Mr. Manmohan Singh, World Health Organisation

In india for several years there are companies which make fire crackers and lots of other things which are made by the help of the children. The children who make the fire crackers go blind... they get gun powder all over their face or the get skin cancer due to the gun powder and they die.

Either the fire cracker making companies should be closed or the use of fire crackers should get banned. Child abuse gets neglected by the government and this is not only in India but all over the world.

If you open google and type child abuse a column on the side opens in which ther is another form of child abuse in America. Weapons are sold to beat up the children. We should petition against that too. Also we should petition against child molesting. It's time to get children some justice!

We, the undersigned, petition against child abuse, particularly fire cracker factories where children breathe and live in gun powder - if they do not get blind they do die by gun powder in the skin as the skin absorbs the gun powder which causes skin cancer and blood cancer. We protest against all forms of child abuse.

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