#Civil Rights
John Hemmings
United Kingdom

The issue of domestic abuse and the subsequent forced removal of children from the victim is reinforcing the abuse. Institutions that exist to help the victims such as the Social Services, Police and Judicial System are failing victims because of the sigma attached to being a victim of abuse.

The most common complaint from victims is one of feeling punished for being a victim rather than feeling empowered. The amount of hoops a victim has to jump thru in order to get her children back whilst her every move is scrutinised by social workers who have not received adequate training o recognise the dynamics of abuse is shocking.

No other institution could operate a viable service like this so hen why is the Social services being allowed to continue to abuse and misuse its powers and continue to remove children from mothers when their focus should be directed towards helping the mothers and children break that cycle.

We the undersigned would like a public enquiry into the amount of children that have been abducted by the state and put into state institutions where they have been abused and neglected or in foster care.

And an enquiry into the way Police handle such cases and why so few women come forward to report rape and DV within the context of an abusive relationship.

And an enquiry as to why the judiciary system seems to be protecting the perpetrators of abuse when court orders are broken or children are placed with the abuser.

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