WTHR and Dispatch Broadcasting
United States of America

Dispatch Broadcasting wants to charge Dish Network a 350%+ price increase to carry their channels! Dish refuses to pass that fee on to their customers so they have declined Dispatch broadcasting's offer and now Dispatch Broadcasting has blacked out WTHR, Indianapolis' NBC affiliate.

Dispatch Broadcasting and WTHR claim that the consumers aren't losing out because we can acquire their signal for free with a digital antenna. This is NOT true as many people, including myself, get every channel but WTHR! They also claim that we can stream it online, and yes we can, but I for one am hearing impaired and there are no captioning options for streaming live TV.

Dispatch Broadcasting is putting greed over providing for their loyal viewers. They may be trying to punish Dish Network, but in the end its only the customers who lose out!

Dispatch Broadcasting runs free over the air channels and wants a huge price increase for a FREE channel! These channels are filled with commercials and advertisement which should MORE than provide enough income for them!

We, the undersigned, call on Dispatch Broadcasting, the parent company of WTHR, to eliminate the 350%+ price increase they are asking of Dish Network, and offer a more reasonable price to Dish Network.

We also call on Dispatch Broadcasting to lift the blackout of WTHR that is punishing its loyal viewers, and especially the viewers who cannot get WTHR on antenna.

We are signing this petition to let Dispatch Broadcasting know that they cannot forget their viewers and they cannot continue to use us as a pawn for their greedy intentions!

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