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1. No Youth Curfew in Alice Springs

In the Centralian Advocate on the 9th of September, it was announced that 'hundreds' of signatures have been given in support of a youth 'bed-time' curfew for youth aged 16 or younger.

Having this curfew will drive young people out of the CBD, and into rural places surrounding the town. This is a more dangerous situation for young people to be in.

Also, a youth curfew will divert the Police's attention away from their core police work.

2. Save Headingley and Burley Park Stations

It was reported in the Yorkshire Post on 27 August 2010, in an article by Paul Jeeves titled 'Faster journeys in prospect after meeting with train firm', that "[An] initiative [by Northern Rail] could see services streamlined between the spa town [of Harrogate] and the West Yorkshire city [of Leeds], quickening journeys by as much as seven minutes – about a fifth of the time it currently takes to travel between the two.

A meeting was held yesterday [28th August] between Northern Rail, which runs services between Leeds, Harrogate and York, and senior council and business officials.

Within three years, some services may not stop at Burley Park and Headingley stations in Leeds".

Such a move seems particularly flawed when you consider that usage of Headingley station alone has been approximately *double* that of two stations which are to benefit from such a move and has been at this level for the last 3 years*.

Meanwhile Burley Park has a usage level approximately equal to that of Hornbeam Park, Pannal, and Starbeck combined*.

In fact the only station of the four beneficiaries and two victims which can rival Burley Park's usage is Harrogate itself*.

The station usage does not justify reducing services to Headingley and Burley Park, the effect on those who depend on these services does not justify reducing services to Headingley and Burley Park, and the decision to penalise these two stations appears to be completely without justification.

*For evidence of this please see:

3. Support Billy Caldwell's Right To Life

Little Billy Caldwell was born on the 26th July 2005 and at only 4 months of age little Billy awoke from his sleep stared wide-eyed for thirty second and then seemed to doze off. He repeated this two more times that night at thirty minute intervals.

Billy was eventually taken to the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children for further care under a specialist Neurological Paediatrician. Billy remained in the RBHSC for the next fourteen weeks as Charlotte watched as the doctor experienced the full range of seizures Billy was now taken. Eventually Charlotte was told their was no more they could do for her son and prescribed to Charlotte that sh would be shown how to administrate Morphine to Billy To Make his last few months on Mother Earth a little bit comfortable.

But Charlotte Caldwell Did not want her son to die so she researched and found a hospital in Chicago and today thanks to Charlotte Caldwell her son is alive but he needs special treatment which the Northern Ireland Government is now Refusing to give Billy.

4. Colin Millar Bebo Love Petition

Colin Millar, was standing at over 700 bebo loves, in his Bebo Profile, but now he has lost 64 Loves. We are now calling out to Bebo to give him his loves back. This is complete injustice, and we shall not stand for it.

Sign this petition, so we can tell Bebo to GIVE THEM BACK!

5. Scoliosis Testing In Schools

My petition is to help raise awareness for scoliosis by sending this petition, with the following aims to the PM and MP'S.

To test a child for scoliosis at certain ages will take less than a minute (with a forward bend test) but will help the child as 1 in 3000 people have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) so bad they have to have major surgery, which takes months to fully recover from. if they were tested earlier then this could have been prevented , in some cases, by use of a brace.

So please sign this petition and help children across the U.K.

6. Use of Parking Passes at the Northern Sports Center

The use of UNBC parking passes is prohibited and results in ticketing at the new
UNBC Northern Sports Center. The NSC is paid for by school tuition, as is a school
facility that is available to UNBC students, so why is parking to be used under a
different program. Parking passes available at the university cost students in
excess of $200.00 a year, and now it is told that people have to pay to go to our
own school's gym. Also with sporting events and intramurals, they expect
students to come and support our sports programs, when our sports center won't
support us.

7. Poor maintance and repairs at Northern Oaks Apartments

This petition relates to maintenance and repairs over at Northern Oaks Apartments. Residents are having water leaks inside their apts. and repairs are not being done because of only one maintenance person on staff.

The only way to get anything done is it have to be an emergency.

8. Northern Road Nursery Development

Petition against development – Planning Application S/06/2223

We the local residents strongly appose Planning Application S/06/2223

This comprises of the demolition of 1a 9 and 11 Northern Road. Garage lockups, nursery glasshouses and erection of 31 2,3,4 bedroom dwellings and associated works - to include a new access road.

Having seen the above plans and spoken to a planning officer we are writing to express our concerns and strong objections to this proposed development.

We submit the following reasons for this objection:


The demolition of the 2 houses and the build of the new road and 31 dwellings will invariably cause a huge amount of noise, disruption and general disturbance to residents and commuters along the length of Northern Road.

There are 2 primary schools on this road. As this will be the main route in and out of the development, the increased traffic flow at peak times causes us great concern. In addition the local amenities will not stretch to an increased population – in particular the schools and car parking.


We fear that the added burden to the Utilities could in turn be passed onto the residents – increased Council Tax, extra demands on refuse collection, road maintenance, street cleaning and lighting, and sewage costs.


The proposed road would run within feet of, and in parallel to, the full length of the rear gardens of no's 7 & 13.

This would greatly increase noise and environmental pollution levels, be a potential risk to both home and personal security due to the public highway access, and result in a loss of privacy to surrounding houses.


An established tree at the front of the properties would need to be


The proposed 31 dwellings - comprising of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms is extremely excessive given the space available, as well as incredibly intrusive to the existing properties - a one metre gap between our rear gardens and the new buildings is just preposterous!

9. Stop BT Removing Radio Broadband from N.Ireland

Update: August 18, 2006

This petition is now closed. BT are attempting to improve my system by changing my method of communication to cabled, the proposals seem good, thanks to all that signed this.

August 4, 2006

In 2003 BT secured a contract to supply Broadband to 100% of homes in Northern Ireland.

Now in 2006 when they have "completed this objective" they are downgrading all customers on Radio Broadband to Satellite broadband which gives a fraction of the benefits and even the chief executive of BT Wholesale Paul Reynolds admits :
"It is not true broadband, but it will give much faster internet access to many people who could otherwise be denied".

BT has spent part of a £10 Million European Grant putting in place Radio transmitters for radio broadband and this service is now to be axed, BT must not be allowed to get away with this.

BT are charging £27 pm for this "service", which in actual terms will only allow users to Browse the internet nothing more, it will not support any of the associated benefits of Broadband internet, no voice or video calling, no email service, no remote access, and for an IT business it is a death sentence.

After building up my IT business for 12 years, I will have to cease trading due to my inability to provide the services which I was able to provide over Radio Broadband.

The Minister for Enterprise Trade and Investment Mr Pearson said :

"By the end of 2005 every household and every business in Northern Ireland, no matter how remote, will have access to broadband at the same price. Local businesses will have the level playing field they need to compete in a global economy. This vitally important contract will deliver the Government's broadband vision of a fully connected Northern Ireland. In turn it will help make Northern Ireland more competitive,


In my opinion BT are reneging on that contract and have a duty to continue supplying Radio Broadband to Northern Ireland, why should we accept an inferior service that no longer enables us to conduct business, hardly the level playing field as projected in Mr Pearsons statement.

Urgent action is required to reverse this BT decision, they are due to cease the service next week.

10. Territory Day Fireworks Ban

July 7, 2006

Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public, and have regulated venues where the public can view a wonderful fireworks display organised and sponsored by the local government.

11. Where is freedom of speech in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

Open letter from the Community of Global Defenders of Truth, Justice, Peace and Tolerance:

The modern world is crying with blood and tears for a universal and sincere recognition of these values. Are not these values enshrined in the Holy Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet (saw)?

Over the last 50 years (half a century!) no single human being has supported and defended these values more ardently than the Most Venerable Sheikh ul Islam Muhammed Nazim Adil Haqqani.

He was born in Cyprus and brought up and educated in a great tradition of learning and practice by some of the greatest saintly scholars of Islam, in the last century. In his mission to serve the Almighty Allah Ta'ala, Sheikh Nazim has traveled the world to communicate the message of Truth from the shores of California in the west to those of Japan in the east, and from the confines of the Caucasus in the North to the perimeter of the southern seas in South Africa. His 25 years (1975-2000)of observance of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Britain, the nightly celebration of Teravih prayers in London, and endless weeks of lecturing, advice and support to countless number of adherents to the faith of Islam, and to non-Muslims, are all testimony to a remarkable life dedicated to preaching Truth, Justice, Peace and Tolerance.

Having now returned to his native Cyprus he continues to dedicate whatever remains of his life to serving the cause of Allah Ta'ala as before. Recent events in TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) regarding the harassment of Sheikh Nazim are deplorable to say the least. His weekly newsletter- one sided A4 printout, 40-50 in number- has worried the TRNC police (in TRNC police forces are under the military forces of mainland Turkey and not the local government minister) so much so that they confiscated a computer on 22-03-2006 and they are now running a full scale investigation which will lead to the prosecution of Sheikh Nazim for allegedly acting against the TRNC!

The message given out in Sheikh Nazim's leaflets do not carry any material that threatens national security or is inflammatory and likely to produce an upheaval. They are simple guidance calling on all people to recognize their creator and not to neglect their duty to Him. The forces responsible for this unfortunate behavior are acting independently of the democratic government of the TRNC.

The government of the TRNC is democratically elected and the whole world has followed with intent the evolution of democracy on mainland Turkey and the TRNC. It is a great credit to the people of these lands that they act as a beacon of democracy to the rest of the Muslim world, which is at present caught up in the throes of change.

The personality and standing of Sheikh Nazim is undoubtedly linked to the march towards freedom and peace of this important geographical and strategic region of the globe. It is sad to note that those who want to hamper this natural evolution of events leading to the welfare and prosperity of society misunderstand the essence of Sheikh Nazim's message.

After more than a century of official atheism, crass materialism, capitalism -you name it- human society across the world inspite of severe dislocations to- day seem to be poised to recognize the role of his creator in his worldly affairs. Many heads of state and government across the world do not hesitate to express publicly their belief in and worship of God.

The message of Sheikh Nazim is pure and simple, namely : Acknowledge Allah Ta'ala as your creator and Master first and the rest will follow. Let government and society show allegiance to the Lord Almighty- the fall out of a sincere and genuine faith in Him can but lead to peace, prosperity and happiness not only in this physical world but most importantly in the next world after death.

No amount of improvement in economic, scientific and technological progress etc is likely to bring peace to a world in dire need of it when this important criterion of Belief in Allah Ta'ala is missing in human affairs.

Sheikh Nazim is highly respected by both governments on the island of Cyprus as an exponent for peace. His role in the last referendum for unification of Cyprus was crucial in enabling the TRNC to project a worldwide and unique image of tolerance. This tolerance in fact is a national characteristic of the TRNC people.

We call on the police and the Turkish military presence in the TRNC to reconsider their position in the light above. May Allah Ta'ala help them to do so.

This open letter is being sent to President and Prime Minister of TRNC, the UN Secretary General and also being supported as a petition on the web site

President of TRNC fax:+90(392) 227 22 52
Prime Minister of TRNC e mail : fax : +90(392) 227 72 25

12. End the war in northern Uganda

Sign this petition to pressure President Bush and the U.S. Congress to take action and help end the war in northern Uganda that has already led to the abduction of more than 25,000 children.

Tell President Bush, Senators and Congress Members You Want the United States to Take the Lead in Ending the Worst Abuse of Children in the World.

Tell Them to Step Up and Lead Efforts to End the War in Northern Uganda.

For 19 years, a war has flared in northern Uganda between a rebel group called the Lord's Resistance Army, led by Joseph Kony, and President Yoweri Museveni's government. The war's main targets are not the combatants. The targets are children.

Over the course of the fighting, an estimated 25,000 boys and girls have been abducted and forced into being soldiers and sex slaves. Thousands of children and their families have been killed; hundreds of thousands live in squalid, unsafe camps.

President Bush has directed some dollars and programs to assist the people of northern Uganda. But he could be a decisive leader in promoting an end to this conflict in 2005 if he made it an American moral priority.

This could be ended if the United States - one of Uganda's top foreign aid donors - gave sustained political and diplomatic attention to it. The White House and Capitol Hill lawmakers should take these actions:

-- President Bush should allocate finances and appoint a high-profile envoy to support Ugandan attempts to hold peace talks. Bush should invest a small amount of his time by personally talking to Museveni and letting him know the United States has made a moral priority of protecting children in northern Uganda by ending the war there. He also should call Sudanese leaders in the capital of Khartoum and in the south to get a pledge from them to fully end support to Joseph Kony and his LRA.

-- The Senate and the House of Representatives should prepare a plan for tying further U.S. military aid to human rights monitoring and Government of Uganda's commitment to peace talks; the latter demonstrated by the convening of negotiations attended by top officials from both sides of the conflict.

With these actions as a start, President Bush and members of the House and Senate could demonstrate that the United States seeks to help children in need wherever they are. Please sign the attached petition and urge our elected officials to act immediately.

Add my voice to Americans of all political and personal backgrounds who want you to make resolving the war in northern Uganda a priority, and begin by taking the above actions.

13. Bring Back the Bears

The North Sydney Bears are one of Australia's oldest Rugby League clubs. Established in 1908 the Bears were a foundation club of Australia's premier Rugby League competition. The Bears have a proud history and a strong and committed supporter base. In 1999 the Bears were inexplicabley booted out of the NRL and forced to merge with neighbours the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles to become the Northern Eagles. The joint venture was dominated by Manly and Bears fans lost patience with the new club. The joint venture eventually fell over at the end of the 2002 season, leaving the Bears waiting on the outside. Since the collapse of the Northern Eagles, the North Sydney Bears Rugby League Football Club and Mr John Singleton have been plotting for the Return of the Bears on the NSW Central Coast. The Bears proposed to move to the Central Coast before there collapse in 1999. The Bears have had an association with the area for many years and numerous Central Coast juniors have worn the famous Red and Black.

The Bears bid will be known as the Central Coast Bears and will wear the Red and Black of the North Sydney Club. They will retain the famous history and will have "foundation club" appear on their logo.

If the NRL has any sense, the Bears will be to 16th team admitted to the NRL for the 2007 season!

14. Uganda: Stolen children, stolen lives - A plea for the Acholi people in Uganda

Join us in the heart of Africa.
Gulu, Northern Uganda.

Where almost half a million people live in displaced persons camps.

Where the "Lord's Resistance Army" (LRA) have abducted over 12,000 children during the past 16 years. Who are treated as slaves, forced to become child soldiers, sexual slaves and labourers.

Where the rebel Lord's Resistance Army murders in their attempt to set up a fundamentalist state based on the Ten Commandments
--by breaking the Fifth -"Thou shalt not kill."

Where starving people share the little they have with their neighbours to keep them alive. Those who have enough food for two meals a day give one of those meals to someone who has nothing.

Where right now the crops lie unharvested in the fields and mass starvation threatens a once proud and free people.

Where Aid agencies must often withdraw and people live daily in fear.

Where each year the Governments of Sudan and Uganda, The UN and various other bodies discuss peace but sixteen years into the conflict there is no peace.

Wherethe plight of the people is ignored by the international media.

Northern Uganda is bordered by Southern Sudan, where oil is the major attraction for the international community. The people of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda have become pawns in an International oil grab.

Where people from Sudan seek refuge among the refugees because of the war in their country.

At a time when billons of dollars are being spent on arms and the military, people are starving to death. While the developed world decides which country to wage war against next, these people are ignored. Through this petition we plea for aid and support for the Acholi people, a forgotten people.

15. Abolish unfair pay rates for Southern Hemisphere workers

The few richest people have the same amount of money as the sum of the poorest countries put together. Is that fair? I dont think it is. We as consumers pay a lot more than the workers get. They get like 4p from a pound of bananas, how is that right when we pay loads more?

The northern hemisphere markets are extorting the public at the expense of the poor workers. We offer charity to them when what they really need is fair prices for the things that they do provide.

16. Cut ties with Northern Ireland now

Most people in the island of Britain want the north of Ireland to be reunited with the 26 counties.
This has been the case for over 30 years. The continuing governance over 6 Irish counties has cost the people of England, Scotland and Wales many lives, civilian and military, billions of pounds of taxes which would be better spent on education, health and welfare, and tarnished the name of these countries across the world.
We call for citizens of Britain to demand that 'northern Ireland' be reunited with the rest of Ireland, and allow the Irish people to follow their own path of self-determination.

We disown the activities of so-called 'loyalists' as being petty, backward and selfish. The activities of 'unionist' MPs throughout the 1980s in supporting the activities of the Thatcher government led to untold hardships in working class communities on this island.

We say end the 'link' now.

17. Liberate Donegal

The purpose of this petition is to re-dress the suffering that the people of Donegal have suffered since the government of the UK took the very wise step of partitioning the island of Ireland to ensure that the right of self-determination of the people of what is now called Northern Ireland was respected.

Unfortunately, when Northern Ireland was created, Donegal was not included in the part of Ireland that wished to stay in the UK. The problem since then has been that although Donegal is a large part of the geographical north of Ireland, it is not part of Northern Ireland. This causes great confusion as the people of Donegal are excluded from the commonly used term 'northerners' despite many of them living in the most northerly parts of the island. 'Northerners' is commonly used to describe the people of Northern Ireland.

This petition demands that this suffering should be put to an end, by making Donegal part of Northern ireland. The government of the Republic of Ireland should take immediate steps to hand over Donegal to the government of the UK, so that all the people in the geographical north of Ireland will become 'northerners' - ie citizens of Northern Ireland.

Note that this petition only calls for action re the county of Donegal. The people of Northern Ireland do not want county Monaghan because it is full of troublemakers.