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1. Saving Trees in the Cape Fear Area

Wilmington and New Hanover county (North Carolina) are updating their city/county codes. With the population of the area to grow 90% by 2040 we needs codes that incorporate green infrastructure and preserve our area's biodiversity & natural beauty. Updating the city/county's code to ones that preserve, protect, enhance and expand our trees and forest is of the utmost importance.

2. Food Access For evacuees

Many British Columbian's are not able to buy game meat or local wild fish to replace meat and fish that spoiled during BC Wildfires and the associated power outages.

To help evacuees replenish their food stocks, we are asking the government to set aside some of this years game tags and limited access fishing for for evacuees and those that experienced extended power outages.

3. Protect our Green Spaces in Singapore

There needs to be a re-thinking of how the country utilizes space. Too much of our forests are being cleared in the name of development, yet there are many alternatives that are not considered. Alternatives such as development of low-density areas, re-thinking of migration policies to better accommodate the increase in population.

Without a large part of our forests, Singaporeans can expect to have significantly higher levels of pollution and health problems.

Alternatives can be found. Taking the simplest way out of clearing forests is not the way to go.

Protect our forests.

4. Help Preserve Golden Forest Pond as a Clean, Safe, and Enjoyable Park

There are a number of parks in Vaughan that are littered with garbage and dog excrement. Golden Forest Pond is just one of them that I believe needs immediate action due to the impact the litter has on the environment where ducks and other wildlife live.

Golden Forest Pond is located in Maple, just west of Peter Rupert Avenue and north of Rutherford Road. For years, this pond has been littered with trash such as plastic bottles, coffee cups, bags, paper, beer cans, wine bottles, boxes, old toys, food wrappers, shopping carts and more! Not only is this garbage unattractive to look at, even worse, it is having a severely negative impact on the environment where the ducks and other wildlife live.

The garbage that is scattered near the pond is now getting into the water where wildlife swim, which could cause them to become trapped and die. It is upsetting that in this neighbourhood such a beautiful pond is being littered with trash—this is unacceptable. On October 16th 2015, I contacted the City of Vaughan, and a work order was created which addressed the problem of littering and people not picking up after their pets. I also sent them pictures as evidence. I emailed a list of the actions that they should take immediately before the problem worsens.

The list included:
1. The garbage needs to be picked up and properly disposed of soon.
2. There should be garbage bins placed along the pathway.
3. There should be “No Dumping” or “No Littering” signs near the pond.

I never received a response from the City. On Monday May 2nd and Wednesday May 4th 2016, I went to Golden Forest Pond with a garbage bin, gloves, and signs, and started cleaning the park myself. During the seven months since I made the work order no changes were implemented. The littering problem actually got worse…much worse. On May 2nd I took pictures, and I removed a shopping cart that had been dumped right beside the pond. On May 4th I spent 5 hours cleaning, and I ended up clearing out one full trash bag of dog excrement, and two full trash bags of recyclable materials. However, I was not able to finish; I only cleared about 20% of the garbage in the pond, and there’s still lots more that needs to be done.

On May 5th 2016, I called the City for an update on the work order. They told me that on November 17th 2015 City employees went out to inspect the site. They concluded that: “No dumping was found. Regular debris and garbage picked up. No illegal dumping signs required.” They closed the case. I refuse to accept this response from the City. Much more needs to be done.

The next step will be to escalate the issue by contacting the Councilor for Ward 4, as well as the Mayor of Vaughan. In order to do that I need the public’s help. Please support this cause by signing the petition. Together we can make change happen!

5. Stop Burning and deforestation in Nan, Thailand

In many places around the world, burning is used for a quick and easy way to prepare farm lands for planting or dispose of farming waste. Since large companies like CP and Monsanto found their way to the Nan Province of Thailand, the destruction of the forest and nature in this area in particular over the last 10 years have been devastating.

Every year hundreds of acres of forest are destroyed by setting fire to it to grow the ever increasing hunger for corn. Consequently all these fields and crop waste are set on fire at every harvest. And the burning is not just limited to the farm fields, but it is common practice and even tradition to burn anything around you as way to “clean the mess”.

As the burning was limited to two or three months in the past, the blue haze is now present for most of the year. The secondary effects of deforestation and burning are rapidly starting to show as well. Increase in asthma cases, flooding, drought, heat, mudslides, etc.

There is no visible action from (local) government accept a few posters along the road. Actually a lot of the burning and farming is done within the National Parks of Nan, often right next to a checkpoint or park office. Most of the road shoulders which are government property are set on fire as well instead of cutting them. So government and law enforcement must be aware of what is happening but it seems they are not trying to actively do anything about the problem.

As I love Nan, the beautiful scenery and the amazing people that live here, it hurts me to see the destruction that is happening. I hope this petition will help to start a change for the better before it will be too late. On behave of all citizens of Nan and those affected, I Thank you for your help!

6. Stop the use of herbicides in Canadian forests

Chemicals do not belong in Canadian forest. For many years, The government of canada has allowed forestry companies as well as the Ministry Of Natural Resources to use approved herbicides to manage forests.

Many people feel that this practice has negative effects on wildlife and ecosystems. Soil fertility depends on living organisms that these chemicals will eliminate.

7. We Want Twin Peaks Themed Rooms at Treehotel

We have noticed that is the perfect place for Twin Peaks themed hotel rooms.

They currently have 5 rooms but plan for a total of 24.

How about the Red Room, the Black Lodge/White Lodge and the Great Northern?

Here's why it's a damn fine idea:

* The Red Room, that is in the Black Lodge, is located in the forest. It is an extradimensional place. We would actually say that it's in the trees...

* has a 1930’s-1950’s styled diner.

* Agent Cooper first dreamt about the Red Room. We want to dream IN it.

* There was even a Twin Peaks art exibition in 2011 called "In The Trees". You can read about it here

2012 is the 20th Anniversary of the "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" film and we thought it should be celebrated with the ultimate "In The Trees"-art.

We don't really need more reasons do we? It would be heavenly *cough* the White Lodge *cough*

And, while we're at it, we think there should be a mushROOM as well. A mushroom in the forest you say? Yep, we thought so too :-)

Some might even say that the Lynch Universe sometimes makes you think you have ingested mushrooms. HA!

Here's some clues to what you can do:

1. Sign this petition.

2. Forward this petition to others, here and abroad. Email it.

3. Post the link in your social networking sites, blogs and what not.

4. Sponsor this petition. See the sponsor button? Click it ;-)

Make it happen :-)

Helpful links:

Get an introduction to Treehotel

About the rooms that already exist:

Learn about the Black Lodge

Awesome pictures of the Great Northern:

Additional links: Because we think that the rooms and the place in general might even invite for Transcendental Meditation.

Credits to copyright owners:

David Lynch & Mark Frost
Music by Angelo Badalamenti. This petition was written to the sound of Twin Peaks' epic soundtrack

8. Protect Stratton Strawless Woodland in Norfolk

Stratton Strawless Woodland in Norfolk, home of Robert Marsham an English Naturalist considered to be the founding father of Phenology is in danger of being trampled by 10,000 persons attending for Combat Games.

Broadland Council want to grant permission for 100 persons x 96days per year for Combat Games Activites to take place.

The woodland concerned approx 60acres called Brickkiln Grove and Lingstack Grove between Shortthorn Road & Serpentine Lane is already in an unmanaged state. Owned by a development company (absentee landlord) based in Jersey and rented out to a person who doesnt live in this county.

No financial benefit is gained by the village or indeed by anyone in this county. The woods are already showing signs of neglect and abuse. Photographic evidence is available and will be produced for the planning committee.

This is the same council who has refused numerous residential planning applications on the same road on the grounds of adverse environmental impact.

Please sign our petition to help us save our woods and an area of historical importance. Please tell your friends about this petition. These woods are in the middle of our village.


The magnificent evergreen forest on Mt. Zlatibor is letting go under strikes of chainsaws and heavy machinery.

With pine trees taller than 15 meters and older than 70 years, stretching over 500 acres of forest land it is a predominantly influential Nature Park and self preserving ecosystem on Zlatibor.

Planted immediately upon the end of the Second World War it bore status of protected natural wealth and had become a habitat to numerous animal and plant species.

Today it's a host to a large number of families of squirrels and rabbits, also turtles, moles, hedgehogs, ant colonies, lizard dens and various birds such are robins, woodpeckers, ouzels, owls, wild pigeons, magpies, etc.

Abusing state's law regulations on environmental protection and disregarding obligatory acts of Aarhus Convention the local authorities issued The General Plan according to which the Nature Park is turned into zone of tourism and high commerce.

WARNING: The Nature Park is undergoing heavy deforestation and soil devastation by local Zlatibor authorities and Serbian Orthodox Church. Biodiversity is threatened with extinction as workers and machinery plow through in preparation to build communication and drainage network.

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the 5 min documentary below.

More info at:
Nature Park - Geo Location
Sačuvajmo zlatiborsku šumu - Facebook
Sačuvajmo zlatiborsku šumu - Blogspot
Sačuvajmo zlatiborsku šumu - Twitter

10. All Trees should be Endangered

All trees Worldwide in water and on land, need to be on an Endangered Species list including but not limited to 100% more renewable Rainforests.

11. Demand palm oil be labeled!

Today palm oil is used in lots of shopping products, some of which includes pears soap, pringles, most peanut butters, clover, ginsters, haribo, Good fellas pizza, warburtons and much more. Unfortunately I wouldn't be mentioning this if it didn't have such an affect on the environment.

The palm oil industry is responsible for destroying thousands of acres of deforestation in other countries. Currently 300 football fields are destroyed in south east Asia every hour for palm oil. And it's not just the vegetation that is being affected! The animals that rely on the forest (such as orangutans) are affected, many orangutans have no place to go when the forest is destroyed. 20 years ago their were more than 300,000 Bornean orangutans in the wild, now their are less than 45,000 in the wild. Orangutans only give birth once in 6 - 10 years therefore it is hard for them to breed as much as they are dying out due to deforestation.

Please go to for more information on orangutans.

But worst of all the industry does not even label palm oil! Most palm oil is labeled as vegetable oil, therefore many people are unaware that it is in their food. This is taking away our freedom to know what exactly goes into our food, it takes away are choice of whether or not to eat palm oil! This is wrong, they should label palm oil and deliberately point out if it is palm oil free!

12. Save the Wolves

Wolves are the ancestor of domestic dogs. Many people think that they are dangerous creatures, but they are only generally dangerous to people if the people enter their territory, get too close to their den and/or pups, threaten them or torment them, if there are little to no other prey around for them to eat.

Ranchers often fire the guns in the air to frighten the wolves instead of killing them. Despite this, however, the US government plan on culling wolves. The methods used here would be extremely cruel and would probably involve poisoning and shooting.

Despite what some people may tell you, shooting is not a humane death. If you miss and hit an animal in the wrong place, you can injure it and it will probably die slowly due to blood loss or starvation. Poisoning is also a very cruel death. The animals that are poisoned can, depending on the type of poison, take hours to die, and they will almost certainly be in terrible pain.

Wolves are an endangered species and we don't know how many are left now. This "cull" could bring the species even closer to extinction.

13. Save the Forest

The Forest is a volunteer-run, collectively-owned, free arts and events space. We provide a dedicated space for people to get involved in any creative activity imaginable, and have also become a vital resource for social, political and environmental groups, providing space and equipment for events, workshops and fundraisers.

Due to the bankruptcy of our landlords, the building that the Forest currently occupies is up for sale. On the 19th of February 2011 we learned that a prospective buyer is currently in the process of closing a deal to buy the building with the estate agents, Graham and Sibbald.

So now, as well as continuing a hugely successful fundraising campaign to secure Forest's future, we're asking our friends and community to show their support: we do not want to see this listed historic building transformed into yet another generic coffee shop or sports pub, and we want to let any prospective buyer or developer know how strongly the community feels we should stay in our home. Please sign this petition to show our strength.

Up-to-date information about the campaign and details of how to donate are available at and through our Facebook Page at

14. Lower Earley retaining Holt Forest catchment

Wokingham Borough Council has plans to change the school catchement area in Lower Earley so that children in the current Holt/Forest catchment area will no longer have access to those schools.

The new catchment area for Maiden Erlegh is too large to accommodate all children in the catchment area.

We therefore urge people to support us in retaining Holt/Forest catchment for our children, alongside the new proposed designated areas.

15. Dieren van het Groene Woud terug op TV

Dieren van het Groene Woud terug op TV

Van 1978 tot 1983 zond de NL publieke omroep Tros 49 van 52 afleveringen uit van de animatieserie Dieren van het Groene Woud. Wij vragen Tros deze opnieuw uit te zenden en zo mogelijk uit te brengen op DVD!

UPDATE: De TROS heeft aangegeven dat ze de serie niet opnieuw gaat uitzenden. TROS heeft niet de rechten voor DVD-release want deze liggen bij de maker. Het omroeparchief Beeld en Geluid kan me niet vertellen hoe ik de maker bereik en heeft geen kopie van de NL-versie. Helaas...

Fables of the Green Forest back on TV

From 1978 to 1983 Dutch public TV network Tros broadcasted 49 of 52 episodes of anime series Fables of The Green Forest. We would like Tros to broadcast them again and, if possible, to release on DVD!

UPDATE: TROS announced that it will not broadcast this series again. TROS does not have the rights for DVD-release. They reside by the maker. The dutch broadcasters archive cannot tell me how to contact the maker and doesn't hold a copy of the dutch version. Alas...

16. Stop converting forests in the Province of Sindh to forestless areas

On 28th June 2010 a summary moved from senior member Board of Revenue has been passed by Chief Minister of Sindh province of Pakistan on 3rd July 2010 to convert over 6 laces acres entire Riverine forest land of Sindh on both banks of River Indus. In summery it has been mentioned that it was decided on the directives of President of Pakistan during the meeting held on 22nd June 2010 at President House Naudero Larkana, for distribution in landless female peasants on ownership grounds. So the entire Riverine forest land of Sindh, over 6 laces acres has been converted in Revenue Status.

We know that it is a plan to hand over the forest land to like minded land lords, these land lords particularly close to forest minister Sindh have already submitted female lists mentioning forest names and claimed areas. In these areas remaining forest cover is also claimed. Principally forest land could not be distributed on ownership grounds but only Revenue land could be distributed. So for the Government to accommodate its friends, forest land was converted in Revenue status. This will be handed over in the names of poor women permanently on ownership grounds.

If they imposed such plan then:
• All the Riverine forest land will be converted in state of feudal.
• Due to agriculture cropping activities live stock will not be allowed to graze in the forest area, people will be discouraged of this business. This will be cause of shortage of meat, milk in province.
• There will be migration from Riverine area in significant numbers. Millions of people will be homeless as well as without livelihood with destructive socio economic impact on the people of the Riverine area.
• Remaining forest cover which also included in submitted women reclaim lists will be deforested.
• No single acre will be available to department for any new policy, program or project of forestry.
• After deforestation the remaining wildlife will be vanished from Riverine area.
• due to unplanned installation of tube wells, the under ground water flows which recharge the sweet water pockets in all over Sindh would be deprived off their capability to recharge these pockets. Entire Sindh will face drought of sweet water.
• A great disaster to environment as well as to socio-economic condition.

17. Get Deer Back in the Forest

I have heard of many reports of deer being aggressive towards animals and people within city limits. Some within the core of the city itself.

There is a video on "You Tube" from June 6th 2010 showing a deer attacking a dog on the streets of Cranbrook, BC. There has also been report of a deer aggressively chasing an adult and child walking on the street in Kimberley, BC.

18. Say No to Woodchip Power

1. Forests are the only safe and reliable means of removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Protecting native forests is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to reduce greenhouse emissions.

2. Australia is taking a prominent role in international efforts to stop native forest degradation and destruction in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. At the same time, Australian Governments are subsidising the destruction of Australia’s own forests for woodchips and, increasingly, to burn to generate electricity.

3. Under Australia’s climate change policy, logging of native forests is deemed carbon neutral and burning of native forest wood for electricity or processing into biofuels is classified as renewable energy.

4. Woodchip power emits more greenhouse gas than coal and undercuts genuine renewable energy such as wind and solar.

5. Without ongoing woodchipping of millions of tonnes of native forest each year there would be no “waste” to burn to generate electricity or make biofuels.

19. Support our Public Land Use Rights

The U.S Department of Agriculture(USDA) / US Forest Service (USFS) is attempting to close Public access to US Forest Lands that are presently stated as "open forest floor" that All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) use to recreate.

Such closure will take our rights to use our lands responsibly and for recreation. The closure will financially have an impact to local communities as well as retail, restaurants, manufactures, and lodging.
According to the USDA/USFS the closure is for sustainability of the forest floor do to un-managed use of the forest - thus managed by USFS.

20. Decline and embargo all products of Sinar Mas Group, APP and its subsidiaries

Various activities, Sinar Mas Group which is join the Asia Pulp and Paper in each segment of the process undertaken to get their products, such as paper, pulp and other derivative products, CPO and other derivative products, such as margarine, cooking oil etc has been damage our environmental life of the world, burning and destroying Indonesia's tropical forests that richest and largest in the world and as lungs of the world.

As a result, almost all wild animals, such as the orang utan, sumatra tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, bear and various types of tropical flora are now extinct. Those are fatal as a result there has been global warming and global climate change now.

21. Save Teghut Forest

The Russian Bank VTB is Planning to fund the disastrous project of mine exploitation in Teghut, Armenia

The exploitation of the Teghut mine will have an immense negative effect on nature, life and health of the people of Armenia, as well as on the prospect of sustainable development for the country. The exploitation of this mine cannot be justified for any economic, social or environmental reasons.


Банк ВТБ собираетса профинансировать экологически бедственную программу по разработке и эксплуатации Техутского месторождения.

Разработка и эксплуатация Техутского месторождения будет иметь колоссальное отрицательное воздействие как на природу Армении, так и на жизнь и здоровье людей, и в следствие чего, на устойчивое развитие страны. Данная эксплуатация не выгодна не в экологическом, не в социальном и не в экономическом аспектах. Эксплуатация Техутского месторождения повлечет за собой:

Полный текст >>

ՎՏԲ-ն պատրաստվում է ֆինանսավորել Թեղուտի հանքավայրի շահագործման աղետաբեր ծրագիրը

Թեղուտի հանքավայրի շահագործումը հսկայական բացասական ազդեցություն կունենա Հայաստանի բնության, մարդկանց կյանքի և առողջության, ինչպես նաև երկրի կայուն զարգացման վրա: Այս հանքավայրի ներկայիս շահագործումն արդարացված չէ ո’չ բնապահպանական, ո’չ սոցիալական և ո’չ էլ նույնիսկ տնտեսական տեսանկյունից: Թեղուտի հանքավայրի ներկայիս շահագործումը նշանակում է`

Կարդալ ամբողջը >>

22. Back The Manager - Save NFFC from Relegation

Billy Davies has come out in the press saying that the board are not backing him with funds to get the necessary playing staff needed in the fight to maintain Championship status.

Fans have suspected for many years that the board is not fully backing managers with appropriate funds for both transfer fees and wages. This has to stop.

Fans have continued to support the club through nearly a decade of dismal performances culminating in 3 years in League One. Its time for Nigel Doughty to deliver on his promise of progress at the club.

23. Alive Utrish

The environmental movement and Ecological Watch on North Caucasus (EWNC), «Alive Utrish», Greenpeace of Russia, WWF of Russia and the International Socio-Ecological Union collect electronic signatures under the open Internet reference to the President of Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation, and the heads of Administration of Krasnodar Territory and the cities of Anapa, Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik about taking effective measures on preservation of the unique natural complexes of subtropical Mediterranean-type forests, located at the Black Sea coast of Russia, including the prohibition of any construction in the territory of these natural systems and the earliest performance of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation № 725-r about the creation of the reserve «Utrish».

Utrish is:

- the only typical Eastern Mediterranean landscape at the Black sea cost, which preserved well,

- the habitat of more than 60 species of plants and animals listed in the Red Book of Russia, for many of which it is the only habitat in the territory of our country,

- the seat of growth of relic trees aged up to 600 years,

- the last well-preserved, thanks to its remoteness from major settlements and highways, corner of nature at the Russian Black Sea coast in the extent about 12 km.

In December 2008, in violation of Russian legislation, the construction of a road through the reserve to the Black Sea coast began, destroying on the way the relic juniper, pistachio and other trees. The part of the coast is leased and it is planned to start construction on it. It will destroy the eco-system of Big Utrish and will make impossible the performance of the governmental order of the Russian Federation about creating a reserve in this territory.

Only owing to efforts of ecologists who have organized in Utrish a camp of public resistance and have blocked the way for the machines, the construction of the road has been stopped. However Utrish is still in danger and the constructors can return at any moment. Your voice can help to save its nature.

24. Keep the City Ground

We believe that the history (100 odd years of it) of NFFC at the City Ground is enough reason to stay put, add to that the loss of a wonderful location for a football ground, and the fear that our new stadium would have no character.

We also worry that we'd spend most Saturday's in a half empty stadium.

25. We seek support from rest of India

J & K Governor Gen, Sinha surveyed condition of pilgrims of Amarnath yatra & found that people have to relax in open tents and therefore he signed a project for constucting permanent shelters for pilgrims and alotted 100 acres (800 cannals) of land to shrine board after passing it in J & K assembly.

The Forest Minister in the Cabinet was from the PDP, a coalition partner in the government. Yet they (the PDP) refused to accept responsibility for the joint decision (of allocating forest land to set up temporary structures for facilities for Hindu pilgrims during the Amarnath Yatra) Then PDP and some Pro-pakistan parties started agitating against decision with anti nationalist slogans and ransacking public property.

The Congress sans PDP minority Govt took decision back and surrendered in front of these anti nationalist and fundamentalist forces. People of Jammu started agitating against this anti national, anti harmony decision with all groups together. Later jammu muslim comunity supported agitation through a press conference. When Omar Abdullah gave statement in parliament that his people will not give an inch of land to pilgrims or shrine board ; emotions n sentiments of jammu people ran high and one of the protesters KULDIP DOGRA commited sucide in front of 500 people.

At 3:00 am next day police took his body after beating his family, AND STARTED cremating HIS BODY BEFORE SUNRISE AT 4:00 AM WHICH IS AGAINST HINDUISUM. one of the family member used local temple loudspeaker and informed people, Anger rose high and people started beating police .Police hit back and violent agitation turned into massive rallies with more than 40,000 people. Police killed 2 protesters days after. Latest opression is that Local Cable TV as well as SMSes have been banned in Jammu.

Most sadly these people are not getting required support from national media against such dictatorship and their lonely battle is still ON.

26. Save the UNCW Forest

We are a group of university students trying to preserve the remaining forested areas on our campus.

Our administration is currently planning on clearcutting 15 acres in order to build 4 residence halls and a parking deck.

We believe that there is a better way and place to go about this project.

We would like the administration to reconsider the location and to support a legislative move to protect the remaining land.

27. Protect Forest Hill Conservation Area

No 1 Manor Mount wishes to demolish the back and side of a Victorian dwelling and build a four story extension to the back and a three storey extension to the side to turn a family home into a large block of flats.

This will lie directly beside No 1 1/2 Manor Mount a small Victorian Coach House and cause considerable impact, not only to this house but to the surrounding properties.

28. Forest School Current Year 10 (2007/08) Needs your vote


We feel that our year (Current year 10) has been short changed from all the things Forest made us look forward to.

We have missed out on:

1. Only 1 day at lodge hill YR7
2. Trip to Holland YR7
3. No study leave
4. No enrichment
5. Younger years now going to Belgium, Italy, France

We would love to join up with Millais who are well known for their good school trips. We think it would be a great idea to lease with them and to go to Canada in the February half term,

School trips are backed up by several large organisations as you can see below. The quote shows what a leading educational authority thinks about visiting Canada:

Do students really benefit from educational travel?
"Language, history and science lessons come alive to students on Visit Canada's educational tours . We think that students probably learn more during a three or four day student field trips than in any other three or four day time period during the school year. And for most students, the lessons learned stay with them for a lifetime. "

Please sign this petition if you feel strongly about this.

Thank you

29. Protect RaoGhat Hills and the Mystical Tribals of Narainpur in Bastar District, Chhattisgarh

Raoghat needs to be protected if we have to save planet earth.

One of the Newpaper today stated that a MOU to plunder the Raoghat Hills will be signed at Delhi on 6th August,2007.

If at all this projects comes up it will be doomsday to the beautiful flaura and fauna and the rich culture and traditions of the Indigenous people residing in Bastar.

On 3rd july 2007 the Business Community of Narainpur District in North Bastar called for a "Bund"(closure) .The reason was the fight between the Business Communities of Narainpur and Antagarh District for the ownership of Raoghat Township once the Raoghat mines start.

This looks like a well planned conspiracy to divert the mind of the people from the real issues surrounding the RaoGhat Mines and the Rail Project.Is it because this project was rejected in the nineties by the Enviroment and Forest Ministry?Why the State Government feels that now when there is a worlwide concern to save Environment that they will get clearance from the Ministry?

Why are the sentiments of the Indigenous people being completely ignored?

Has anyone bothered to find out about the name "Rao Ghat"?According to the local belief Rao Ghat is home too the Creator of this world Lord "Raja Rao Natraj" and Goddess "Mata Maoli"(sister of Maa Danteshwari) and their family.

Not only the local people come here to worship daily but also they gather in large numbers throughout the year and take out "Jatra"(procession) of the God and Godess.Even lot of foreign tourist come here to enjoy the wonderful eco-system present at Rao Ghat.

So any mining at RaoGhat will be like destroying the God and Goddess of the Tribals thus will come under the SC/ST Atrocities Act of the Constitution of India.

Is the State Government planning a revolt by the Indigenous people so that they can kill and displace more tribals as they have been doing since the start of Salwa Judum??

Just because "Dalli Rajhara" mines are over Bhilai Steel plant now wants "Rao Ghat" mines.What will happen once the "Rao Ghat" mines are also exhausted?

Is it really the BSP which wants the mines or they are playing in the hands of Tata,Essar,Jindal and other Sponge Iron Units of Chhattisgarh? Afterall the "Bailadilla" mines in Dantewada District which belongs to the NMDC is now being allotted to the likes of Tata Steel,Essar Steel and other mining companies?

In the days of Global Warming,Tsunami and Weather Change do we really need to destroy the most beautiful and amazing eco-system still existing in RaoGhat?

Is BSP playing in the hands of Tata and Essar Steel?
Are we not worried that our future generation won't have fresh air to breathe or will there be a future generations at all???

The Locals in Raoghat area have strong belief in their God and Goddess and they feel that if RaoGhat is disturbed it will bring an end to the human race.

Is the State Government and the Government at the Center listening?May be the State Government and the Business Community for once should think about what they are leaving for the future generations and not their immediate gains....

As per the provisions of the Constitution of India, the resolve of the village council is supreme in Bastar District. No body can play with the resolve of the tribal village council. However, contrary to those provisions, state government is acting as the agent of the private industrial houses, did not bothered to educate the tribals about the importance of public hearing at a village council to manage the favorable resolve of the village council.


Update: GREAT NEWS ! From 1st October 2007, a six month Pilot Scheme will provide an URGENT CARE CENTRE at Kidderminster Hospital with Consultant supervision and a Doctor - led team with Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Support as an integral part of the Minor Injury Unit. The Minor Injury Unit is open 24 hours and the Doctors will be in the Urgent Care Centre Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm from October until March 2008.
Labour fully supports this excellent new service and it becoming permanent.


Labour Government is establishing Urgent Care Centres throughout the country - 25 in February 2007, in Liverpool, London, Edinburgh, Maidstone and elsewhere.
Urgent Care Centres are not A&E Departments, but build upon services provided at Minor Injuries Units and other Walk- in-Centres.

What advantage would an Urgent Care Centre provide for patients presenting to Kidderminster Hospital?

Firstly, there is a small percentage of current patients who have to be transferred to Worcester Royal – 2%. With a Doctor and other extra medical professionals on hand, that figure could be reduced.

Secondly, about 5,000 patients a year present at Worcester Royal A&E when many should be treated at Kidderminster Minor Injuries Unit.

Thirdly, Worcester Royal is extremely busy, and an Urgent Care Centre at Kidderminster would help relieve pressure and help patients living near Kidderminster.

Therefore, I fully support the establishment of an Urgent Care Centre at Kidderminster Hospital, (including the first step of a pilot scheme this autumn entailing a Doctor being based at Kidderminster’s Minor Injuries Unit)

I urge everyone to sign my petition below for an Urgent Care Centre to be placed at Kidderminster Hospital.