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General Raheel Shareef (COAS PAKISTAN)

The news of the kidnapping of 712 children in Punjab sent a chill down my spine. According to data, in 2015, some 1,200 children were kidnapped in the province and the figure for the current year is 767; while 312 children were abducted in Lahore.
It is shocking that Punjab is a safe haven for kidnappers. These children are kidnapped for many reasons like pedophilia, ransom money, trade, and beggary through children, transformation into militants or suicide bombers, and even for extracting vital organs of the kidnapped. One can realize the pain and suffering of the families of the kidnapped children.

We are signing this petition for General Raheel Sharif (COAS PAKISTAN) as we have already lost all our hopes from governing body of Pakistan. They are sleeping and taking no notice of this until there is going to be threat for their own children. They have failed to stop this hideous crime against humanity and our nation.

No matter i am living abroad, but being a democratic citizen of Pakistan, i feel its my duty to raise voice against this serious issue.

Regards: Adeel Hashmi

To General Raheel Sharif

Sir, This nation is facing a new challenge now, along with so many existing challenges. You have already made us so proud in battling against the biggest disaster we have been facing for so many years.

On this independence day, we want you to take notice of this alarming situation specially in Punjab. Stop kidnapping of children in Pakistan.

Take immediate action, recover kidnapped children, implement strict laws and punishment for kidnappers. Hang the kidnappers in public, so that nobody dare to kidnap children.

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