removal of seating facilities for Rock & Pop concerts (S'pore Indoor Stadium).

I attended my very first rock concert in my teenage years. In my opinion, it was one of the best concerts that ever took place in S'pore. The energy exuded by the 1000+ fans were truly an amazing sight. It was a METALLICA Concert & at that time, they were one of the hottest Metal Bands around (& they still are!!).

Although I absolutely enjoyed the unforgettable event... but what disappointed me utterly was the inclusion of seating facilities. I was extremely surprised (or rather, Shocked!) that there actually were seats for a Rock concert. What a Travesty it was.

The seats were absolutely redundant & a major obstacle for the fans to have a great time. For Goodness sake... this is a ROCK Concert. Nobody will ever seat down during a Rock Concert.
I really do not comprehend the reason for placing seats in the main arena. I did not pay $150 to seat down at concert events. Apparently, everybody were not utilising the seats at all.
The fans were either standing or using the seats as standing-stools (including myself & my friends).

In 2001, I attended the COLDPLAY/TRAVIS Concert. The concert was excellent, but the seats (again!) were a major disappointment. Then there were also ushers demanding fans to take their seats. This is unacceptable as those at the rear will not be able to see their favourite band perform because the fans in the front were standing up & obstructing the view.

Hence, those fans behind have to stand on the seats to enjoy the concert & get their money's worth. The concert tickets cost over a $100 each & i bought 4 tickets for my friends so we would have a enjoyable night.
However, we were deprived of having good clean fun.

I understand the need to have seating facilities for shows/films, theatrical performances & plays as i do attend these events as well. (eg. Cirque du Soleil, Cabarets, etc )
Nowadays whenever there are any concerts (like the upcoming Franz Ferdinand & OASIS concert), i would think twice about spending money to attend the event where i have to mandatorily take a seat to enjoy the concert.

I'm very sure many others out there would share my exact sentiments.
Thus, I write this petition to appeal to the authorities & organisers to remove the seating facilities for all Rock/Pop Concerts in the future.
I always believe this action will undoubtedly please all fans & concert go-ers.

Furthermore, more eager fans would not hesitate to buy tickets to see their favourite artistes/bands perform.
This will definitely be a win-win situation.

The cost of setup would be lower as there will be significantly less maintenance of the seats & manpower to arrange the seats prior to the event.
Please do your part & sign the petition to put a halt to all these unreasonable decisions to place seats in the arena.

Kindly send this petition to all your friends & relatives who believe in this cause as well.

On completion of the signature inputs, this petition will be sent to all relevent authorities pertaining to concert events organisation. (Ministry of Information & The Arts, SISTIC, etc). Thank you very much for your kind & generous support.

Yours Sincerely,
Kenneth Fan Kei Lim

18. Save Sal's Social Life!

January 21, 2006

One month ago, the above-mentioned frequenter of The Edge Nightclub was removed from the premises and barred. The reason behind these events lie within a questionable act which she performed within the confines of a cubicle in the women's bathroom.

She is aware that she and the other party involved were at fault and she apologises for this high-spirited incident and assures the management and staff of the venue that it shall not happen again.

Taking into account that she has been a frequent visitor of the club for 5 years, has assisted in organising past events, has DJed at the venue on occasion and that far worse acts have been perpetrated over the years, we feel she should be allowed a second chance and let back into the club, on the understanding that she is on her best behaviour.

19. Possitive Connection Out of 270

January 10, 2006

We would like school district 270 to re-evaluate the use of "Positive Connection Transportation Company" as our children's source of transportation to and from school and special events.

Positive Connection has been in use by our school district for 2 years and has yet to place our children as their priority. The parents from Gatewood Elementary school have been more then patient with the buses running anywhere from 15-45 minutes on a daily basis.

On several occasions the weather conditions where less then than suitable for children to sustain for long periods of time (below 0, rain, snow) and the school and transportation board where unaware of these delays for up to 1 hr. after the occurrence.

The transportation hotline is used for relaying information in regards to each delayed bus; the hotline is equipped with the time the message was placed on the hotline along with the date.

This is a great concept however, the transportation company is not being contacted in a timely manor by Positive Connection therefore, the hotline does not get updated which than leaves the parents ill informed.

20. Stop the Rodeo in Martin County!

This petition is being started due to the public outcry of inhumane treatment to animals. The following letter aims to stop the rodeo in Martin County.

Robert L. Crowder. Sheriff
Martin County Office of Sheriff
800 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, Florida 34994

September 10, 2005

Dear Sheriff Crowder,

We are the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of the Treasure Coast. As such, we are dismayed to learn the office of sheriff is sponsoring a harsh, cruel event which inflicts pain on animals. The forthcoming rodeo fund raiser for the Florida Sheriff Youth Ranches is unacceptable and out of character to all the positive things you have done for animals in this community. Our organization is getting complaints about this on a daily basis. It would be an understatement to state that many people are very upset.

Rodeo attractions including tight straps about the abdomen and genitals of horses to make them "buck", the use of electric prods with electric currents to get the horses and cattle running, chasing and roping/tying of cattle and young calves are just a few of the cruel, painful events instilled on these victimized animals.

Encouraging inhumane episodes, especially in full view of children, is contradictory to our mission of kindness and compassion for all creatures. It is especially disturbing since many animal organizations here have worked together with your office to prohibit inhumane acts on animals in Martin County.

Martin County Animal Control Division protects the community against cruelty to animals, while Martin County Sheriff Department promotes it.

The Undersigned

21. Sugar Free/ Low Carb foods

This petition is written with the purpose of requesting Sugar Free Low carb products to be made available at public events. There are over 1 million new diabetics yearly and over 18 million presently. The widely new approach to eating low carb and sugar free has made it difficult for this population to enjoy venues at arenas and stadiums to their fullest. Many individuals are forced to eat prior to the event or to buy foods that do not support their present lifestyle.

22. Reinstate Parks and Recreation Funding in Pittsburgh

Due to critical financial problems within the city budget, Mayor Tom Murphy has been forced to cut funding for the Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation Department. Without funding, there will be no Great Race, no Light-Up Night, no Fourth of July at the Point, as well as many other celebrated Pittsburgh events.

In short, there will be a lot less to do around Pittsburgh during the year. Please sign the petition to aid in the reinstitution of these events.

23. Keep Student Initiated Events At NEMCC!

The purpose of this petition is to keep student-sponsored events a part of the Northeast Mississippi Community College campus. Ray Scott, head of the Student Government Association and the Director of Housing for the community college, said that starting next year (effective Fall Semester 2003) all student sponsored events would be canceled, and even events planned with a campus faculty advisor would be extremely restrictive. This is a definite blow to students' rights, the First Amendment, and the college at large. Since there are less than five college-sponsored events on-campus per month (on average), this also means less time for the students to spend on-campus. This move is unwarranted. Students should not be regarded as something to be controlled. Students are customers; Those who attend college pay for it themselves, and expect something in return. If you owned a business, would you do everything you could to please potential customers, or would you regard every customer as a shoplifter and make them so uncomfortable that they would have no other choice but to leave? That is our problem, and through your help, you can be the solution. Thank you. It is not fair to limit others' freedom of speech because they do not agree with your own.

24. Yes to Teacher's Free Speach!

A literature teacher from Pepperell High School, who takes modern events and compares them with English literature has been told he can no longer do that. It has been said that because of recent events that his political views could be offensive. I am a student of his class and highly disagree with this statement. Although he tells us what he believes he has never asked us to accept these beliefs ourselves. I think by gagging him on this it is binding our ability to learn. I myself have learned more in this class than the rest of my High School career, and the rest of my class is in agreeance with me. I feel that if we stand by and let this be done the next thing we know our free speech will be gone. I will greatly appreciate your support in this matter. Thank you for your time.

25. Manchester Mardi Gras Outdoor events Go-ahead

Quoted on the Manchester Mardi Gras Website:

Following discussions with the Police and the Council over the last week, we have to tell you that the VBA have had no option but to cancel the outdoor events and the Works Party.

A full statement is being prepared by the Chair of the committee for Monday morning, but until then, all I can tell you is that this decision has been taken on the grounds of safety and liability.

The events to be cancelled are: Sackville Park's events, including the bar, food stall and main stage, the Essential Dance Arena and compound, the Street Market, The Works Party, and, saddest of all, the Big Parade.

26. Smowmakers for Sugarloaf Provincial Park

We have been asking for snowmaking at Sugaorloaf provincial Park for quite a few years. In February 2003 we will be hosting the Canada Winter Games 2003 and one of the events to be held is Freestyle Skiing. They are upgrading the hills but without snowmaking, there will be no event. We not only want snowmaking for the games, we want a lasting legacy fromn the games. With snowmaking capabilities we could hold national events that will bring in desperatly needed revenue to our region.

27. Free The West Memphis 3 - Jailed without proper evidence

The Robin Hood Hills Murders
May 5th, 1993 was a Wednesday, and when the Weaver Elementary school bell rang, three 8 year old boys headed home to their nearby West Memphis, Arkansas neighborhood. Only a few hours later they would be reported missing and an informal search by their parents would be under way.

The next afternoon at 1:45 PM, a child's body was pulled from a creek in an area known as Robin Hood Hills. Eventually the bodies of the other two missing children were found nearby. All three of them were naked and they had been tied ankle to wrist with their own shoe laces. The children had been severely beaten, and one child, Christopher Byers, appears to have been the focus of the attack; he had been stabbed repeatedly in the groin area and castrated.

A triple homicide is extremely unusual, and particularly when the victims are children and unrelated to one another. So far, two documentary films have been made about this case, and interest in it shows no sign of fading. The facts surrounding the Robin Hood Hills murders, the events which they triggered, the aftermath, the trials, the verdicts and the hearings have been the focus of an ongoing research project for the past several years and we have reached many surprising conclusions.

Having had no previous experience with this type of murder, the West Memphis Police Department allowed potential evidence to be destroyed at the site where the bodies of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore were located. Officers who were present made very little apparent effort to preserve or properly document the scene or to make accurate notes. Perhaps this was due to negligence or perhaps it was due to the fact that they were inadequately trained and inexperienced in handling such a crime and the events that naturally follow. Many unidentified people can be seen milling around the bodies in the brief crime scene video, and the Chief Investigator, Gary Gitchell can be seen smoking a cigarette well within the perimeter of the area.

Strangely, a juvenile probation officer was present when the horrible discovery was made and he indulged in speculation with a police officer about who might be responsible for such an unspeakable act. The probation officer had been following the activities of a local teenager named Damien Echols for years, and his first instinct what that the moody, dark haired teen was responsible. In fact, he and the police officer agreed that Damien was the only person they felt was "capable" of such a thing. Both men decided that the triple homicide had actually been a bizarre Satanic ritual sacrifice performed by a "cult" which they imagined Damien was the leader of.

28. All Enron recipients, must recuse themselves from investigation to avoid the look of impropriety...

Anyone who accepted money from Enron needs to recuse themselves. I think it is pretty petty of the Democrats to keep trying to pounce on our President. I know they want to get elected, but this is stupid. We are talking pot and kettle here, and my Mom always said the bit dog hollers first.

I think instead of playing Politics, they should work together for the good of the Nation. It is time we play fair.

In light of the recent events involving Enron, the massive amounts of money received by those who would investigate, point fingers and name names. In our opinion, we believe that anyone who received money from this company should recuse themselves from the investigation, and stop the appearance of impropriety.

29. Bring Osama bin Laden to justice

Osama bin Laden is by all reasonable standards a madman. He has been confirmed to have been involved in numerous terrorist acts, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen. Yet we, as a government, have done little but whine about his continued freedom in Pakistan/Afghanistan. While he takes the lives of American servicemen, no attempt is made to force his extradiction and inprisonment.

It is my firm belief that this freedom has resulted in his latest terrorist act, the crash of 2 jetliners into the World Trade Center Buildings and 1 into the United States Department of Defense office, also known as the Pentagon, and the death of thousands of Americans.

We can no longer allow our freedom to be compromised for his. We, as Americans, need to exercise our right and demand justice be brought to those who have harmed our innocents. I ask that you sign my petition and show our government what its constituants want.