Circuit Court Of McCreary County, KY
United States of America

My name is Rhonda Kimberly King. I am the mother of 4 children. The father of my children commited acts of domestic violence upon me frequently. I began abusing drugs as a form of escape. My children were removed from my care and placed in the custody of the state of KY. After being incarcerated for drug use, my life changed drastically.

While incarcerated I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savour. Released on shock probation 6 months after being incarcerated, I set out with the goal of being reunited with my children. I began working with Childrens Protective Services (CPS) to fullfill requirements they set forth in order for me to have my children returned to me.

I removed myself from the domestic violence situation I was in, accuired a place of my own in a nice neighborhood in Somerset, KY, and began attending NA classes and parenting classes as well. I have also been involved in counseling sessions with my children, and for myself individually as well.

I submit to random drug testing and am joyful to say that I have been drug free for a little over 1 year now. While in the state's custody my children have been traumatized by the lack of permanancy in a home, being moved from one placement to another often, and by being placed in homes in which my children were unfamiliar with and uncomfortable amongst total strangers.

Although I have made mistakes in my past, and failed as a mother at certain times in my life, I feel I have learned many hard life lessons. Loosing my children is the hardest thing I have ever had to face. Childrens Protective Services have had my children in custody for a little over 1 year now and have made little or no effort to reunite us as a family unit once again. I only get 5 hours of visitaion with my kids every 7 days. I have only been getting them for 5 hours every Saturday for a very short while. I was only getting them for 3 hours every 7 days until a dear friend of mine attended a case plan meeting with me and between the two of us we were able to plea an extra 2 hours from the officials.

I miss my children so very much and all I want is to have them returned to me. At the last case plan meeting around the first of June, I was told by Childrens Protective Services that the long term goal for my children was to return to parent (RTP). Not even 2 weeks later I was contacted by a CPS worker informing me that Childrens Protective Services were moving to terminate parental rights (TPR) beginning in July.

First I was told it was nothing to worry about, it was basically a procedure the department was required to do after a child has been in care for a certain amount of time, however, that they didn't have enough negative things against me to have my parental rights terminated. Approxiametly 2 weeks later this same CPS worker informed me that I wasn't going to get my children back because the department had enough negative things against me to have my parental rights terminated. My kids and I have long been the victims of the games that Childrens Protective Services play!

My children have even been given specific dates a numerous amount of times as to when they are going to be returned home. They are fed false hopes rountinely. How can what CPS is putting my children through be considered "CARE" and "STABILITY"? I have met every stipulation that CPS has set forth for me and they continue to say that I have not made the needed changes to bring my children home. I have inquired as to what more I can do. I am willing to meet further requirements, but it would be to no avail. CPS has never had the intentions of returning my children to me.

When pleading with CPS for more visitation time with my children, from the beginning of this ordeal, I was told that they didn't want to increase visit time because they felt that it would just make it harder for me and the children "IF" they didn't get to return home. Would you consider that a service of reuniting families?

CPS moves to terminate parental rights so children in custody can be adopted because what many people aren't aware of is that they make it a goal to adopt children out because for every child that is adopted the government receives "BONUS AWARD MONEY"! Those 4 human lifes are not for sale! My children yearn to be with me, their mommy, and my heart weeps daily for the sound of their laughter, the sight of their precious faces, and all of the "I LOVE YOU'S". Please, I need your prayers, and your help. Help me bring my children home again!

All I'm asking is that you will take time to sign the attached letter to the judge, stating that you are requesting that CPS no longer be permitted to take others lives into their own hands, and be required to return my children to me immediately. I need your help in my fight to be reunited with my reasons for children.

Thank you.

Gratefully Yours,
Rhonda Kimberly King

The Honorable Judge Dan Ballou,

I am a resident of the state of Kentucky and a relative/friend of Rhonda Kimberly King. I am confident that Ms. King has realized her mistakes and failures and worked diligently to make a change in herself and her life. She has become a much better person and mother throughout the recent trials and tribulations she has experienced. I know that she has worked closely with Childrens Protective Services in regards to the return of her children to her. I feel she has and is presently being treated unfairly and unconstitutional. I am requesting that you place yourself in the shoes of this mother and experience for yourself her pain and suffering throughout this ordeal. Please Sir, I make my plea to you and the court that Rhonda Kimberly King's parental rights NOT be terminated and that her children be returned into her custody immediately...and at last.

Sincerly Yours,


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