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1. Stop the Banning of the Confederate Flag

The confederate flag has been banned in many places, including battle grounds and cemeteries which may have once contained the soldiers of the Confederacy. The flag is also not allowed to be sold in many stores including; Walmart,, etc..

This ban is not only in states that were considered part of the Union but also in states which consider themselves a part of the Confederacy.

Virginia is no longer allowed to sell license plates with the emblem on them and Mississippi, a state which prominently incorporates the flag was told change their flag as to no longer contain the emblem.

This petition is to stop the banning of the battle flag because it stands for more then the negative allegations people have put onto it.



On Monday April 22, I was hand delivered a letter stating that the Director of the University of Waterloo Police, Daniel Anderson, is "banning me [Ethan Jackson] from all properties owned or operated by the University of Waterloo and the properties of affiliated colleges." If I am to "be found on the identified properties I will be charged under the authority of the Trespass to Property Act."

The reasoning of this letter is because, "You [Ethan Jackson] attended a presentation by Stephen Woodworth on March 13, 2013, at the University of Waterloo. Because of your actions on that evening, I am banning you from all properties [..]." This letter is vague and does not have a timeline of occurrences, whether or not this ban can ever be removed, or why I am the only attendee being targeting.

I am entering my fourth year at Wilfrid Laurier University in a Bachelor of Arts degree. I am a paying community member of WPIRG and plan on attending Fall 2013 courses within the Faculty of Arts of University of Waterloo as a Partnership between my university, Wilfrid Laurier University. This ban will not let me take courses at the University of Waterloo. I have not been given any clarification or reasoning as to why this ban is in place.

On the evening of March 13, a group of reproductive justice activists participated in a counter-rally against Stephen Woodworth's lecture on Motion 312. This Motion 312 attempts to redefine the language used for a foetus from the point of conception to the point of birth by giving the foetus full human rights. This is a fall backwards for women and transgender rights and reproductive rights. This call to ban me from the University of Waterloo is unjust, ignorant and unnecessary. They have not clarified any reason as to why I am banned and for how long this will remain in place. Without concrete evidence, I need your support to allow me back on the grounds of University of Waterloo.

3. ASPCA: Stop euthanizing pit bulls!

It is unfair to euthanize EVERY single pit bull type dog for scarring and/or being captured in a drug raid or pulled from the fighting ring.

Without even seeing whether or not the dog is capable of being rehabillitated, they put it down. Puppies (like the 12 week old ones rescued by the ASPCA, NYPD Vice Enforcement Division and Bronx District Attorney’s office, who have scarring from being 'fought') are still young enough to be rehabillitated to the point of being a house pet. I take it into my own hands, I own two american pit bull terriers. One is a blue named Duke, who is 8 months old and bought from a reputable breeder.

The other one, a piebald with pitbull named Rosco, was taken from a dog fighter. He had escaped a fighting ring and went on the streets. We took him in in our own hands. He now is so freindly with other animals. He loves to play play play play, but very gentally. I think that not all dogs can be rehabillitated, but a majority can. I understand the money issue, and time issue, but they would find a way to rehabillitate a Golden Retriever thtat is aggressive, a Labrador, a Great Dane, a Beagle; i can keep going all day. I have seen them say "we will find away to rehabillitate this dog and find it a home" when the dog is far more aggressive then some pit bulls rescued off of the streets, fighting rings etc. The whole fact about "worrying if the dog will get the right home" lingers i nthe air also.

Since pit bull type dogs are so eager to please, strong, agile, athletic and smart, many thugs like them for fighting. These dogs have stamina, Rosco (the one we rescued) can go for hours, running, jumping, swimming, everything, including chasing a ball! Duke (my blue who is more bull dog type, thick and at 8 months is 70 pounds, and Rosco is 72 pounds and he is 4 years!) is so lazy, and flops down panting within 10 minutes of play; depsite how hot it is that day. I think that it is the SPCA's or person who is placing that dog into the correct home, to do home checks, and check ups on that dog. Every month or so, do check ups at the house. If you think theyre sketchy, or live in the "rough" part of town where the dog could be used negativley (i.e. intimidation, gaurding, attack dog, fighting dog etc.) pass over the people! You cannot just go giving this dog breed to anyone, but that doesnt mean "put them all to sleep because people are idiots and irresponsible"!

Now, what does banning breeds solve? Irresponsible ownershipe? No. dog fatalities? Maybe by 1%. Over population in pounds? No, irresponsible people, i.e. thugs etc., will do anything to get a dog breed they want, even if it is breaking the law. I think their should be no laws on dog breeds, but laws regulating who can own certain breeds, and who can own an animal. Maybe their should be a test you ...have to take for 1 year. 1 year you have to do things in the community proving that you are responsible, and not an abuser. You get pulled over? No dog. You get arrested? Certainly no dog. If anything bad were to happen to you in that 1 year period, than no dog until you can prove that you are responsible enough too own one.

If they want a head strong dog, than they should not only practice and show responsibility, but they should make out a game plan saying, Okay the dog will have to sit here, not dash out the door, walk good on a leash, not challenge me, not dominate me, and not bully or push me around. Just because a breed of dog bites, or over populates, doesn't mean put them all to sleep and ban the breed. Say someone had 32 kids, and the parents died... The 32 kids had to go to an orphanage, and some kids have mental problems, and anger problems..what do we do? Put them all to sleep? Keep them locked up? No, try to get them better. Would the government ban parents for breeding, or owning children that could one day end up a thug, a murderer, a rapist etc.? No, they just say "raise it right and it will act right!". Than why cant it be the same with animals?! If an african american person shot somebody, it is not right to go around be skeptical of every african americans just because one shot somebody.

If a Caucasian person rapes someone, is it acceptable to go around being afraid of caucasions? No, the answer is NO. If racism and genocide is illegal, than why are we still doing it? Not necessarily to people, but to dog breeds. This needs to end, if it isent judging someone for body weight, color, sexual orientation or anything, its judging an animal for the breed it is.

BLAME THE OWNER, NOT THE ANIMAL. BLAME THE DRIVER, NOT THE CAR. BLAME THE SHOOTER, NOT THE GUN. BLAME THE PEOPLE, NOT THE WORLD This has been constantly making me and family and friends upset, euthanizing E.V.E.R.Y pit bull rescued. It upsets me, especially this latest case (link posted here---------->) will result in death for the dogs. This is my duty of being an advocate of the breed, to save these dogs... here is a link to my page on facebook, dedicated to the breed, please like share and post what ever you like... afraid of the breed? We will help you not be... have questions of anything? Feel free to ask us!

Thanks, the lives of those pit bulls and the pit bulls of tomorrow, are in our hands.

4. Classify books as well as films

"Of Mice and Men" has been banned for many reasons, including racist language, animal abuse, violence, disability discrimination and the promotion of euthanasia. It is gaining an unfair reputation of being a violent, sadistic racist novel. However, "Of Mice and Men" is not a racist novel, it is a novel set in 1930s America, when blacks were treated unfairly. It is a book to look back on that time period, to teach usabout why it is wrong to be sexist, racist, violent or cruel to animals.

There are many other books being banned unfairly as well as this one.

Books should not be banned, they should be read, enjoyed, respected and taught in schools to be sure that the students learn why racism, sexism, animal cruelty, disability discrimination and violence is wrong.

5. Stop America from banning anime on internet

America are trying to ban all anime from showing on the internet.

It was on the BBC news that they were trying. We should stop it because not many people can easily go out and buy anime.

6. Ban executions, stonings, torture and discrimination in Iran

ما مجازات واحکام غیر انسانی اعدام، سنگسار،شلاق وشکنجه درهرشکل آن را درشأن مردم کشورمان ایران با پشتوانه تمدنی کهن نمی دانیم.

ما سرکوب و کاربرد خشونت، محکومیت ها و مجازاتهای وحشیانه را درخور شهروندان کشور خود ندانسته و خواهان لغو و محو اینگونه مجازاتها از سرزمین مان ایرانیم.

ما خواهان حقوق دمکراتیک برای زنان و جدایی دین از حکومت هستیم.

ما برآنیم که وابستگی دستگاه قضایی ودادگاه های انقلاب و دادسراها به سران حاکمیت جمهوری اسلامی و تبعیت آنها از منافع و مصالح سیاسی اقتصادی حکومتگران اسلامی، مانع از اجرای عدالت شده و درمقابل مطلق گرایی و سرکوبگری چنین دستگاهی، جان، مال و حیثیت هرشهروند ایران درخطر است.

ما خواهان لغو همه احکام غیرانسانی اعدام، سنگسار، وثیقه های ویرانگر و شکنجه درهرشکل آن هستیم.

7. Oppose the banning of herbs and supplements

I am the owner of Knoxville Reflexology Group, Inc. and have been involved with clients health and wellness since 1996. I want to inform my clients about what is going on in Europe with regard to banning herbs and supplements by April 2011.

I want them to get involved and be aware that this will eventually happen in the US as well.

8. Stop the banning of Teruchan from DeviantArt

Someone has started a petition to have Teruchan, an artist, banned from DeviantArt. The petition to ban can be found here:

Teruchan was accused of breaking rules that should have them banned, but if Teruchan had broken the rules, then she would have been banned already. That's how the site works.

9. FFXI Banned Account = Reasonable Doubt

Well I am sure we all have realized that accounts have been banned by Square Enid. This is not a rant or complaint, this is basically a request to meet on even grounds and discuss those members who were victims to Banning unjustly.

There have been other glitches that have not faced such hasty and final decisions. "Wall of Justice", "Windower", "Claim Bots", "Delivery Box" etc. The point is why this one and not the others? Even those who have prejudice against cheaters I beg that you speak up for the innocent.

I believe John said it best "Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone" everyone makes mistakes, companies make mistakes, people make mistakes we are all human. Even if there is no hope for those genuinely guilty. There are some, and I use that term loosely, who are really INNOCENT and did not know exactly what was happening I am crying out to the community these are your friends and family that are gone even those that feel the banning were just some were innocent. I ask that you sign for them hear their cry for fairness and justice.

I have a friend that is active Military and in trusting me with his laptop, I made a cardinal mistake illegally using his account without permission costing him to be banned and my account not. I make no excuse about what I did was wrong but his account, his 4 years of work should not have to pay for mistakes that I have made.

I know that my story is not unique but many people have lost years of time invested unknowingly and this is what this Petition is about. I only ask that everyone banned and none banned, old players and new players come together to make a difference. SE stated they care about their players but do they care as much as the community cares about each other. This is what I want this Petition to show.

10. Ban non-essential pesticides in N.B. / Pour l'interdiction des pesticides non essentiels au N-B

The scientific evidence of the dangers of pesticides to our health and our environment is undeniable. We know that children are particularly vulnerable to pesticide exposure.

The Ontario College of Family Physicians’ Report on pesticides (2004) identifies a link between exposure to pesticides and neurological problems and cardiovascular deficiency among children.

Children from homes where pesticides have been used have 4 times the risk of developing soft tissue cancer (American Journal of Public Health) and 6 to 7 times the risk of developing leukemia (Journal of the National Cancer Institute).

There are over 125 Canadian municipalities which have adopted a bylaw that reduces or bans the use of pesticides. Municipalities in New Brunswick should be able to do the same in a clear legislative context.

11. Abolishment of DOE cell phone banning in schools

A law banning cell phones in all NYC schools has taken away communication rights for students in case of emergencies. It has forced only schools with metal detectors and scanning to enforce the prohibition of cell phones while other schools can have don't ask don't tell policies which allows them to have cell phones.

12. Demand the Philippines Government enforce their Laws banning the eating of dogs

In 1998 the Philippines Government passed an Act banning the slaughter and human consumption. Visit http://sirius.2kat to view said Animal Welfare Act. There is comprehensive detailed information on the above site detailing the atrocities and abject cruelty dogs in the Philippines are having to undergo.

The trade in dog meat must be banned now and the Animal Welfare Act enforced. Dogs are usually sold at markets while still alive, their front limbs dislocated and tied painfully behind their backs and a jagged tin can rammed over their jaws to make them easier to handle. All in blatant disregard of a law that carries a minimal penalty which the police do not bother to even try to enforce.

Let us put an end to this cruelty and allow dogs the dignity and humanity to live alongside of us as our devoted companions as is their right. No dog shall be in the human food chain!

13. Stop the banning of games on Neopets by Mcdonalds in Australia

Mcdonalds has banned games such as: Tombola, Brucey B Slots, Dice-A-Roo, Double or Nothing, Food Club, Fruit Machine, Go! Go! Go!, Grarrl Keno, Grumpy Old King, Guess the Card and the list goes on.

This ban to my knowledge is only in Australia but people around the world just think when your playing your daily games which are based on what Mcdonalds calls 'Something that turns children on to gambling.' about us in Australia who are left broke becuase we can't play the games that get you somewhere.

14. Promote Hockey Fights

We, the undersigned fans of the NHL and hockey fights, would like to petition its commissioner Gary Bettman, director of hockey operations Colin Campbell and Andy Van Hellemond, the league's supervisor of referees to consider not banning fights.

Not only will banning fights lower your already dwindiling and depeleted popularity, but as well, it will lower attendace exponentially. If you ever actually watch some of the games, you will notice that while there is a fight going on, not one person leaves their seats, and in fact are all standing and applauding.
Lets save hockey and hockey fights!!

15. Ban Heterosexual Marriage

The rulings of three provincial courts have effectively legalized same-sex marriage by declaring the erstwhile ban discriminatory under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Although Prime Minister Jean Chretien has drafted a bill in support of gay marriage, many backbenchers are working hard to undermine this effort in order to reserve the right of marriage strictly for heterosexuals. Gays cannot marry, according to Canada's Solicitor-General Wayne Easter, because of the difference between gays and straights: "when [straight people] get married, it's procreation." In other words, when a couple gets married for any other reason besides breeding, it ruins the whole idea of marriage for all of us.

It's clear, then, that banning homos from marriage simply does not go far enough. There are many straight people out there abusing the sanctity of the matrimonial tradition by marrying for such silly reasons as love or a desire to celebrate lifetime commitments, rather than solely to pop out babies. These people must be stopped.

We, the undersigned, demand that action be taken to preserve the dignity and tradition of marriage as an institution of procreation. Legislation must be enacted forbidding women over the childbearing age from tying the knot. Mandatory testing must be carried out to identify sterile men and barren women, ensuring that these people remain single forever. Elderly couples without offspring must have their marriages forcibly annulled.

We who are married for procreation must defend our noble institution against the pernicious threat posed by homosexuals and other non-breeders. Allowing them to marry will affect our own marriages somehow.

16. Remove Blackgraz

Blackgraz is a poor excuse for a channel dictator. In the beginning no-one really noticed but apparently he's been released from rehab or has awoken in bath house somewhere in texas from one of his legendary cocaine binges. He must be stopped. Since then all that has followed is Mass deopping without channel approval, unreasonable banning and general puerto-ricanness.


come on people!


Neopets has just currently put up a new rule-whoever refreshes too much in the main shops will be banned from seeing the restocks in main shops for a few days! It's not obvious because neopets didn't state this and people won't be notified if they were banned. C'mon..this is ridiculus! REFRESHING TOO MUCH IS AN OFFENCE!I think the neopets team should really change this rule! Preventing people from going to buy from main shops is like breaking their rice bowl in neopia! Most neopians main income is from shops! And thats our joy to buy and sell and make np.YEAH!If we are ban we to us is like "no fun for a few days".TRUE!

19. Ban Dragon Ball Z!!

ya well i think we should ban the dragon ball z program because it involves TOO much violence for the youngters that watch it! the youngins these days get influenceds by the media they see on tv...and since this show is on a cartoon channel alot of young folks watch it. so we should take a stand to banning this program!!!

20. Wrongful banning of Lester Arnold at National City Golf Course

We are petitioning the banning of Lester Arnold a black afro american who is being banned from National City Golf Course a golf course managed by American Golf. He is being banned for an incident that happen more than 6 years ago at National City Golf Course where he and another golfer got into a fight. He was never charged in any court and there was never a police report filed on this incident. So why should he be banned for more than 6 years? We believe this to be a worngful banning that should be lifted.