#Animal Rights
The Greek Government

Animal abuse is widespread in Greece and includes starvation, neglect, cruelty and poisoning. Poisoning of both strays and owned pets happens every day; documented witness reports of this practice are abundant and have even been shown on Greek television. Poisoning is indiscriminate, and can affect children, adults and animals alike. Offenders must be prosecuted and fined for this illegal activity.

Given the current frequency of poisoning cases, it is also a concern that the numbers will step up, as the country prepares to host the Olympics 2004. Tourists are horrified at the suffering they see whilst on holidays in Greece, many vowing never to return. Given the magnitude of the problem, the Greek government needs to take an active role, working together with private animal welfare groups around Greece. Give the strays of Greece a sporting chance to survive the Olympics 2004!

We, the undersigned, call upon the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Costas SIMITIS; the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Georgios DRYS and the General Secretary of the Greek Tourism organization, Mr. Dimitrios GREGORAKIS, and The President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Costis STEFANOPOULOS to solve the problem of the ever-increasing stray dog and cat population in Greece by: implementing a nation-wide spay, neuter, release and identification program; an educational program on responsible pet ownership; enforcing existing animal protection laws. This is by far the cheapest solution available.

The answer is not to home the animals in shelters to prepare for the Olympics 2004. Running costs would be enormous. Given the number of strays in Greece, it is unlikely they will all be re-homed and this ultimately means euthanasia. The fact that it is common practice to abandon unwanted and non-spayed/neutered pets in parks, streets, forests all over Greece, will perpetuate the problem endlessly.

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