#Amendment I
Federal Government
United States of America

The confederate flag has been banned in many places, including battle grounds and cemeteries which may have once contained the soldiers of the Confederacy. The flag is also not allowed to be sold in many stores including; Walmart, Amazon.com, etc..

This ban is not only in states that were considered part of the Union but also in states which consider themselves a part of the Confederacy.

Virginia is no longer allowed to sell license plates with the emblem on them and Mississippi, a state which prominently incorporates the flag was told change their flag as to no longer contain the emblem.

This petition is to stop the banning of the battle flag because it stands for more then the negative allegations people have put onto it.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Congress to lift the ban on confederate flag sales, stop discrimination and an unwillingness to allow the symbol in government buildings.

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