State of Michigan
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Hi, I am a substitute teacher and am really enjoying what I do. However, I can’t help but feel that the job is seriously underpaid. I currently make between $70 - $80 dollars a day depending on the School District that I substitute for. I have some figures (they are only approximations).

Amount of education required for a Michigan teacher: 6 years

Average pay for a Michigan teacher: $56,000 a year.

Amount of education required for a Michigan substitute teacher: 4 years

Average yearly pay for a Michigan substitute teacher: $14,000

Lets say that a substitute teacher has roughly half the responsibilities of a real teacher. I think that is a fair assumption. A substitute does not have to grade papers or make up lesson plans (only teach them). So a substitute does not take their job home with them. A substitute is only working during school hours.

So a substitute has 2/3 the education of a real teacher, 1/2 the responsibility of a teacher
but gets paid less than 1/4 the pay of a real teacher? I personally think a substitute teacher is worth at least half of a real teacher. It’s no small wonder that there is a shortage of substitute teachers. The education to pay ratio for a substitute teacher has got to be the smallest of any job in this country.

I personally believe that every school district in Michigan (and this country) should be required to take the average of their teacher's salaries including benefits and then pay their substitute teachers exactly half that amount.

We, the undersigned, call on the State of Michigan to require every school district to pay their substitute teachers exactly half the salary + benefits of their average teacher's pay.

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