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1. Svengoolie Halloween Marathon on MeTV

It has become apparent due to great response on the Svengoolie Facebook page that fans of the show would REALLY like a Marathon of Svengoolie on Halloween of 2017, and perhaps future Halloweens as well, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

2. Fans Should Choose Pete Rose Eligibility for Hall of Fame, Not Commissioner

Direct from the Baseball Hall of Fame Website

The National Baseball Hall of Fame is a nonprofit committed to preserving the history of America’s pastime and celebrating the legendary players, managers, umpires and executives who have made the game a fan favorite for more than a century. Help the memories live on and celebrate the game you love!

The Argument is no longer whether Pete Rose is a Hall of Fame Player or not. People will always have their respective opinions on whether the lifetime ban is hypocritical compared to others in the Hall. Statistically Pete Rose was one of the best ever to play the game. The question now is about the importance of the game and whose opinion really matters. The current and previous commissioners want us to believe that it is their opinion about the game and what they feel is the correct view-point regarding the history and importance of honoring a player. After themselves, they put the fans of the cities that a player played for and then third, the rest of the fans. This is backwards. Baseball is not about a group of people sitting in an office. Baseball is about fans all across the country that follows their hometown team and players from around the league compete for almost 7 months a year. The Commissioner’s office has allowed both the cities of Cincinnati and Philadelphia to induct Peter Rose into their respective Hall of Fames. The cities in which he played for get to honor and recognize his achievements as one the best that ever played. What about the rest of the baseball fans? We were the ones that did not get to see or listen to Rose play daily. Long before there was cable/satellite and superstations there was just the Game of the Week, the All-Star game, the postseason and the 3 minute sports highlights during the nightly newscast. We hated Pete Rose when he played against our home town team because we wanted our team to win but we respected Rose for his abilities and accomplishments on the field. We appreciated how he played the game and set an example that many of us used when we taught our sons to play ball or when we coached little league teams. Rose reminded us that practice, working hard, and hustle can give any player the opportunity to compete regardless of physical size or natural ability. Pete Rose showed that baseball is about passion and hope. Rose set an example about pushing yourself and to play hard on every play. Baseball is about taking advantage of every opportunity on the field and that a singles hitter is as important, if not more, than a home run hitter. It is the players and the fans, all across this country, that makes baseball America’s Pastime not the commissioner or the owners. If the Commissioner’s office feels Pete Rose should be honored in the cities in which he played then there is no valid reason that the rest of America’s Baseball fans should not be able to honor him for his baseball accomplishments. The Hall of Fame is not about how a commissioner feels or if a player was a good guy or not…it is about Fans (which includes previous players, owners and anyone else who loves the game) who recognize the accomplishments of a player and want to acknowledge what that player has meant to both the game and those that follow it. We don’t need a plaque in Cooperstown to tell us Pete Rose is a Hall of Fame Player, he is. His accomplishments prove that. What it would show is that Baseball is more than just a group of people sitting around a conference table deciding what is important to the fans and what is not. It is time for the Fan’s Voice to Matter! Sign the Petition because Pete Rose has meant a lot to all of the Baseball Fans, not just the cities in which he played.

3. Bring Kpop to the RIO GRANDE VALLEY

To show promoters that the deep south texas have loyal fans that cannot make the trip to other texas cities.


I think it's safe to say that we really want Amr Diab to return for another USA TOUR! The last USA tour that he did in 2011 was enjoyed by many and the last planned 2014 one that was canceled last minute upset those who had looked forward to it for so long! Since then, everyone has been asking the question "When will Amr come back to do a USA tour?!"

Amr has a huge fan base here in the USA so maybe if we all join together we could really make this happen! Being that we live abroad and away from our countries, families and don't often get the chance to be visited by our favorite artists, I know it would mean the world to many of us if Amr can come back and gave us a little taste of our culture and made us feel like we're home again!

With that said, sign the petition to get Amr Diab to do another USA tour!

5. Dolan twins VIP

When trying to purchase VIP M&G tickets for the Dolan twins the cite crashed and many people missed out on the oppotunity, the event organizers (NiceEvents) are refusing to release more tickets.

We are hoping that if we get enough signatures they will reconsider the glitch and release more. Thanks in advance xxx

6. HomeTown to Amsterdam

With this petition we want to show the Irish 6-piece-boyband 'HomeTown' how loved they are in the Netherlands and make many Dutch Homies' dreams come true by getting them to perform there.

Because everyone deserves a chance to see their favourite band live, right?

7. Burst the Bubble

Police Forces in England & Wales were recently inspected on "Police Legitimacy" which includes "ethical culture" and "whether the force understand, engage with and treat fairly the people it serve..."

North Wales Police received a 'GOOD' rating in this inspection; however North Wales Police and Cheshire are two of the few forces to use the controversial restrictive 'bubble' to convey ALL fans to and from derby football matches between Wrexham and Chester and vice versa.

The use of the 'bubble' has been the subject of much criticism of law abiding fans of both Chester and Wrexham Football Clubs who resent having their freedom curtailed by an arbitrary, disproportionate and unfair method of policing. They further resent their categorisation and stereotyping as football hooligans and general troublemakers.

The Inspectorate make no mention of the fact that they inspected football policing methods in their report and we must therefore conclude that they did not.

8. Bring Doctor Who back to Netflix

Doctor Who was officially removed from the Netflix online streaming service on February 1st, 2016.

Whovians all over the world know how devastating it feels not having 24/7 interrupted access to the Doctor.

9. Make NBA Referees Accountable When Making Mistakes

I am sick and tired of refs making mistakes. They do what they want call bad calls on not just my team the Houston Rockets bit every team in the NBA.

I think they should be fined just like he players or suspended for missing calls or even calling bad calls that cost players to loose the game sometimes even championships.

Now on Wednesday night the 24th of December Houston played Orlando Magic and this was a matter of win or loose and Dwight Howard was fouled and it was like 6 seconds left in the game and Referee Kennedy was standing right there and didn't call the foul he should be fined.

10. Save Hannibal!

Hannibal will be cancelled after season 3 finishes. Lots of fans of the show are disgusted.

Sign the petition from to bring it back.

11. Eminem please come to Toronto!

The closest Eminem has been to Toronto was Osheaga 2011. I am tired of travelling to see the man.

Come to Toronto! You have so many fans here that are dying to see you!

12. Demand the Original Kiss Lineup appear at the Hall of Fame

We Demand the Original Kiss Line up appear at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

13. WWE Diva Game Featuring Current/Past/Legend Divas

Hello WWE and everyone reading this. My name is Johnny Campanella and I am 21 years old. I have been a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment since I was five years old. But I especially love the women’s division, or “Divas” as they are known. This petition is to try and have a WWE Diva video game made for all of us Diva fans.

I love to play the current game WWE 2K14 and the past games, but there is never that much emphasis on the women in the game. Meaning CAW (Create A Wrestler) outfits( which should be more sexy and have no man attires), hair-styles, etc, being updated. The game would also of course include a Create A Diva mode too. Also, there are not too many in-game storylines or modes that feature the Divas. So I thought, hmm, what if there was a WWE Diva video game that was just ALL Divas!?! That way, we can have a huge Diva roster and more modes to play with them in.

I know A LOT of WWE fans would LOVE to play this game and really appreciate all the hard work that would be put into it. It could almost be just like the current WWE 2K14 game, but just Divas. In the game, there could be current, past, and legend Divas. There would be all the same match types like there are in WWE 2K14, and maybe add a Bra and Panties Match, Paddle on a Poll Match, and a Bikini Contest. Also, to make it very realistic, this game would be more towards the teen/adult rating of course.

The Women’s Championship as well as the Diva’s Championship would be in it. And maybe we can create a Tag Team Women’s Championship too! I thought since Total Divas is on the E! Network and sheds more light on the women of WWE, that this would be a great add-on to increase your WWE fan base. I would love to talk more in-depth with the creators of the game as well to get my message and ideas across.

I hope everyone reading this will sign this petition as well as send it around as much as you can so everyone can hear about this. WWE, please take the time to read my petition. It is coming from a fan who eats, sleeps, and breathes wrestling. I feel as thought this game would break barriers and give us WWE Diva fans a great video game to play and cherish forever! Thank you for reading, and please PASS IT ON!

Thank you, Johnny Campanella P.S. My email is:
(Below is a list of the hopeful Diva Roster)
-All current Divas on the roster will be noted with a * symbol-
Natalya*/Tamina*/AJ Lee*/Naomi*/Cameron*/Brie Bella*/Nikki Bella*/Eva Marie*/JoJo*/Rosa Mendes*/Alicia Fox*/Summer Rae*/Layla*/Aksana*/Lilian Garcia*/Trish Stratus/Terri Runnels/Lita/Ivory/Jazz/Victoria/Jacqueline/Molly Holly/Tori/Francine/The Kat/Chyna/Stacy Keibler/Debra/Miss Elizaberh/Luna Vachon/Sherri Martel/Alundra Blayze/Sable/Sunny/ Miss Jackie Gayda/Joy Giovanni/Dawn Marie/Nidia/Torrie Wilson/Candice Michelle/Melina/Ariel/Trinity/Jillian/Kristal/Mickie James/Maria/Beth Phoenix/Cherry/Christy Hemme/Gail Kim/Michelle McCool/Kharma/Kaitlyn/Kelly Kelly/Eve/Ashley/Bull Nakano/Maryse/Maxine/Tiffany

14. Evan Peters in Portugal

As huge fans of America Horror Story and Tate (Evan Peters) we would like to have the opportunity to meet him. It can sound crazy but this is very important in our teenage phase!

We can die from broken heart!

Help us!

15. Vampire Knight: Pouvoir faire une saison 3 en vidéo

Je m'adresse à tous les fans ; si vous voulez une saison 3 en vidéo (car en manga c'est déjà sorti) veuillez s'il vous plait signer cette pétition.

Je ne sais pas encore comment je vais une fois la pétition signer par la plupart de ceux qui veule la saison 3 en vidéo mais j'y réfléchirai.

En attendant remplissez la svp.(Donner moi des conseils je ne sais vraiment pas comment je vais faire.)

16. Shear the beard of James Harden (Houston Rockets)

Since Harden signed with the Houston Rockets there has been a bit of tension between his former OKC Thunder fans and him.

17. Eternal Twilight 10 Please!

We would like to ask that you please sign this petition if you would like to see an Eternal Twilight 10. Sadly due to the close proximity to Christmas and the last convention I know many people were unable to attend, but would be much more likely if there were another one in Oct.

More time to save means more money to spend. End on an even 10. These are very important to some people, they are times to get together with friends, meet some celebs and have fun. They mean a lot to us all.

18. Noctua we want more aesthetic choice!

Noctua a hardware manufacturer of CPU coolers has provided its customers with excellent cooling technology since 2005. The only problem is that all of their fans have a creme brown finish (trademark company colors).

When looking upon their CPU coolers (and fans) in conjunction with today's market trend of black and blue motherboard designs, one can quickly see an uncomfortable (to the eye) aesthetic disposition. No matter how one looks upon the brown and creme design it is often left to wonder if these colors should even have a place in today's desktops.

19. Bring Moon Kana to Romania!

Kana have had a lot of concerts in Europe, because she really loves her fans.

If she knew about her Romanian fans, she would probably think to come to Romania.

If we get enough signatures, I will send her the petition. Our purpose is to bring her in Romania at Otaku 2013.

20. NKOTB After Party in Argentina

Finally after more than 20 years waiting, our boys are finally coming. There was NKOTB parties in some cities. We want our!

Lets show our boys some latin love and let them know we want to party with them after the concerts. Want to celebrate our dream coming true.

Sign here if you want to see some NKOTB in Argentina After parties happen.


Finalmente, luego de más de 20 años de espera, nuetsros chicos finalmente vienen. Hubo fiestas de NKOTB en otras ciudades. Nosotras queremos la nuestra!

Mostremosle a nuestros kids un poco de amor latino, y hagamosle saber que queremos una fiesta luego del concierto, festejemos que se nos cumple un sueño.
Firma si quieres que un after party con NKOTB en Argentina se haga realidad.


Parramatta have lost their way on the footy field and its time for the fans to take over.

Mary is the most qualified CEO in waiting and is now needed to take over the club to return it to its former glory.

22. Slipknot Rock In Rio 2013

É um desejo de todos os fãs rever o Slipknot novamente no Brasil.

Se você é fã e deseja revê-los novamente em mais uma edição do RIR no Brasil, Assine!

23. Kristin Hogan (@ItsKristinHogan) to @ABC_DWTS Season 13

Kristin Hogan, Internet Celebrity, Awesome Singer and Dancer needs to be on Dancing with the Stars !!

24. No F%*kin' Lockout!

Dear NFL Owners/Players:

We, the fans of the National Football League (NFL), are demanding that the pending NFL Lockout come to an immediate END. As fans, we are disappointed that you have taken America's favorite sport and turned it into a NASTY business! Football Sundays mean tailgate parties, screaming at the refs, wearing our favorite jersey(s), and most of importantly; it means FAMILY. For generations, people have passed on their love for a team from their grandparents, parents and even down to their own kids.

In 2011, we want to continue to go to the stadium, to the couch or to our favorite sports bar to watch our favorite tams win the game!

25. Bring Lupe Fiasco to Windsor Ontario

This petition is for all Lupe Fiasco fans in Windsor specifically also to those in Southern, Ontario to get Lupe Fiasco to come perform in Windsor.

First we must prove that he has many fans here that will go and watch him and support his concert. If you want Lupe Fiasco to come to windsor then sign this petition! FNF UP!"

26. Barajou no Kiss Fans

Most girls are crazy about jewelry, but not Anis Yamamoto. Not since her father gave her a rose choker as a child, claiming it was a protective amulet which would safeguard her from harm; however, if she ever took it off (a feat easier said than done!), she would be afflicted by a “punishment” of some sort- not like it matters to her, since the attention it attracts around school from faculty and students alike isn’t something she’s particularly fond of.

But after a certain incident causes the choker to disappear, she realizes that this punishment her father spoke of might have been a bit more than she bargained for!

by Turtle Paradise

27. SHINEE fans in the UAE!!

The petition is made to see how many SHINEE fans there are in Dubai and to show SHINEE that we support them. Plus, we want them to come here and make a concert!

Shinee (샤이니, stylized as SHINee, pronounced /ˈʃaɪniː/ "shiny") is a contemporary R&B South Korean boy band. Formed by SM Entertainment in 2008, they made their debut on May 25, 2008 on SBS's Popular Songs with their promotional single, "Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)" ("누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)", lit. "Older Girl, You're So Pretty (Replay)"). The group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Since their debut, Shinee has won numerous awards.

They have also starred in their own reality show based on their song, "Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)". Shinee is considered to be a fashion icon having started the "Shinee Trend".

28. Against the BBC not letting the Eastenders/Holby City cast do stops

I'm against the BBC not letting the cast of Eastenders/Holby City stop to meet and greet fans.

29. People Who Wants An Harry Potter Theme Park In London

The first Harry Potter theme park was builded in the USA (Orlando, Florida) and it's called "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter".

If you want an Harry Potter theme park in London, because there were set the books and also because it would be easier for european people to visit it, please sign this petition.

30. Save Spyro

the legend of spyro trilogy is good but dawn of the dragon slaughtered the story my fellow spyro fans this petition is to activision and blizzard to ether a give up the name to some one more capable or b finally get to work on a new game.

There has Ben only talk of a new game however as you may search it theirs no data no physical evidence of such activity's in over two years. how ever since the purchasing of the spyro game rights blizzard has done nothing to show a new games creation. It is be leaved by many that this monolith of a company merely desired the name for personal promotion purposes. As such im creating this petition to have the games right passed on to some one more capable of producing a new game before this company drags the series into its coffin and drives the final nail ending its grand courier