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The Town Of Brookhaven Code Enforcement Dept
United States of America

We would like to request a few minutes of your time to address a critical problem that, with your help, may be greatly diminished. It is a Noise Level Control problem.

There are two Clubs "Las Vegas Sports Club" and "Las Teja Restaurant & Bar" that are operating out of 1075 Portion Road from the hours of 8 P.M. to 3:30 A.M. Tuesday thru Sunday. It is a complex issue involving a number of factors. The one we'd like to address is the ongoing problem with both clubs playing loud music that is affecting our sleep and disrupting our lives and affecting the quality of life.

Another serious problem related to these two clubs is that drugs are being sold in the parking lot and that patrons are/may be leaving in an intoxicated or drugged state and are operating their vehicles through our neighborhoods causing a dangerous and potentially deadly environment for our local residents and public.

We have contacted the Town of Brookhaven, Code Enforcement Dept and 911 to assist the residents with some relief when the music gets out of control. When the officers request the business owners to lower the volume they comply, however once the officers leave the location the club owners raise the volume up on the music again and it remains that way until we call 911 again.

We, the undersigned, call on the Town Of Brookhaven to ensure that "The Las Vegas Sports Bar" & Las Teja Restaurant & Bar" are operating with the proper permits and or Liquor (Caberet) licenses.

We ask that the Code Enforcement officers who witness Noise Control Violations and or Occupancy Limit violations issue fines on the spot. We ask for more police presence at this location to avoid drug dealing and intoxicated patrons from driving drunk.

We hope you will join us to help protect our children, our families and our neighborhood! Isn't the Quality of your life worth fighting for!

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