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1. Stop The Systematic Persecution of The Christian Church

1. RUSSIA: Russia’s Supreme Court recently declared Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Christian denomination that rejects violence, an extremist organization, banning the group from operating on Russian territory and putting its more than 170,000 Russian worshipers in the same category as Islamic State militants.

2. RUSSIA: A notice at the Moscow City Court says hearings on a proposed ban on Seventh-day Adventist Church would begin in May 2017.

3. ICELAND: "Iceland Declares Christianity A Public Health Hazard"
The island country of Iceland has officially declared Christianity a public health hazard.

4. NIGERIA: Nigerian Archbishop Calls on Govt to Protect Christians from ‘Wanton Destruction’ from Muslims

Reported by Thomas D. Williams on

The President of the Nigerian Catholic bishops’ conference has appealed to the government to be “more proactive” in defending Christians from the atrocities being wrought by the Muslim population in north-central Nigeria.

During December, more than 800 people—mostly Christians—died in inter-religious violence in the south of kaduna state, which forms part of Nigeria’s so-called middle belt, where the chiefly Muslim north of the country meets the mainly christian south.

According to Vatican Radio, the Muslim Fulani Cattle herdsmen in the area have recently committed “atrocities” resulting in the deaths of “thousands of Christians and the destruction of property worth millions of Naira.”

The Nigerian government claims that the death toll is actually lower than the one given by the Catholic church.

In a statement, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, President of the Bishops’ Conference, said the bishops were “particularly saddened by the constant and wanton destruction of lives and properties,” noting that faith-based violence had spread around the country and “no one knows which community will be the next victim.”

The crisis and violence in southern kaduna has destabilized the region and “brought untold hardship and tensions” on the local christian population, Kaigama said...

Another local bishop, Joseph Bagobiri of Kafanchan, blamed the government for the systematic elimination of Christians in southern kaduna, noting that it will be difficult for Christianity to survive in northern Nigeria.

“The crisis here has persisted because of the way and manner the federal and state governments, as well as the security agents are handling it,” Bagobiri said. “The root cause of this crisis is the institutionalisation of what could be regarded as structural injustice.”

In my view, he said, this is “a deliberate policy of injustice designed to shut our people out from the scheme of things and deny us our rights.”

“We as a Church must evolve new ways on how we can face violence without losing faith,” Bagobiri said. “It is our prayer that God will give us his strength and the needed direction on how to make Christianity survive despite the constant attacks and persecutions we received.”

He added that people have turned to prayer in the absence of government help.

“It is only God that can save us from our present situation,” the bishop said...

2. Stop U.S. saber-rattling against Russia

There is everything to lose and nothing to gain by antagonizing Russia. We, the undersigned, call on the Congress and the Administrative Branch of the United States Government to cease and desist from all threats of war, sanctions, covert or overt actions and/or provocations against the Russian Republic and it's peoples immediately. These threats shall include waging a cyber war; continued sanctions; over-arming the Eastern European nations via NATO; support of the Ukraine regime; and, all subversive actions taken in the Syrian conflict.

There are 218,959,000 eligible voters in the United States who do not want their government to speak for them in regards to friendships with the world community - without prior approval from the populace. By signing this petition, each eligible voter, 'en masse', has the opportunity to show Washington D.C. their individual disapproval of saber-rattling towards Russia.

This is not a petition to advocate certain activities one would wish our government to pursue; rather, it is a simple cease and desist order served upon our elected officials. Additional separate petitions could, and should, address issues in respect to a future relationship with Russia.

3. Немедленно освободить Светлану Давыдову!

Жительница г.Вязьмы Смоленской области, кормящая мать семерых детей, одному из которых всего 2 месяца, Светлана Давыдова была арестована 21 января 2015 года по обвинению в госизмене за звонок в посольство Украины и этапирована в Москву, где Лефортовский районный суд избрал ей меру пресечения в виде заключения под стражу. Ее дело номер 48886 находится в базе данных на официальном сайте суда По сообщениям СМИ, Cветлане может грозить от 12 до 25 лет лишения свободы.

Svetlana Davydova with her husband and children   Svetlana Davydova with her daughter

On January 21, 2015, a Russian anti-war patriot Svetlana Davydova of Vyazma city (Smolensk Region, Russia) was arrested for a phone call to the Ukrainian Embassy. The breastfeeding mother of 7, living across the street from a Russian military unit, noticed that one of a sudden its military backyard was empty. Later the same day, she overheard one of the soldier's private phone call in the public transportation and suspected that the unit was sent to the war zone of Donetsk region (Ukraine).

She reported her suspicions to Ukrainian Embassy hoping, as she stated, to prevent bloodshed and shortly after was arrested by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation on accusation of state treason. Next day she was convoyed to Moscow Lefortovo Prison under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, where she has been held until now. According to the media, Svetlana could be facing 12 to 25 years in prison. Tracking of her case #48886 is available on the official site of the Lefortovsky District Court of Moscow

4. Proclaim a "Freedom for Ukraine Day" by Oklahoma Legislators

Basic Goodness is where every man has the right to Freedom, and every country has the right to Sovereignty. In Ukraine this is no longer true due to aggressive military actions of Russia under the guidance of Vladmir Putin. Russia has taken all of Crimea, parts of Lugansk Oblast and Parts of Donesk Oblast.

Putin's Hitlerian land grab, economic destruction of Ukraine and deaths of innocent Ukrainians must be stopped. Over 4,000 Ukrainians have been killed, have been wounded and maimed, many hundred civilians have been been unjustly imprisoned, tortured and executed.

Take a Righteous Stand and Support the Freedom of Ukraine by signing this petition.

5. Take That Tour 2015 to Russia and Belarus

Поклонники ТАКЕ ТНАТ долго ждут эту замечательную группу в наши страны. И мы хотим в будущем туре увидеть их в Москве и Минске.

6. Petition to Pope for Five First Saturdays and Collegial Consecration

For at least 60 years, Catholics worldwide have asked that the requests of Our Lady of Fatima are heeded in their entirety. As world chaos heightens, as good people continue to be martyred, as attacks against the Church continue and as souls continue to be eternally lost, we humbly make this petition of two requests to the Holy Father, Pope Francis:

First, we ask that he universally promulgate the Five First Saturday devotion of Reparation and second, that he also lead all Catholic bishops throughout the world in the solemn consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

7. Putin must return the bodies to their families!

MH17 shot down over Ukraine.

Bodies need to be returned without delay or tampering to the UN for return to their loved ones.

8. Send a UNITED MESSAGE for MH17, pull the 2018 World Cup from Russia

On July 17, 2014 MH17 was SHOT DOWN murdering 298 HUMAN BEINGS. Everyone knows Russia had involvement directly or indirectly yet the world is scared to act.

For months Russia and its "rebel masked forces" have broken international law.

Its time we stop Russia rather than reward them with world events such as the upcoming 2018 World Cup.

9. Stop WAR! Talk! Petition for more peace & togetherness in the world

International conflicts and aggressions are increasing all over the world and are at the verge of escalating. Ukraine, North Corea, Iran, Afghanistan ... just to cite some of them.

Actually unrests are going to increase to open conflicts between USA, Russia and Europe, between the continents, between economic power authorities.

If you don't believe the mass-media and look behind the facade in most of the cases the main reason for those conflicts are not human rights or bad presidents loosing it, mostly it's about oil, gas, money and strategic important territory.

Ask your neighbour, if he wants to have war, he will say "no". If anybody in the world asks any neighbour in the whole world, all of them will give the same answer: "no".

That means: Humans don't want to have war and aggression, humans want to have peace and harmony. But the people who fight about oil and gas, are not the ones who are standing at the front line of a war. At the end, the people who are fighting at the front, are the people who don't want war and will never have oil, even if they survive.

If everybody in the world wants to have peace and harmony, it should be possible to find a way of living together in a nice way, even if cultures and races are different. For saving and caring about our interests we have presidents and authorities, so we think, they should do it and work out a way for peace and togetherness.

With our bavarian flashmob in India (watch at, where hundreds of people from all over the world spontaneously started dancing together an bavarian song (nobody could understand anything at all), we prooved one fact:

"All nationalities can dance together, even if they sometimes don't understand each other".

War is the result of fear ...
- fear of loosing territories
- fear of loosing influence
- fear of loosing richness and prosperity 
- fear of loosing privelegs.
In short ... it's all about materialism and "being better or better situated than others".

Since thousands of years the concept is "getting more and being better than somebody else" neglecting the fact, that true richness and satisfaction is harmony and togetherness.

The main problem: The world population is growing, resources and energies are getting less. So every nation tries to get as much influence as possible, to save and raise their economic standards (fear of Looping).

But imagine an international alliance of all nations, which works on a way of togetherness on the whole earth, which creates worldwide peace-contracts and concepts for equality and global collaboration.

Imagine if all people on earth would take all the money, which is actually invested into armament (around 1500!! billions US$ per year!!!) and militaries, and work together on solutions for new sustainable energies, for making uninhabitable land inhabitable, for living together in harmony...

The earth would have enough sustainable resources for the whole population.

We think, in the 21th century - after thousand of years of "against" - it's time to recap the past, to reconsider and to start changing the system into "with each other", because that's what you and your neighbours want (if you neglect the fear of loosing something).

Media, authorities and presidents all over the world are promoting fear and the "against"-concept by forwarding unilateral story lines furthering the own nationalistic idea. Of course they do this, otherwise the folks, which don't want war, would not share the idea and authorities without the people behind them would not have any power.

But do we need political power to live together in peace and harmony? If we continue following the "against"-idea: Yes!
... If we start to change something and work on the "together" idea: No!

We know, that changing this will not be easy and for sure it will take a long time, but it's worth starting and trying to change the concept of thinking now.

Its time to make a concept not only on behalf of some people in the world, but in everyones interest all over world. Even a small change is a beginning!

Please sign this petition and share our


10. Putin ili or Josipović? Pripojenje Hrvatske Rusiji? Croatia to become Russian?

Koga bi vi kao narod Hrvatske željeli za vašeg predsjednika tj vlast: Putina ili Josipovića? Da li bi željeli da se Hrvatska pripoji referendumom Rusiji također kao i Krim ili ne?

Who would you like as people and residents of Croatia to have for your president: Mr. Putin or Mr. Josipović? Would you sign the referendum so that Croatia become under Russia as it was happen with Republic Krim?

Note: This is petition referendum just as information to see how people of Croatia think and what they think! Ovo je peticija za referendum samo kao informacija gdje je želja vidjeti i poslusati sto narod misli o svemu ovome i kako bi on odlucio da bude!


11. Free Russian Political Prisoner Denis Lutskevich, Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Labor Camp

Born in 1992 Denis Lutskevich. is a student, former marine infantry. He was arrested for participating in the mass anti-Putin protests on Bolotnaya Square, Moscow, on May 6, 2012. He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison.

Lutskevich was beaten by the Special Unit policemen during the 6th May demonstration, for which there is photographic evidence. He was arrested on June 9 and has been kept in the No5 pre-trial detention prison.

Lutskevich has been accused of participating in mass riots (paragraph 2, article 212 of the Russian Criminal Code) and of using force against a representative of authority (paragraph 1, article 318 of the Russian Criminal Code). He is facing up to thirteen years in prison.

He was accused of pulling a helmet off a Special Unit policeman’s head, as well as throwing pieces of asphalt at the policemen. The accusation is based on the testimony provided by the injured party, Troerin.

Denis Lutskevich’s lawyer Dmitry Dinze presented numerous positive character references at the court, for example, from Lutskevich’s work, university and neighbours.

Commenting on his conviction, Denis said: "I don't agree with the sentence, but I expected a harsher one. I think an external factor played a role there: the Olympic games and the crisis in Ukraine.

"I am very grateful for the support I have received. Of course the number of those detained (for the Bolotnaya protests) is colossal. When the judge announced the verdict, one could hear slogans from the crowds outside on the street. I plan to launch an appeal, to ask that this verdict be overturned. I will not appeal for clemency."

12. Rename constellation Canis Major to Laika

We submit that The International Astronomical Union and the lawmakers whomsoever concerned, rename the ‘Canis Major’ constellation to ‘Laika’, on grounds of raising awareness and importance of the first spaceflight by a living creature.

Laika, the first Earthling who made it to space on 3rd November 1957 made way for later human ventures and travels to space. Although the ill fated dog didn’t survive the trip long after reaching the low earth orbit, it definitely proved that space travel was for real and whatever technologies and possibilities were achieved from the first human flight, the numerous Apollo missions to the moon and the historic creation of space stations such as Mir or I.S.S has only been possible because the mutt was the pioneer in it. Also whatever future missions we undertake including the ambitious space programme of the human martian travel owes a lot to ‘Laika’, the first cosmonaut.

Canis Major being the constellation which appears to be like a dog, also having the brightest star Sirius (dog star) in it, sounds more like a scientific name. Why don’t we rename it to Laika, the first space dog who made history and for generations to come she would be remembered by all. Let’s not let her name go into oblivion.

Lastly, we the undersigned, assert that renaming Canis Major to Laika will promote science and education throughout the ages. Remembering the dog every night when we look up to the sky.

13. Rescind Prison Sentence Against Sergei Reznik (Сергей Резник), Russian Journalist Savagely Assaulted, then Put On Trial, for Blog Content

November 26, 2013-- A court in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don has sentenced a local journalist to 18 months in jail for insulting a local judge in his blog.

Sergei Reznik was found guilty on November 26 of "publicly insulting" the chairwoman of the Rostov Oblast Arbitration Court on his LiveJournal blog. The court also found Reznik guilty of paying a 2,000-ruble ($45) bribe to a mechanic to clear his car in a technical inspection.

Furthermore, the court declared Reznik's claims that he received threatening phone calls a false complaint, and agreed with prosecutors that he had arranged the calls himself.

Reznik initially filed two police complaints of receiving threats of physical violence over the phone. But the local branch of the Investigative Committee instead began proceedings against him, accusing him of "wishing to draw public and media attention to his personality" and "seeking to raise his professional rating."

The investigators said he had asked two acquaintances to make the threatening calls, though the two people who testified to doing so were actually people Reznik had been in conflict with, he told the Glasnost Defense Fund.

Reznik, who is a correspondent with the "Yuzhny federalny" newspaper known for his critical reporting on city officials, pleaded not guilty and said the case against him was connected with his journalistic activities.

The court ordered Reznik taken into custody in the courtroom. There are still two other charges pending against him.

On the evening of October 22, Reznik survived an attack by two men who beat him with a baseball bat and shot him with a trauma pistol before disappearing.

"I turned around and saw a lean man catching up with us and raising a baseball bat over Sergei's head," Natalya Reznik told Glasnost. "My husband dodged and took the first blow on the side of his neck. After he fell down, the assailant started kicking away at him, not giving him a chance to rise. I cried out for help, and then I heard the sound of a gunshot."

The police began criminal proceedings, though they wouldn't comment on the likely motives. Reznik connected the assault with his professional work.

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Office Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic expressed deep concern on October 24. "Attacks like these are simply unacceptable. I trust that the authorities will conduct a thorough and swift investigation of this case and bring those responsible to justice," Mijatovic said.

The International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) also condemned the attack. "The beating of journalists has sadly been a practice in many Russian regions for many years," EFJ Vice President Nadezda Azhgikhina said. "It is one of the worst forms of censorship, and it often ends with impunity."

14. Free Sergei Krivov, Russian Political Prisoner Who Has Suffered Heart Attacks After Hunger Strike Over Rights Violations

UPDATE: DECEMBER 11, 2013--According to the defense lawyer Viacheslav Makarov, there are reasons to believe that Sergey Krivov has suffered two heart attacks on November 27-28.

Krovov was on hunger strike for more than two months. He was protesting refusal by judge Nikishina to accept court motions from him and to provide protocols of the hearings. On November 22 Sergey Krivov decided to end his hunger strike. After that he was placed in the prison hospital for physical evaluation and first aid regarding getting out of hunger strike.

This was a form of acceptance by the bureaucrats, that Krivov in fact needed recuperation. Earlier, the judge refused on three occasions to let physicians to examine him, arguing that his health was satisfactory. The judge was referring to the document from the prison hospital, which was provided without any physical examination of the defendant on hunger strike. Multiple requests from defense attorneys to let paramedics in the court

UPDATE: November 22, 2013: Sergei Krivov has decided to end his hunger strike but remains in dangerously poor health.

Concern is mounting over Sergei Krivov, one of over 20 people charged with assaulting police during an opposition rally in Moscow last year. These charges are widely disputed and questioned for their political motivations.

Krivov has been on hunger strike now for 50 days to protest what he says are violations of his right to a fair trial in the so-called Bolotnaya case, named after the square where a sanctioned antigovernment protest on May 6, 2012, erupted in violent clashes with police.

Krivov, who at 52, is one of the oldest defendants in the case, appeared gaunt and frail at his last hearing on November 5.

According to his lawyer, Vyacheslav Makarov, he has been refusing food since September 19 and is having difficulty walking and even speaking.

Makarov says the drawn-out trial, which requires his client to attend hearings roughly three times a week at a Moscow court, is taking a heavy toll on his health:

"He spends a lot of time being brought to court. He sits in a relatively small cell during the trial," Makarov says. "The same procedure as when he is brought to the Mikulinsky court takes place on the way back and like the others, he returns to his pre-trial detention center only around midnight. There is almost no time to rest, he is woken up at 6 a.m. the next day. It's taxing even for someone who is in good health."

Makarov accuses authorities of failing to provide Krivov with all the transcripts of the hearings, crucial to his defense. Transcripts that are delivered can take up to six weeks to reach the defendant.

Makarov says he is also routinely denied the right to formulate requests in court.

He nonetheless hopes his client will be granted the right to lie down during the hearings to spare his strength.

'Healthy Enough'

Despite Krivov's frail condition, prison authorities have ruled that he is healthy enough to appear in court and, according to Makarov, are denying him suitable medical supervision.

"When a person is on a hunger strike for more than 40 days, you can already describe his health as weakened," Makarov says. "He needs to undergo a thorough medical examination, and not a superficial one based on whether or not he can stand on his feet without falling over."

The plight of Krivov – who cared for his two young children and his disabled mother before being jailed – has supporters and rights campaigners deeply worried.

Bobby Sands, the famous Irish Republican Army member who died in 1981 after a hunger strike in a British prison, succumbed after just 66 days without food.

Nadezhda Mityushkina, a member of the opposition Solidarity movement, first met Krivov when he joined the group in 2011.

She describes Krivov, who was mainly involved in distributing leaflets and flyers, as a quiet, hardworking man deeply committed to his values.

She says she fears for his life and laments the lack of support in Russia for the Bolotnaya defendants.

"I think we need to make as much noise as possible about Sergei and about political prisoners more generally, to fight for them with all the means at our disposal," Mityushkina says. "But unfortunately, many people in Russia believe that if a person is in prison there is a good reason for it. I would like to tell these people: take to the street, show your support, scream, [and] don't be silent!"

Symbol Of Ruthless Tactics

A total of 25 people are currently under investigation or charged in the Bolotnaya case, which has come to symbolize the ruthless tactics employed by the Kremlin to quash a wave of protests.

The first demonstrator to be tried, Maksim Luzyanin, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison after cooperating with investigators and pleading guilty.

The second, Konstantin Lebedev, was given 2 1/2 years, also after pleading guilty.

All the other defendants deny wrongdoing.

Seventeen are currently in pretrial detention, three under house arrest, and one has fled the country.

Mikhail Kosenko, who suffers from a mild psychiatric disorder after sustaining a trauma during his military service, has been forcibly sent to a psychiatric clinic despite a police officer who was allegedly hurt by Kosenko testifying in his defense.

Born in 1961, Sergei Krivov is married and has two underage children and also his disabled mother in his charge. Prior to his arrest, he was a civic activist and a member of the RPR-Parnas.

15. Free Mikhail Kosenko (Михаил Косенко), Russian Confined to a Mental Hospital for Paricipating in Anti-Putin Rally

MOSCOW, Oct 8 (Reuters) - A Russian court on Tuesday ordered a critic of President Vladimir Putin confined to a psychiatric ward indefinitely over clashes with police at a protest, a ruling likened by rights activists to abuses of psychiatry during the Soviet era to jail dissidents.

Mikhail Kosenko, who had undergone outpatient psychiatric treatment before his arrest, was among more than two dozen accused of rioting at a protest in Moscow on May 6, 2012, the eve of Putin's inauguration to a new six-year term.

They are held up by the opposition as victims of a Kremlin crackdown on dissent. Critics accuse Putin of using the courts to sideline opponents since he rose to power in 2000, citing the imprisonment of former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and members of punk group Pussy Riot.

A Russian judge sentenced Kosenko, who has been in pre-trial detention for 16 months, to indefinite detention and compulsory treatment in a psychiatric institution.

He was accused of assaulting a police officer - although the officer testified that he did not recognise Kosenko and did not want him punished. Kosenko denies the charges.

"The court has come to the conclusion that at the time the action was committed by Kosenko... he was in a state of insanity," Judge Ludmila Moskalenko told the court.

Protesters demonstrating outside the courthouse chanted "Shame!" They at times drowned out her reading of the ruling. Police detained nine protesters, activists said.

"This is a clear case of a return to punitive psychiatry in Russia," said Alexander Podrabinek, a human-rights activist and Soviet-era dissident who authored a book on the political abuse of psychiatry under the Soviet Union. "This is the first such clear and obvious instance in the post-Soviet period."

Kosenko's family says he takes medication for a psychiatric disorder after a trauma sustained during military service, but was non-violent and has no prior police record.

Locked in the defendant's cage, the moustachioed 38-year-old greeted the verdict in silence.

"The most valued thing in the country is freedom," he wrote in comments published by Novaya Gazeta on Tuesday.

"Demonstrators (on May 6 2012) took to the streets in protest of unfair elections... The authorities are against fair and just elections because then they would be no more."

Human rights activists say video evidence presented in courts shows Kosenko standing by while other protesters scuffle with police. They say reports of violence at the May protest were exaggerated by the police and prosecution.

"The guilty slant (and) the political character of this process is completely obvious," said rights activist Oleg Orlov.

16. Free Russian Photographer Denis Sinyakov (Денис Синяков)

On September 26, 2013 a court in the northwestern Russian city of Murmansk ordered that Denis Sinyakov (Денис Синяков), a well-known Russian freelance photographer who was aboard a Greenpeace vessel intercepted in Russian Arctic waters on 19 September, be placed in preventive detention for two months.

“Sinyakov was arrested while working as a journalist and his detention constitutes an unacceptable violation of freedom of information,” Reporters Without Borders said. “By investigating this photographer and the Greenpeace activists he was accompanying on such an absurd accusation as piracy, the Russian Investigative Committee is criminalizing both journalists and environmental activism.

“If Russia’s constitutional guarantees have any meaning, neither Greenpeace’s peaceful protest nor, even more so, Sinyakov’s journalistic coverage of the protest constitute a crime. We urge the authorities to release this photographer at once and to drop this investigation.”

The Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise set off in late August for Russian Arctic waters to draw attention to the potential environmental consequences of oil exploration in the region. On 18 September, members of its crew tried to scale the Prirazlomnaya offshore drilling platform, which is owned by the Russian gas company Gazprom.

The next day, Russian special forces seized control of the Arctic Sunrise and began towing it to Murmansk. On 24 September, all 30 people aboard were placed in police custody in the Murmansk area and the authorities announced that they were being investigated for “piracy,” which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Sinyakov was one of the first to appear in court today. Noting that he “often travels abroad” and might try to elude the authorities, the court ruled that he should be held for two months pending the outcome of the investigation.

Sinyakov told the court: “This ‘criminal activity’ is journalism and I will continue to practice it […] Greenpeace is an organization with a 40-year history and is well known for its activities. But I don’t work for it. I am a journalist. You can see my photos in the media in Russia and all over the world. All my equipment has been seized. My only weapon is my camera.”

Employed on a freelance basis by such news agencies as Reuters and AFP, Sinyakov also does occasional reporting assignments for Greenpeace and it was in this capacity that he was aboard the Arctic Sunrise. He took most of the photos of the Arctic Sunrise being boarded by Russian special forces that have appeared in the press.

Please also sign the Greenpeace petition for ALL who were aboard the Arctic Sunrise:

17. Free Russian Civil Activist Vera Lavreshina

August 23, 2013-- A judge for the Moscow District Court, Tver District, has sentenced Russian civil activist Vera Lavreshina, a member of the opposition group Solidarity, to house arrest. She is to remain under house arrest until September 16. In imposing this sentence the judge rejected the conclusion of City investigator Valery Gorbunov who raised concerns about the state of Ms. Lavreshina's health.

Vera Lavreshina was detained in Tver on August 16 during a protest march in support of political prisoner Sergei Cherepovsky. Also detained were Oleg Prudnikov, Vladimir Michuryn, Gennady Stroganov and Ildar Dading.

Ms. Lavreshina was accused of assaulting a police officer as the demonstration was being broken up. She along with the others is charged with Article 318, section 1, or "use of non-harmful force on a representative of law enforecement."

According to Ms. Lavreshina: " I rushed to Oleg Prudnikov when the so-called "victim" stomped on Oleg's neck and head with his foot and twisted his arms. I could not stand by calmly when my friends, who OFFERED NO RESISTANCE, were dragged with their faces scraping along the asphalt and their tormentors danced on their heads. It is a crime - anyone would have responded to it. It's a normal reaction for any human, in whom even a speck of conscience remains!

"This is crazy. I do not see any 'victim' here, I do not believe that I could have inflicted any damage on that police officer, he is three more fit than me, I have little fists, and yet is me who is kept in a cage like a dangerous animal!"


The US government lied that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and attacked Iraq, today thousands and thousands of Iraqis are killed every year because of that lie.

The US supported Islamists rebels that killed Kadaffi, today, Libyans are being killed everyday at a level where there is no solution to bring back peace. Today, the US is using the same strategy to attack Syria, and nobody is there to say no.

This petition is to ask President Putin and the Russia Government to enter and protect Syrian government if the US tries to attack Syria. President Putin is the only person that can stop this crazy Obama's Idea. Do not let Syrian people down.

19. Boycott the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia

"Just six months before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Games, Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing police officers to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or 'pro-gay' and detain them for up to 14 days. … The law could mean that any Olympic athlete, trainer, reporter, family member or fan who is gay — or suspected of being gay, or just accused of being gay — can go to jail."

20. Stop the war on goths and emos

The Russian government wants to ban gothic and emo music. They also want to ban any youngster from entering a government or school building whilst wearing gothic or emo-style clothing. I do not think that this is acceptable.

Here's why:

Goths are NOT always evil. I am a goth and I am always putting money in charity boxes, signing petitions for causes that I care about and going on "click-to-donate" websites. I absolutely love animals and am a vegetarian. This is not uncommon amongst the gothic subculture.

Most goths are not involved in animal sacrifices and, because we feel secluded and are often persecuted, many goths are very sympathetic towards others who are also persecuted, misunderstood and/or just mistreated, i.e the animals that are kept on factory farms or the wolves that are being hunted due to their bad reputations. In fact, we are generally so open towards others who are treated cruelly that many homosexuals and bisexuals turn to the gothic subculture and are accepted there.

Discuss this matter with any normal goth or even just anyone who has ever had real experience conserving with normal goths and they will tell you that goths are generally very friendly, caring people.

Goths also do not have to be depressed. Many of us are, but that does not mean that we all are. Also, how would our being depressed serve as a good reason to discriminate against us? We don't discriminate against non-gothic people who are depressed. We sympathise with them, so why shouldn't we do the same with goths?

Goths are not always drug addicts, alcoholics or gangsters. In fact, I was reading a post from another goth on the Internet. This one was saying about how his/her mother had always been against his/her gothic style, saying things like "why can't you be normal like my friends' children?" Yet those "normal" youngsters all ended up getting into drugs and, possibly, gangs as well. The goth, on the other hand, stayed away from all of it.

Even emos, the ones whom we goths are sometimes forsworn enemies with, can be nice as well. Each to their own!

21. Free Aleksei Gaskarov, Russian Opposition Activist

APRIL 28, 2013 -- Russian opposition activist Alexei Gaskarov has been detained by police in Moscow for his alleged role in the May 6 riots on Bolotnaya Square in the Russian capital, Russia’s Investigative Committee said on Sunday.

Gaskarov, a member of the opposition’s coordinating council, is accused of having led a group of active participants in the mass unrest on Bolotnaya Square, according to the investigators.

"During a scuffle on Bolotnaya Square, Gaskarov himself used violence against a policeman, disturbing his work to detain persons with aggressive behavior," the Investigative Committee said.

Investigators have videos and witnesses' testimony supporting the accusations, the committee said adding that the eyewitnesses have recognized Gaskarov as an offender.

Over 650 people were detained at a May 6, 2012 rally on Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration to a controversial third presidential term as police clashed with protesters.

Most were soon released, but a case soon followed into what the investigators called mass riots. The probe is ongoing. The riot allegations are hotly disputed by the opposition, which blames the police for provoking the clashes and claims the case is political.

The ‘March of Millions’ opposition protests in Moscow on May 6 2012 turned into a bloody standoff between demonstrators and riot police. Countless witnesses reported police brutality, as well as plain-clothes agents provocateurs, as being the main culprits in the physical scuffling.

Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have noted with alarm what they regard as a systematic clampdown on Russia's civil society, beginning with restrictions on the right of assembly introduced in June 2012.

Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch notes: "The crackdown on civil society that we are witnessing in Russia today is absolutely unprecedented. It started in full swing after the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin."

Gaskarov is scheduled for his first appearance before a judge on Monday, April 29. The pending trials of several other activists who took part in last May's opposition rally on Bolotnaya Square are looming. Like the recent trial of Pussy Riot members and the currently ongoing trial of opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, these trials are widely understood to be nothing more than politcally-motivated show trials.

UPDATE: On April, 29 The Basmanny court of Moscow agreed to the recommendation of the investigation requesting that Alexei Gaskarov be placed into custody as a pretrial restraining measure. Alexei is charged with crimes under part 2 of article 212 of the RF Criminal Code (participation in mass riots) and part 1 of article 318 (use of violence against representatives of the authority). As a result of the court's decision, he is to remain detained for a minimum of two months up to June 28.

For more information on this case please visit this webpage created to support Mr. Gaskarov and secure his freedom:

Information is available in several languages, see the flags on the right-hand side to choose.

22. Stop the killing & execution of innocent Syrians in Syria!

Over 60,000 deaths have occurred in Syria since the first and peaceful protests against President Assad began. In addition, Turkey and other neighboring countries, are overfilling with fleeing refugee's who do not want to die in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian's have fled the bloodbath in Syria. Children lay dead on the Syrian's streets, women are being raped, and men are being tortured by the Assad regime.

23. Allow Americans to adopt in Russia

Americans should be able to adopted babies/kids from Russia.

Who cares what happened in the past, it's time to move on.

24. Voice of the Child

On December 20, 2012, I Alexander D'Jamoos created Voice of the Child in response to legislation in Russia which would end intercountry adoption and take away the chance that many children have to live in a safe family. This is my letter to President Putin.

Dear President Putin,

My name is Alexander D’Jamoos. I am 21 years old. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where I am planning to major in Government and International Relations.

I was born in Russia with deformed hands and legs, which prevented me from walking. I grew up in a state orphanage for children with physical disabilities in Nizhniy Lomov. At the age of 15, I was lucky to be adopted by a loving family in Dallas. It is because of my experience that I, like thousands of other adopted children throughout the world was in shock by the passing of the Anti-Magnitsky Law by the Russian parliament. The law, which bans international adoption of Russian orphans by American citizens, victimizes the estimated 800,000 orphans in Russia.

Throughout my childhood I had never expected to be loved by a family. My biological parents had left me in the hospital because of my disabilities. My orphanage housed about 100 children, all of whom were physically disabled and had been neglected by their parents. Some of the horrible conditions at the orphanage included no heating during harsh winters, lack of hot water during summer-time, rudimentary education, lack of sanitary facilities, inadequate accessibility equipment, and the worst of all, lack of love and care. Like millions of disabled Russian orphans, I expected a gloomy future in a state-run nursing home full of people rejected by Russian society merely because of their physical conditions.

I was adopted and my life has changed more than I could have ever hoped. Today, like never before, I am fully in control of my life and have great hopes and goals for my future. At Texas Scottish Rite Hospital my legs were amputated so that I would be able to wear prosthetic limbs. For the first time in my life I was able to walk. This has dramatically transformed my life. As a result of my academic success, I received many scholarships that enabled me to attend one of the best universities in the world. I learned to ski. Last summer I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on my prosthetic legs to raise hope for disabled orphans in Russia. I now have caring parents and a little brother, whom I love dearly. I value my upbringing. I continue speaking Russian, and I stay in touch with all of my childhood friends and teachers.

These orphaned children, to whom I feel a very strong connection, are victims of an incentive-based, cruel political retaliation. The anti-adoption law claims that Americans abuse Russian children and adopt them simply to get financial benefits. These claims are not only preposterously false - they are insensitive to thousands of adopted children and their families in the U.S. Of the nearly 60,000 children who had been adopted from Russia in the past 20 years, 19 have died, while in Russia hundreds of children die in Russian families and Russian orphanages regularly. The fundamental right of every child to have a family and have a successful life is being brutally violated by this law. Every child in every country should have a right to be adopted by Russians, British, Americans or any other family regardless of their origin. The rhetoric of the Anti-Magnitsky legislation is illogical, heartless, and simply inhumane. The victims of this political demagoguery are the thousands of children who will not have hope for a bright future. Like most of my childhood friends, they are destined to spend their lives in unsanitary nursing homes or on the streets.

Like many adopted children in America, I believe the Anti-Magnitsky Law insults the very concept of a family. Had this law been introduced 6 years ago – today I would have no home, no family, I wouldn’t be able to hug my little brother, wouldn't attend a university and wouldn't experience the joy of walking and having full control of my life.

Every civilized country ought to improve the lives of their children by closing orphanages and encouraging domestic adoption. This law includes no determination to takes such actions. It merely deprives children of all last hope they had for a life with a family. Banning adoptions due to the Anti-Magnitsky law is inhumane and is an immoral act which uses vulnerable children for meeting political goals. It does not help the orphaned children. They will be simply forgotten.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, on behalf of thousands of children in Russia and the United States, I strongly urge you not to sign this law into effect.

Sincerely, Alexander D’Jamoos

21 December, 2012


Уважаемый Владимир Владимирович!

Меня зовут Александр Д’Джамус. Мне 21 год. Я студент второго курса Университета Техаса в Остине со специализацией в Государственном Управлении и Международных Отношениях. Я родился в России с деформированными руками и ногами - из-за этого не мог ходить. Я вырос в детском доме для детей-инвалидов в Нижнем Ломове, Пензенской области. В 15 лет мне повезло быть усыновлённым любящей семьёй из американского города Даллас. Именно исходя из моего жизненного опыта, я, как и тысячи других усыновлённых детей во всем мире, был поражён решением Думы принять закон, запрещающий усыновление американскими семьями. Жертвами этого законa станут примерно 800,000 сирот.

Всё моё детство прошло без дома и без любви, которые даёт семья. Мои биологические родители оставили меня в роддоме из-за моих физических недостатков. В детском доме со мной жило около 100 детей, каждый из которых был инвалидом, оставленным родителями. Условия были не самыми лучшими. А главное, все мы выросли без родительской любви и ласки. Как и тысячи других российских сирот, я ожидал печального будущего в доме инвалидов для взрослых, от которых российское общество отказалось только из-за их физического состояния.

Меня усыновили и моя жизнь изменилась так, как я даже не мог себе представить. Сейчас, как никогда раньше, я контролирую свою жизнь и своё будущее. В Техасском Госпитале Скоттиш Райт мне сделали ампутацию ног, чтобы носить протезы. В первый раз за всю свою жизнь я смог ходить. Это коренным образом изменило мою жизнь. Благодаря моим академическим успехам я получил стипендии, которые дали мне возможность обучаться в одном из самых лучших университетов мира. Я научился кататься на лыжах. Прошлым летом, работая с программой для российских детей-инвалидов, я совершил восхождение на гору Килиманджаро на протезах. У меня теперь любящие родители и любимый младший брат. Я ценю все, что у меня есть. Я продолжаю говорить по-русски и не теряю связи с друзьями моего детства и с учителями.

Эти дети-сироты, чьи чувства и надежды я полностью разделяю, стали жертвами жестокого политического возмездия. Закон, запрещающий усыновление, говорит о том, что американцы издеваются над российскими детьми и усыновляют их просто ради финансовой наживы. Это не только абсурдно и неверно, но и просто игнорирует жизненный опыт тысяч усыновлённых детей и их семей в Соединенных Штатах. За последние 20 лет американцы усыновили почти 60000 детей из России и 19 из них погибли, в то время как в России сотни детей гибнут в семьях и детских домах каждый год. Насилие над детьми происходит во всем мире и это- общая проблема человечества и бороться с этим надо не политическими мерами. Новый закон жестоко нарушает фундаментальное право каждого ребёнка на семью и возможность успеха в жизни. Каждый ребёнок в любой стране должен иметь право быть усыновлённым россиянами, англичанами, американцами или другой семьёй, вне зависимости от того, откуда она. Риторика этого закона нелогична, бессердечна и просто бесчеловечна. Жертвами этой политической демагогии станут тысячи детей, у которых не будет надежды на лучшее будущее. Как большинство друзей моего детства, они будут вынуждены проживать свои жизни в заброшенных домах инвалидов или на улицах.

Как и многие другие усыновлённые дети в Америке, я считаю, что закон о запрещении усыновлений американскими семьями, принятый российской Думой, оскорбителен для самой концепции человеческой семьи. Если бы подобный закон был принят 6 лет назад, то сегодня у меня не было бы дома, семьи, я не мог бы обнять своего младшего брата, учиться в университете и почувствовать радость от возможности ходить и полностью контролировать свою жизнь.

Каждая цивилизованная страна должна улучшать жизнь детей-сирот, закрывая детские дома и поощряя внутреннее усыновление. В этом законе об этом нет ни слова. Он просто отнимает у детей последнюю надежду на достойную жизнь и семью. Запрещать усыновления негуманно и использовать детей, самых уязвимых членов общества, в политических целях - аморально. Это никак не помогает сиротам. Они будут просто забыты.

Владимир Владимирович, от имени тысяч детей в России и в Соединённых Штатах я призываю вас не подписывать этот закон.

Искренне ваш, Александр Д’Джамус
21 декабря 2012-го года.

25. Remove regional and language restrictions in Borderlands 2 for CIS

Several weeks ago, when 2K launched Borderlands 2 pre-order, there was no regional or language restrictions. But today we found, that now you cannot install Borderlands 2 in a different language rather than language of country you are currently in.

But that's not all. Now we also have a regional limit, which means, that we cannot play multiplayer with gamers from other regions.

And, finally, it looks like CIS region won't be able to buy and play Borderlands 2 DLC because of these limitation.

26. Veto Reform Against Russia and China

As you may know since January 2011, thousands of Syrians in various cities started protesting against the Syrian government demanding reforms. Their peaceful demonstration turned to bloodshed as it was violently suppressed by the government.

As the demonstrations grows in Syria, the government uses tanks and bombs to suppress the crowd, they gun down the medical centers and use children as human shield.

More than 20,000 people have been killed; most of them are women and children. About 1,200,000 are homeless; of which, half of them are children. 230,000 have escaped to the neighboring countries.

UN Security Council has passed three Resolutions in three different occasions demanding the Syrian government to stop the bloodshed. But they have been vetoed all three times by China and Russia.

We would like to express our objection to Russia’s and China’s Veto right as they are unconditionally supporting Syria’s oppressive regime.

همانطور که می دانید، از ژانویه ۲۰۱۱، هزاران نفر از مرم سوریه در شهرهای مختلف آن، در اعتراض به دولت سوریه، تظاهرات کردند و خواهان انجام اصلاحت در دولت شدند. اعتراضات مسالمت آمیز مردم توسط نیروهای نظامی سوریه به شدت سرکوب شد و تظاهرات به خاک و خون کشیده شد.
با ادامه و گسترش اعتراضات، دولت سوریه برای سرکوب معترضان از تانک و بمباران هوایی استفاده می کند، مراکز درمانی را به گلوله می بندد و از کودکان به عنوان سپر انسانی استفاده می کند.
تا کنون حدود ۲۰،۰۰۰ نفر کشته شده اند که بسیاری را زنان و کودکان تشکیل می دهند، نزدیک به ۱میلیون و ۲۰۰ هزار نفر در درون سوریه آواره شده اند که نیمی از آن را کودکان تشکیل می دهند و ۲۳۰،۰۰۰ نفر به کشورهای همسایه گریخته اند.
شورای امنیت سازمان ملل متحد ، در ۳ نوبت قطعنامه هایی علیه دولت سوریه به منظور توقف جنگ و خونریزی به تصویب رساند که هر ۳ بار توسط دولتهای چین و روسیه وتو شد.
ما می خواهیم مخالفت خود را با داشتن حق وتوی چین و روسیه به علت حمایت همه جانبه خود از دولت سرکوبگر سوریه اعلام کنیم.

27. We Demand That Russia Stop Arming Assad, Murderer Of The Syrian People!

On November 14, 2011 it was announced that Russia will honor all arms contacts with Syria despite continuing violence against anti-government protesters in the country, a senior military official said on Sunday.

“Since there are no restrictions on the supply of arms to Syria, Russia will fulfill its obligations under the contracts signed with this country,” Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, deputy head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, told reporters in Dubai.

THIS DESPITE THE FACT THAT OVER 3,500 (UPDATE: That figure is from November, 2011; as of February 2012 the number is OVER 6,000!!! ) (Sorry, that needs to be updated yet AGAIN: On the LAST day of February, 2012, the UN estimated the death toll is now "well over" 7,500, with 100 civilians dying every day!!) SYRIAN MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY ASSAD'S SECURITY FORCES, AND THE FACT THAT THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION KNOWS VERY WELL THAT THE ARMS IT IS SELLING TO SYRIA ARE GOING DIRECTLY TO HAVE!!

28. Release Katya and other animals from cages on a parked bus

Since, 2009, Katya, a 36-year-old bear who performed during the 1980 Moscow Olympics has been kept with other retired circus animals in a rusty old bus parked on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

Animal rights activists in Russia say they receive only minimal care in their cramped and stinking cages.

The aging bear spends the long hours jumping up and down in her cage and trying to crack the rusty metal railings with her chipped teeth.

"They can't move normally and start going crazy," Zoya Afanasyeva of the Vita animal rights group said as she stood by Katya's sweltering bus on a hot summer day.

"Apparently they are being taken care of, but not more often than once a day, and this care is perfunctory because the smell here in the parking lot is unbearable".

29. Stop supporting dictators

The reason for the continuity is that both Iran and Russia are essentially satisfied with existing US-European policy of applying incremental and largely symbolic UN sanctions on Tehran.

Moscow feels that as long as the diplomatic process remains in play, America is in no position to launch a military strike that could destabilize the Middle East. At the same time, the theocratic regime has increasingly adjusted to a sanctions policy whose impact is negated by increasing oil prices.

30. Stop Abortion Advertising In Russia

In contemporary Russia, you not allowed to advertise alcohol and cigarettes, but everywhere is freely available and advertised services on abortion.

The victims of this advertising are primarily girls - teens and women from poor families. The annual number of abortions in Russia reaches 2 million.