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1. NFL: Stop Blackballing Colin Kaepernick;Sign Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick "took a knee" before NFL games to protest police brutality in America. Mr. Kaepernick exercised his freedom of speech. For that he is being blackballed by the NFL. Mr. Kaepernick is a fully capable of making an NFL roster. By denying Mr. Kaepernick his right to play, the NFL is thus saying "Black Lives Do Not Matter." If the NFL does not end its punitive actions against Mr. Kaepernick, we the undersigned will boycott the NFL and its top advertisers.

2. Remove the SUGAR BOWL from NEW ORLEANS

Due to the unlawful acts of removing Confederate Monuments in the City of New Orleans. We as Southerners are offended by the actions of the City commission. We do not think that the NCAA should allow the City of New Orleans to profit from any bowl game.

3. Petition the NBA to Help Defund DAPL by Ending its Partnership with BBVA Compass

The Dakota Access Pipeline is funded by a number of banks including BBVA Securities, a subsidiary of BBVA Compass. The National Basketball Association partners with and is sponsored by BBVA Compass. To date, BBVA Securities has invested over $275 million in the Dakota Access Pipeline. The NBA is complicit in the funding and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the atrocities committed against the Standing Rock Sioux through its partnership with BBVA Compass.
Less than two months ago, the United States Army Corps of Engineers halted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to conduct an environmental impact study. This study would have likely shown that which we already know, but has been halted and seemingly forgotten under the current presidential administration. Over the past seven years, over 9 million gallons of crude oil have been spilled on the United States, causing irreversible damage to the tune of over $1 billion. In fact, The US Army Corps of Engineers changed the original route of the pipeline in order to protect the city of Bismarck's water supply in the event of a spill. An oil spill along the current route would threaten the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply, culture, and way of life. If there is concern of an oil spill negatively impacting the people of Bismarck, shouldn’t we be equally concerned for the Standing Rock Sioux? Furthermore, the Standing Rock Sioux believe this land to be sacred, containing burial sites of their ancestors, and protected by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, Not only is this a matter of environmental justice, but it is clearly a matter of human rights and racial justice as well.
The NBA stood up against HB2 in North Carolina by moving the NBA All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans. Now we ask that the NBA stand for Standing Rock and for the Standing Rock Sioux by ending its partnership with BBVA Compass.

4. Boycott Australian 2016 Census!

Dear Prime Minister,

Soon we are expected to complete the 2016 census. In years past it was possible to complete anonymously, this year however it is not. Beyond that, you can be fined up to $180 per day for not completing it by the specified date.

This violates our fundamental right to privacy and anonymity as stated in the Australian Privacy act 1988:

- 2.1 Individuals must have the option of not identifying themselves, or of using a pseudonym, when dealing with an APP entity in relation to a particular matter.

We should not be coerced into providing our identity.

While we have been assured that our data will be safe, we must remember that the Australian Bureau of Statistics computers have been hacked 14 times in the last 3 years.

They are not safe.

Further more, contributing to the census should not be mandatory and we shouldn't incur fines for not participating. Especially such ludicrous sums such as $180 per day for non-compliance.

It should be our right as sovereign entities to choose whether we wish to participate in government surveys.

As our elected Prime Minister, we the Australian people expect you to amend the 2016 census, with regards particularly to our right to remain anonymous and our right to choose whether we participate or not.

Yours faithfully,

The Australian people.

5. Request the NFL Reschedule for the Debates

Donald Trump has expressed disapproval for two of the dates for the national debates, because they will coincide with two NFL games. He claims the system is rigged against him due to conflicts for viewers; the possibility exists that he is already forming an excuse to back out of participating in those debates.

The independent committee that selected these dates is unlikely to make changes to the schedule; the best course of action would be to request that the NFL take the action of re-scheduling these games at different timeslots or different days. The networks would likely agree to such changes; back-to-back big events create more ratings compared to events that compete for viewership. “Tuesday Night Football” night would be just as lucrative and widely viewed.

By hinting at this now, it is conceivable that Trump will not use this to form an actual excuse for a refusal until much later on the calendar, when making any changes would be a far more difficult endeavor. Let us at least do all we can to remove this option as soon as it is feasible.

- IF you're a LIBERAL, support this petition to prevent Trump from using this as justification for a possible boycott before a deadline can be set in stone.
- IF you're a CONSERVATIVE, support this petition in order for Trump to receive the widest potential audience, have the most forums to set his record straight against Hillary, and to not allow him to be stifled by the biased media.

6. Pledge 2 Boycott - companies leaving the UK

Since the UK referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 and number of international, global or even British companies have suggested that they might abandon the UK.

This could have massively detrimental effects on our economy just when we need all the help that we can get. We might want to remember their lack of loyalty when they want to return when it doesn't work out.

These companies are from a variety of sectors including manufacturing, financial and transport businesses. They will potentially disregard job losses nationally.

They don't consider the costs that they could face if we as consumers stopped using them. They might live to regret it if the European Economy collapses as we emerge as a leading economy.

They consider that they will face additional costs due the so called 'Brexit'. Together we can let them know that they also face massive costs if they dessert us.

Together we can pledge to boycott them now and in the future. We can refuse to buy their products and use their services. We can remember that when they want to come back to us, that they stabbed us in the back!

7. Support Target and their stand on inclusion and equality

As most have heard, The American Family Association, a conservative Christian group started a petition to boycott Target stores. The petition has over 700,000 signatures as of early Tuesday, April 26th.

Let's show Target our support and send a message that we appreciate their commitment to provide an inclusive environment for both their customers and employees.

8. Boycott Chicken Sh-t Movie Theaters & Sony

Lack of courage has been demonstrated by many, many Americans since 9/11. Now large corporate movie theater companies and Sony Entertainment are cowering from 9/11 threats made by hackers. They have decided not to release the comedy film, The Interview.

After 9/11, many of us failed to stand up and tell the terrorist to go f--k themselves. Instead we cowered by stopping to fly, suspecting everyone, arming ourselves against what was not a credible threat.

Now, movie theaters have done the same based on a threat that is not credible and we should punish their cowardice by boycotting those theaters that fail to show The Interview and Sony Entertainment which pulled the movie.

9. Boycott The Kardashians: Stop The Madness

The world as we know it has changed. Reputable, confident positive role models are becoming far and few in between. We are seeing more and more insecure women with no talent, no self worth, no self respect filling our magazines and TV screens up. There is one person that started the trend of being famous for no reason at all, Kim Kardashian. A lot of people watch this show because its like watching a train cant stop watching.

But because people love to hate the kardashians, we cant get rid of them. Kim Kardashian takes her clothes off whenever her popularity is falling (which is a lot lately). Is this what we are teaching our children? Don't go to school, don't educate yourself...just set up a camera and have sex on camera. When that starts to fade, take your clothes off for a magazine. for a blog.... for anyone that asks. Well no we are asking to go away.

Kim photoshops even her candid shots for instagram or selfies. How incredibly insecure she must be. She wears a corset to cinch in her waist, she had multiple surgeries to change her body shape, her face. Its sad and we shouldn't encourage it. Her butt is so over inflated she looks disproportioned. And now her face. She cant even smile, her face is now stuck in one position with that sad look frozen on her forever. She is a disgrace, an embarrassment to our country.

Please, we are all asking to remove this garbage from TV or we will start to boycott any network or magazine that chooses to feature this useless garbage. There are far better things to talk about then the lack of morals with this family.

They never help any charity even with all that money. After research i did find that Kim has an ebay charity , she sells her old stuff she gets for free and gives the money to a children's charity. NOPE. turns out Kim wants 90% of the proceeds and she will donate a mere 10% to the children.

If you dont think Kim Kardashian is a bad influence on children look at her 2 younger sisters. They are teenagers and they are now taking nude photoshoots, selling their bodies, they already are following in kims footsteps by having surgery!! yes, 17 years old and Kylie has injected her lips so much that she is unrecognizable. She ruined them. And to think where North will be in 15 years.... it's sad.


10. Protest whistle blower retaliation at FedEX Pakistan/Gerry's

On September 16, 2014, in Lahore, Pakistan, Mr. Arjumand Azhar, an executive of FexEX Pakistan/Gerry's group, witnessed two influential politicians (Mr. Rehman Malik and Mr. Ramesh Kumar Wakwani) misbehaving on an airplane, resulting in two hour delay in the flight and great inconvenience to fellow passengers.

Exercising his rights as a citizen, Mr. Arjumand Azhar protested the behavior of the two politicians. Subsequently, Mr. Azhar's employer FedEX Pakistan/Gerry's decided to fire him without any justification.

11. Boycott Mexican Tourism and Products to Stop Invasion of Illegal Aliens

Until a boycott starts hurting Mexican and Central American tourism, illegal immigration into the U.S.A. will continue to be an uncontrollable problem. Hurting those countries in the pocketbook is the way to get action.

Right now, Mexico and Central American nations profit by sending their citizens to the United States. The invasion of the United States by illegal immigrants will slow down only when Mexico and other Central American nations have an incentive to be good neighbors. They have an incentive to encourage, facilitate, and orchestrate mass invasion of the United States by their own citizens -- because they make billions of dollars a year in profit from this problem.

Citizens of those countries enter the U.S.A. illegally and plunder money from the U.S. economy and steal jobs from U.S. citizens and legal resident immigrants. Their citizens then send the money plundered from the U.S.A. back to their families in their home country. If it were a legitimate industry, these "remittances" -- flows of stolen plunder from the U.S.A. back to the home country -- would be one of the top 10 industries in the Mexican economy.

Meanwhile, unemployment in Mexico was only 4.7% in the Fall of 2013, as reported by The Financial Times. Mexico exports its unemployed citizens to the United States, and gets back billions of dollars extracted from the U.S. economy by those invaders and trespassers.

Quite simply, this is a giant crime of breaking and entering.

The number of unemployed in the United States is about equal to the estimated number of illegal aliens present in the U.S.A. But in addition the number of employed U.S. citizens and legal immigrants holding a job has dropped by about 8 million since 2008.

The government of Mexico produces booklets for its citizens advising them how to cross the border illegally, and issues identity cards designed to help its citizens invade the U.S.A.

Mexico does not control its side of the border. Mexico's consulates inside the USA assist its citizens who are illegally in the United States. Mexican diplomacy pushes the United States to get more of its Mexican citizens into the U.S.A. illegally.

This boycott and petition for this "Border Crisis Project" is being organized by American Border Control, Jonathon Moseley, Executive Director, a product of the U.S. Public Policy Commission, a nonprofit 501(c)(4) public policy organization.

12. Give the people what they want

Cartoon Network has shunned its older and female viewers for years in the name of greed and ignoring the demands of fans in general.

13. Don't Let Israel/Palestine Politics Undermine Academic Freedom

We urge our colleagues in the United States and across the world not to use the politics of the Israel/Palestine conflict to undermine academic freedom. We call for academic freedom to be defended across the board, by and for people on all sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

For further information on the petition, see and

We also encourage all signatories to give their names - NOT to use the "anonymous" option.

14. Guyanese say no to rape and pedophilia! We don’t want R Kelly and Onyan & Burning Flames for Jamzone 2013!

Sexual violence is rampant in Guyana. Every year, in community after community, hundreds of Guyanese women and children suffer from rape, abuse, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender based violence. Adding to this tragedy is the fact that in the vast majority of cases, the victims of these heinous crimes do not receive any justice; for example, in 2011 only one rapist was successfully prosecuted.

While there are a variety of factors that contribute to this epidemic of sexual violence, the influence of music and entertainment on shaping societal values and attitudes cannot be discredited.

Individuals who shamelessly abuse children and songs that advocate violence against women help to create a culture where rape, exploitation of children, and violence are seen as ‘normal’. This is not entertaining; as a matter of fact, it’s extremely disturbing. This is not our culture, nor the kind of society we want to live in.


Camelot have announced the price of a National Lottery ticket will DOUBLE to £2 in the Autumn of 2013. The prize for 5 and the bonus will be HALVED.

We enter the National Lottery to win large life changing amounts not an extra 15quid for 3 numbers.

We require the plans for this savage, unjustified price increase to be scrapped. Should it take place Camelot can expect a BOYCOTT of massive proportions and a enormous loss of customers.

16. Tell Oxygen Media and NBC Thanks but no Thanks

Although this maybe a reality in our community it is not something that we would like to be considered as part of our heritage or media personification. One black president can not undo this type of "ratchetness". We need to redefine the way that the media portrays African Americans. We can not consistently be reduce to our worst attributes, splattered on television and believe their is no malicious intent behind it. Think about it who benefits from constantly portraying us in such a negative isn't us!

We all have all flaws, God knows we do but they are to make us stronger not to be commericalize and used as a source of entertainment by the corporate elites. Please understand that this is not just a "television show" but a ingrained perception of African Americans that TV execs have and find...amusing. Google positive Black Stereotypes.. (images,web...whatever) and tell me we haven't let this go on for too long. It's not that we don't have any, it's just that they refuse to acknowledge or portray them in the media.

17. Petition Against Racism at Shell Oil Station

A recent photo circulating on Facebook shows an effigy of President Obama with a noose around his neck. In the background there is an indication that this racist expression was done onsite of a business reported to be in Orlando Florida.

18. Fight Against Rising Transportation Spending

Tired of price gouging at the gas pumps? Is the rising cost of fuel hurting your bottom-line? Want to be heard? Join our cause and pledge to boycott gas purchases on Wednesday, October 31st.

Go to our Facebook Page and Like us for more details. This is only the beginning citizens. Act now and join us at

19. Boycott Monolith Productions to make NOLF3 &/or bring NOLF1 & 2 to HD Collection

We the Undersigned are REQUESTING to the development of NOLF3 &/or NOLF1 & NOLF2 HD Collection Remakes!

20. Boycott American Airlines for Discriminatory Practices

American Airlines has shown a pattern of refusing service to persons with special needs and their families.

In August they prohibited a non-verbal autistic teen from using her iPad (her only form of communication) during a flight. Just recently, this same airline barred a teen with down syndrome and his family from boarding because the airline employees didn't want him to disrupt the first class passengers.

This young man has flown before and was not being disruptive in any way. It is clear that their policies regarding people in the special needs community are in serious need of review and renovation.

21. Boycott Facebook to allow Message-ing on any Profile & fb page & for any user!

We the undersigned are asking Mark Zuckerberg to allow ANYONE to use messanging wether friend or not on Facebook!

22. Scarecrow dogs - Expose Bulgaria's dirty little secret

It's been going on for centuries in the mountain range villages of Bulgaria. Clear evidence of the unsurpassed, undying evil genius of the Bulgarian Homo Rapiens.

Instead of placing scarecrows, poor, defenseless dogs are regularly tied up by the villagers with a short, rusty chain to a post in the wilderness, near someone's ranch, to scare away predators. The chain leaves for little or no movement on the muddy ground.

Soiled in their urine and feces, frustrated, left without food or water for days in the scorching 40 C heat, exposed to predators, unable to fight or run, uncared for, unwanted, untreated and forgotten, they die in agony and terror from thirst, starvation, disease, or their wounds if attacked and mutilated by the raving beasts.

This kind of abuse is common and widespread. Despite the numerous tragic reports of dogs who have suffered and died in such despicable conditions, nothing has been done by the regulatory authorities or the police to amend the situation or punish those responsible.

This kind of animal neglect should never happen. But when it does, it must be exposed and stopped.


For those of you who HAVE seen the movie Old Boy, I don't need to explain at all why it should never be remade.

For those of you who HAVEN'T seen the film, it is a 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook that will blow your mind. It's simply such an incredibly unique and well done picture that it deserves to stand forever alone as a cult-classic.

24. Tell Bulgaria: The indiscriminate slaughter of stray animals is genocide and fascism in its purest form

For decades all lost, abandoned and stray dogs and cats in Bulgaria have been subject to horrific abuse and mass extermination by the State and its institutions.

Barb wired death camps, called "isolators", especially designed for mass murder, have been operational all over the country, where millions of innocent, defenseless souls have perished in most despicable, cruel ways, tortured and killed by sadists and perverts, employed by the State. While the death machine pounding, the State propaganda has been engaged in "rationalization of murder" and disengagement of the moral standards of society by portraying such inhumane behavior toward sentient beings as socially acceptable and even desirable, by degrading and dehumanizing homeless animals, portraying them as vicious, dangerous beasts praying on humans. Moreover under such conditions of low moral standards and displaced responsibility, bloodthirsty morons, vigilantes and "concerned citizens", have been engaging systematically in animal "hunts" and various barbaric acts of animal torture and abuse, portrayed by the media as "solving the problem".

There was hope in 2007, when as a result of numerous petitions and complaints by Bulgarian citizens and NGOs regarding the serious welfare problems of stray animals, the European Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals wrote to the Bulgarian authorities, reminding them that Bulgaria has ratified the European Council's Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals which makes it a binding obligation to take measures in this field. The Intergroup expressed hopes that the Bulgarian institutions would engage in the legislative process by voting and enacting effective measures to solve the problems of stray animals without recurring to a simple "catch and kill policy", which has proven to be completely ineffective and which is moreover unacceptable on moral and ethical grounds. As a consequence in 2008 the Animal Welfare Act was passed in Parliament, according to which TNR /trap, neuter and return/ programs were to be carried out for the humane solution of the stray animal overpopulation problem.

Sadly, in a country eaten by corruption, populism and greed, hatred prevailed. The Government, accustomed to solving all political, economic and social problems by murder, not only failed to enforce the Act but actively sabotaged it. The killings continued while the State institutions did all they could to destroy whatever evidence and records existed as to the numbers they knew they had murdered.

And it got worse. Irritated by the fact that not only the morality but the legality of their actions was constantly challenged by various animal welfare and animal rights organizations, the State decided to fight back. On the 4th of April 2012, the Minister of Agriculture - Miroslav Naydenov officially announced that following orders by the Prime minister - Bojko Borisov, he would start a legislative initiative to change back the Animal Welfare Act and Ordinance 41, and thus legalize again the indiscriminate, mass slaughter of stray dogs and cats. Moreover he promised he would make all necessary legal changes as to completely cut out the NGOs and animal rights activists from the decision making process and curtail their rights to inspect, challenge and control State institutions and their activities.

This is truly disgusting, unlawful and unacceptable in the 21st century in a country member of the EU, pretending to be civilized. This truly is genocide and fascism in its purest form.

25. Boycott Shell Reduce their Gas Prices

The petroleum cartel will never be broken legally. Some have suggested we stop buying gas for a day. That's a joke for the oil companies.

The answer is to select one large company and hurt them globally by using social media around the world. The regular media will never do this.

It's up to vehicle owners.

26. Call for a boycott of Rush Limbaugh advertisers and station affiliates

Prove that this one crass, classless man is not "too big to fail." He demeaned and denigrated 50% of the population.... show them that there are consequences for sponsoring hate speech.

Limbaugh's racist and misogynist comments are unprecedented in broadcasting. He can't be that valuable.

Advertisers, drop this show. Affiliates, drop this show. Public, if advertisers do not drop the show, drop them! And let them know!

27. Enough is Enough - NYS-County Medicaid Boycott

Message: The cost of the Medicaid is out of control. The financial burden of the program is placed on County’s and ultimately being shouldered by property tax payers.

The State must take action to take financial responsibility for the program in an effort to lower property taxes in New York State.

Until the State takes responsibility for this burdensome program we are advocating that Counties withhold Medicaid payments made to the State of New York.

Objective: Passage of a bill that requires the State to take over the funding of Medicaid.

Strategy: Build a Coalition of support to withhold Medicaid payments to New York State through the Boycott Petition.

[11/17 Update: In Chautauqua County, the Tea Party Chapter and friends are also circulating a paper petition. This is especially important for those that support the effort but are not online. At present they've collected over 300 signatures. To download a copy usable in any county, go to ""]

28. Boycott American Airlines for Jack

Jack, a family cat was lost by American Airlines in August of 2011 and is still missing to this day...

The following is a short excerpt from the NY Daily News August 30, 2011. To read the entire article go to


American Airlines launched an all-out hunt yesterday for a cat it lost at Kennedy Airport in the chaos of preparing for Hurricane Irene.

The airline issued a public apology to pet owner Karen Pascoe after animal lovers bombarded its Facebook page demanding it look for her cat.

"He's a member of my family," Pascoe told the Daily News. "I just want my cat. I want whatever it takes to get my cat."


When American Airlines responded with very little enthusiasm, hiring a public relations expert to try to put a positive "spin" on the situation, a boycott was instituted. To this day, Jack Remains lost and his guardian remains heartbroken, as do all the thousands following Jack's story with great concern.

Recently there have been a small number of news articles to revisit Jack's loss at the hands of American Airlines. It is in this same spirit that we repost this and other pledges to boycott American Airlines, American Eagle, and all subsidiaries of AMR Corporation, American Airlines parent corporation located in Fort Worth Texas, USA.

We understand the problem of loss or death of companion animals at the hands of airlines is not limited to this one even and Jack. We understand that very few, if any airlines are innocent of harming animals in their care. But this is where we are making our stand! We stand for Jack against American Airlines.

Since American Airlines is a multinational corporation, doing business in countries all over the world, we ask everyone from ANY country in the world to please sign the petition pledge to boycott American Airlines. We thank you for your signature and Jack thanks you.

Volunteers in the New York city area are always welcome in the ground search for Jack.

29. Boycott Zynga - Stop the Greed

Charging real cash for all advancements in the game making quests impossible to complete without paying

Constant crashing of the game, new items being brought out before old ones fixed

Faulty items knowingly being sold in the market i.e Rainbow Ram, Chameleon.

Capping on breeding patterns without telling players, zynga on several occasions have capped the ability to breed patterns to stop certain sheep being adopted out but neglected to inform players who then waste potions and adoptions trying to breed.


The Family Dollar retail chain, with annual revenues in excess of seven billion dollars, has announced it will open one of its "big box" stores in the small town of Ridgway, CO.
Ridgway supports locally owned and operated businesses, and the citizens promote smart, sustainable development which primarily benefits the local economy rather than an elite few in a large national corporation.

The Family Dollar corporation will most likely take business away from smaller local businesses, put some of them out of business, and ultimately destroy more jobs locally than it creates.

Ridgway has been able to preserve its unique and distinctive "Old West" small town character up until now and wants to keep it that way.

Despite the fact that the citizens have staged numerous protest rallies, and more than 700 people have signed a petition asking Family Dollar NOT to open a store in their town, the corporation has ignored the town's pleas. 

Legally, Ridgway cannot prevent Family Dollar from moving in or deny them a building permit, which they have now obtained, and the citizens' sincere and open appeal to the corporation - letting it know it is not welcome in their town - has gone unheeded.