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Currently, home schooling is a state regulated system, the problem is states range from virtually no oversight to the education home schooled children receive to overregulation where parents have numerous beauracracy hoops to jump through just for them to ensure their child receives the education they desire for their children.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics 31% of homeschooled parents noted their reasons for doing so because of concern about the school environment, another 30% because they wanted their children to have religious or moral instruction. Parents who are committed to their children's education should be allowed to do so without being overwhelmed with forms and imposition.

I have put together a plan after researching the opinions of numerous homeschool parents, government concerns, opposition to homeschooling. From that I devised a plan that would seem to satisfy all concerns. Please sign the petition so children can all be guaranteed an education that adequately prepares them for the future.

My proposal is as follows:
Parents are required to submit an individualized home instruction plan or IHIP.
1. Included in the IHIP must be a list of courses to be taught.
2. The materials that will be used to conduct instruction.
3. The intended knowledge the child will gain through each course.
B. Parents are also required to submit quarterly portfolios to their school district. The portfolio should include
1. The course work completed by the child.
2. And a schedule documenting dates and times instruction was conducted.
C. Children must be exposed to a diversity of lifestyles.
1. In other words, a child should be allowed to make an informed decision about the type of lifestyle they choose. Children should not be mere extensions of their parents.
2. Children shall learn civic education.
a. Children should have knowledge of the rights entitled to them as a citizen of the United States.
b. Have a general knowledge of how policy comes about.
c. Conduct lessons in tolerance of different cultures etc.
D. Concessions for home schooling families. Parents are granted the opportunity to have access to public school textbooks, libraries, career counseling, purchasing power of the district, online courses, and extracurricular activities.

We, the undersigned, agree with the home schooling proposal herein and petition so that children can all be guaranteed an education that adequately prepares them for the future.

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