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Recently on hebrides news, there has been an article about the councils plans to cut back on a lot of public transport. There is talk of removing transport from..

° before 8am in the morning.. Creating obstacles for morning workers

°12pm? (middle of day) as written on website so there is no real time stamp for this..

° as well as after 6pm? (evening services) as written on website..

As well as connections with the Harris ferry looking to be axed.

This is under review on 03/07/19 so we really only have 2 weeks as of today 19/06/19

Hebrides news link for reference..


In various regions of areas you are given the opertunity to speak up for your community before anything goes ahead.. I strong sugest attending :)

Monday 24th june
°Tarbert 6-7.30 pm on the 24th at Sir E Scott

°South lochs 8-9:30pm on the 24th at ravenspoint

°Barvas 6-7:30pm on the 24th at sgoil an taobh siar

°Ness 8-9:30pm on the 24th at Lionel school

Tuesday 25th of June

°point, back and Stornoway
6-7:30pm on the 25th at the Nicolson institute

°North lochs, Kinloch, Carloway and breasclete
6-7:30pm on the 25th at sgoil nan Loch

°Uig and bernera 8-9:30pm on the 25th at Uig school

Link for reference

I feel if there's enough signatures the council may be able to see how important our bus services are here, and maybe change their veiw on things. If not, then we tried! I'm not sure if you can add comments on this but make sure to add your thoughts so we can all be heard!✌️

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