FJ Reitz High School
United States of America

Throughout history students have fought for a way to express themselves. In the past few years rules in the school systems, and currently our FJR High School, have begun to say that we do not have these rights.

Even showing friendly affection has become a vile idea, and we could be given office referrals for it.

The contracts we sign at the beginning of the year are not legally binding either. Most all students were under eighteen when they sign the rules "contract".

The fact is that the only way to change problems like these are to fight against it, and this is what we are proposing.

We, the undersigned, are asking that we be given back our expressive rights.
We are calling on the school system to protect our rights as people, not restrict them.

We are calling on the school system to make our educational environment one of freedom and choice, not of suppression.

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