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Presidents, authorities and functionaries of all countries and regions

International conflicts and aggressions are increasing all over the world and are at the verge of escalating. Ukraine, North Corea, Iran, Afghanistan ... just to cite some of them.

Actually unrests are going to increase to open conflicts between USA, Russia and Europe, between the continents, between economic power authorities.

If you don't believe the mass-media and look behind the facade in most of the cases the main reason for those conflicts are not human rights or bad presidents loosing it, mostly it's about oil, gas, money and strategic important territory.

Ask your neighbour, if he wants to have war, he will say "no". If anybody in the world asks any neighbour in the whole world, all of them will give the same answer: "no".

That means: Humans don't want to have war and aggression, humans want to have peace and harmony. But the people who fight about oil and gas, are not the ones who are standing at the front line of a war. At the end, the people who are fighting at the front, are the people who don't want war and will never have oil, even if they survive.

If everybody in the world wants to have peace and harmony, it should be possible to find a way of living together in a nice way, even if cultures and races are different. For saving and caring about our interests we have presidents and authorities, so we think, they should do it and work out a way for peace and togetherness.

With our bavarian flashmob in India (watch at www.flashmob4peace.com), where hundreds of people from all over the world spontaneously started dancing together an bavarian song (nobody could understand anything at all), we prooved one fact:

"All nationalities can dance together, even if they sometimes don't understand each other".

War is the result of fear ...
- fear of loosing territories
- fear of loosing influence
- fear of loosing richness and prosperity 
- fear of loosing privelegs.
In short ... it's all about materialism and "being better or better situated than others".

Since thousands of years the concept is "getting more and being better than somebody else" neglecting the fact, that true richness and satisfaction is harmony and togetherness.

The main problem: The world population is growing, resources and energies are getting less. So every nation tries to get as much influence as possible, to save and raise their economic standards (fear of Looping).

But imagine an international alliance of all nations, which works on a way of togetherness on the whole earth, which creates worldwide peace-contracts and concepts for equality and global collaboration.

Imagine if all people on earth would take all the money, which is actually invested into armament (around 1500!! billions US$ per year!!!) and militaries, and work together on solutions for new sustainable energies, for making uninhabitable land inhabitable, for living together in harmony...

The earth would have enough sustainable resources for the whole population.

We think, in the 21th century - after thousand of years of "against" - it's time to recap the past, to reconsider and to start changing the system into "with each other", because that's what you and your neighbours want (if you neglect the fear of loosing something).

Media, authorities and presidents all over the world are promoting fear and the "against"-concept by forwarding unilateral story lines furthering the own nationalistic idea. Of course they do this, otherwise the folks, which don't want war, would not share the idea and authorities without the people behind them would not have any power.

But do we need political power to live together in peace and harmony? If we continue following the "against"-idea: Yes!
... If we start to change something and work on the "together" idea: No!

We know, that changing this will not be easy and for sure it will take a long time, but it's worth starting and trying to change the concept of thinking now.

Its time to make a concept not only on behalf of some people in the world, but in everyones interest all over world. Even a small change is a beginning!

Please sign this petition and share our
 flashmob-video: www.flashmob4peace.com.


This petition claims:

- Authorities all over the world ...
• stop thinking only about the own interests and start talking to each other. Two half winners in a conflict are winners!
• establish a global workgroup with members of all countries on earth. Start working on a global peace- and togetherness-alliance, which makes weapons and militaries unecessary.
• organize an alliance which works together on global energy-, sustenance- and living space solutions for the future
• reduce investment in armament and spend the yearly 1500 Billions of $ into those alliances and projects
• tell the neutral truth including all aspects and backgrounds in the media and make open politics. 
• reduce the role of money, numbers, might and force, start thinking about togetherness and humanity.
• stop pushing your own interests, forward the interests of all humans and the earth (our living space)
• start transposing the togetherness idea 

- Media and publicists ...
• publish neutral facts implying all arguments, backgrounds and points of views
• prefer publishing more positive than negative Szenarios

- People:
• Stop believing everything you can see in mass media
• try to find out the real background before you talk against somebody, otherwise you are part of the propaganda
• say no to war and aggression
• don't support any kind of fighting (there is always a way)
• don't buy and use mass media which don't tell the truth
• sign this petition and share it with your friends
• smile to each other and start living together!

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