Bill Murphy, Chief Executive BT
United Kingdom

Update: August 18, 2006

This petition is now closed. BT are attempting to improve my system by changing my method of communication to cabled, the proposals seem good, thanks to all that signed this.

August 4, 2006

In 2003 BT secured a contract to supply Broadband to 100% of homes in Northern Ireland.

Now in 2006 when they have "completed this objective" they are downgrading all customers on Radio Broadband to Satellite broadband which gives a fraction of the benefits and even the chief executive of BT Wholesale Paul Reynolds admits :
"It is not true broadband, but it will give much faster internet access to many people who could otherwise be denied".

BT has spent part of a £10 Million European Grant putting in place Radio transmitters for radio broadband and this service is now to be axed, BT must not be allowed to get away with this.

BT are charging £27 pm for this "service", which in actual terms will only allow users to Browse the internet nothing more, it will not support any of the associated benefits of Broadband internet, no voice or video calling, no email service, no remote access, and for an IT business it is a death sentence.

After building up my IT business for 12 years, I will have to cease trading due to my inability to provide the services which I was able to provide over Radio Broadband.

The Minister for Enterprise Trade and Investment Mr Pearson said :

"By the end of 2005 every household and every business in Northern Ireland, no matter how remote, will have access to broadband at the same price. Local businesses will have the level playing field they need to compete in a global economy. This vitally important contract will deliver the Government's broadband vision of a fully connected Northern Ireland. In turn it will help make Northern Ireland more competitive,


In my opinion BT are reneging on that contract and have a duty to continue supplying Radio Broadband to Northern Ireland, why should we accept an inferior service that no longer enables us to conduct business, hardly the level playing field as projected in Mr Pearsons statement.

Urgent action is required to reverse this BT decision, they are due to cease the service next week.

I want to stop BT removing Radio Broadband, or to replace it with something that actually is of use.

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