Shannock RI
United States of America

Shannock RI was a country town until a trucking company moved onto West Shannock Road. We would like an end to the trailer trucks coming down our Roads in Shannock. This company has ruined our town with all the noise coming from them (It appears to be some kind of gravel pit), the trucks coming down our roads all hours of the day and polluting our air with the exhaust coming from these trucks. The Zoning needs to be re-evaluated.

We would like to stop this trucking business in Shannock RI. Stop the trailer trucks from coming down our roads all hours of the day and night.

The noise coming from the gravel pit needs to be stopped; as well as them polluting our air from their machinery and trailer trucks.

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The Stop the trailer trucks business from operating in the Shannock RI area petition to Shannock RI was written by Maryann Rezendes-Huntington and is in the category Business at GoPetition.