#City & Town Planning
The New Forest District Council
United Kingdom

June 20, 2006

In common with towns across the UK the Town of Lymington is suffering from a rash of overdevelopment.

In the name of supposedly "Saving the Green Belt" developers are being encouraged by the UK Government to build at ever higher densities in the centre of towns.

This process has now gathered enormous momentum and the town now has numerous building sites as developers knock down good family houses to build block of retirement flats and second homes.

Unless the local council the New Forest District Council starts standing up to the developers and starts saying NO then the town as we know it will be lost for ever.

We, the undersigned, petition the New Forest District Council to change their implementation of current Planning Policies toward the town of Lymington, which:

1. Are causing irreversible damage to the character of the Town,

2. The destruction of many valuable family homes,

3. Their replacement by developments of flats completely out of character with their location in the town.

In addition we demand that the NFDC urgently:

1. Carry out a review of Areas of Special Character with a view to protecting the many attractive areas in Lymington that are currently at risk of disappearing forever under inappropriate development,

2. Institute a far more open Planning Consultation Policy allowing local residents and Amenity Societies greater access to the Planning Process to enable them to make full representations on proposed developments both before and after the submission of Planning Applications.

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