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1. Support the new Dollar General Store in Basye!

The Board of Supervisors will consider rezoning the property owned by at 1460 Orkney Grade Road from High Density Residential (R-3) to General Business (B-2) in order to site a new Dollar General Store to serve Orkney Springs and Basye residents and guests. This property directly abuts existing B-2 zoning and is a logical extension of the existing business zoning in Basye. The Shenandoah Planning Commission met and considered this rezoning on April 5, 2017, and while they approved the site plan as complete and well-done, they did not recommend rezoning. The Shenandoah County Supervisors will consider this rezoning request on April 25th. We believe that area residents deserve the lower prices and increased choices that come from market competition. We believe county government should not be a barrier to private sector growth, new jobs and new choices for customers, or potential revenue that can offset the need for ever increasing property taxes and fees that harm many county residents. We believe many area residents and visitors will benefit from a new, well-designed Dollar General Store, and that having such a store in Basye will increase the likelihood that people will want to live in and visit the area year 'round.

2. OHSRA to allow bull riders

At a National Level, bull riding is not a sport allowed for girls in the Ohio High School Rodeo Association. My daughter wants to compete in bull riding just as the boys do.

When I contacted OHSRA to enroll my daughter as a memeber, it was explained to me that girl bull riding was not allowed. This is a rule at the National Level, is what I was told by the contact person (Tiffany) on their website.

I was also told that the best way to get this overturned is to petition it. I am fighting for my daughters right to do what she loves. She has been riding for almost 3 years and has won two championship belt buckles.

3. Ban Cloned Horses from Competing

Cloned horses were banned from competing by the FEI in 2005 but that was repealed in 2012.

Where I fully understand why someone would want to do it I think it is completely unethical. What is the difference between cloning a horse and cloning a human?

Yes, it is an expensive process now but the price will come down and the genie will be out of the bottle.

Imagine a competition with 10 Negros or 10 Frankels.

Is that really what we want?

4. Creation of a Brisbane South Club competition

Brisbane South Region current associations include Albert NA, Beaudesert NA, Beenleigh NA, Jimboomba NA,Logan City NA, Macgregor NA, Shailer Park NA, South Brisbane NA, and Underwood Park NA.

The region has a total of 3745 registered players with some players playing in more than one associaiton.

When you take away the members playing at multiple associations that brings the total drastically down to approx. 2000-2500. Spreading unevenly over the 9 associations this does not allow a diverse enough competition for all skill levels at each association.

5. Unban mlazzje (FR)

Check his ban :

The 1st time that we see this type of ban... And check the 2 accounts that mlazzje was supposedly added, aren't on the clan and they are both created in 2008. So mlazzje couldn't know that was the same player and cant check all ips of the members who join the team...

I couldn't have doubts about this player because his log, on his new accounts, was virtually active since 2008... And I couldn't know that a old player for my team was banned 120 months... I can't check all old players who are eventually banned !

6. Harry Connick, Jr. for American Idol Judge

Harry Connick, Jr., the highly accomplished singer, actor, composer and pianist, made an appearance as mentor on American Idol the night of May 4, 2010.

Connick embraced his role as no mentor has before on the show, not only coaching the contestants and making constructive criticism, but also providing arrangements and accompanying the contestants during their performances, all with a sense of humor that was thoroughly entertaining. Connick seemed to both relax and inspire the contestants.

On January 11, 2010, Simon Cowell, the most iconic of the American Idol judges, announced that he would be leaving the show at the end of the current season. Cowell's acerbic commentary has been one of the reasons for American Idol's success.

Finding a suitable replacement for him will be critical to the continued success of the program. Harry Connick, Jr. possesses the talent, musical knowledge, stage presence and personality to, not only fill Cowell's shoes, but potentially take American Idol to another level.

7. Australian Idol for Kids

As a kid myself I have been watching Australian Idol since the program started and that it is unfair to make the age minimum limit sixteen.

Singing is a passion of mine and it is the same of alot of kids in Australia. Us kids have talent that needs to be recognized.

8. Melee Re-Release

Melee was a great game. It is still played today by more than half of the "professional" brawl players. Melee was a game that needed skill and practice to play. The competition in it was incredible. There were huge tournaments, MLG was involved and the community was very happy until Brawl came out.

Brawl is a game that anybody can pick up and spend 4 hours practicing to be able to beat people that have been playing for months. Since Dacus and Glidetossing/chaingrabbing were discovered, it gave the hardcore gamers a way t beat the casuals easily.

This still isn't enough. Brawl is very slow paced, the edges autosweetspot and there are many things wrong with the game, especially the characters who are more unbalanced than melee's. There is also a lack of hitstun in brawl. This made the players HACK the game in order to recreate it into a better game. Wavedashing, L canceling, Shine spiking, drill shining, dash dancing, Combos, drill shining, pillaring, tech chasing and skill were all fun aspects of melee. Brawl is very limited while melee was a very creative game.

Brawl also includes crappy stages and a very horrible story mode. Please re-release melee for the wii, with more characters and stages. The graphics don't matter as long as there are more characters/stages. Brawl is a disappointment. Many games for the wii were also a disappointment. Since many of the hardcore titles were simplified, hardcore players went to third party makers, or bought a rival console.

Respect for Nintendo has been lost and can easily be regained by pleasing the hardcore gamers. Re-release melee, the greatest game Nintendo ever made.

9. End Apple iPhone exclusivity to O2 in the UK

Apple's exclusivity to O2 prevents competition on tariffs and upgrade prices. Customers, particularly those with existing iPhone 3G contracts, are getting a poor deal.

Apple should consider including other operators or it risks losing the customer loyalty and reputation it has so heavily invested in.

10. Save St George/BankSA from the Westpac Merger!

St.George & BankSA staff and customers are opposed to the takeover by Westpac because:

1) Competition – The consumer advocate CHOICE says that the takeover has the potential to significantly reduce competition in the banking sector. Consumers need more competition, not less, in order to drive down fees. Australia needs more banks not fewer. The more the finance sector concentrates under fewer participants the less choice for consumers.

2) Jobs – if the takeover goes ahead the new group would have 30,000 employees. Industry analysts predict that 5,000 of these jobs could be cut. Indeed Westpac is flaunting that one of the benefits of the takeover would be the removal of duplicate infrastructure and the development of common processing and support systems.

The first to be affected will be back office functions – call centre, processing and support jobs. The propaganda from Westpac says that they will keep St George and BankSA branches, however the history of similar takeovers indicate that eventually the St George and BankSA brands will be phased out.

Over time the commerecial imperative would be to close down the St George/BankSA branch, and the bigger brand will prevail. It happened to Bank of Melbourne, despite what Westpac said at the time, and it will happen to St George and BankSA.

St George and BankSA staff also have a much better Enterprise Agreement than Westpac. St George staff stand to lose guaranteed salary increases, rest breaks, allowances and other entitlements.”

We do not believe that the Westpac merger with St George/BankSA will be in Australia's national interest.

11. Extend the 100% club contest for GTA IV

The three week challenge began on the game's release on April 29th 2008. Members of Rockstar Game Social Club who had completed 100% of GTA IV were awarded a key to Liberty City.

Unfortunately many people were not able to complete the task by the May 19th 2008 deadline due to reasons including but not restricted to:

- Not being able to obtain a copy of the game due to overwhelming demand.

- Not knowing about the competition until it was too late.

- Server load problems on the Rockstar site not being updated accordingly to the player's progress.

12. Hands off our Coops! - they compete fairly!

The complaints against French, Spanish and Italian cooperatives that are being looked at by the European Commission are made by large shareholding companies. They are trying to get changes to the national tax rules for co-operatives. Any changes to these rules would reduce competition and would steal the coops' business. The Commission's decisions on the complaints may not just concern a few large co-operatives but they could also badly effect all coops across Europe.

Cooperatives are specifically written about in the EU treaties. Twenty five European Union countries have their own laws for co-operatives. Co-operatives are a different kind of business. Cooperative businesses rely on the principles of democratic control, self-responsibility, equity and solidarity. Co-ops have a unique legal and financial structure that needs to be recognised. The Commission cannot be allowed to pretend that they are comparing the same things when they compare co-ops with private sector businesses.

If you believe that attention has to be paid to the social and human dimension in economic activities and that a strong political message needs to be given to the European Commission, please sign the following petition.

You can read the Petition text HERE in EN/DE/ES/FR/IT and PL

News Update: There is also circulating in Europe a paper version of the petition (using the same text as below). As of 30 September 08 over 88000 signatures on-line and on paper have been collected by cooperatives and their members. The Petition will remain open until further notice.

For a statistical analysis of signers by region, click here.

13. Ban Non-Compete Agreements in Massachusetts

We the people and workers of Massachusetts believe we should have the right to work for whom and where we want and should not be limited by our employers.

Some employers are restricting employees in which employers they can work for by requiring employees to sign Non-Compete Agreements and/or clauses therefor Violating our Right to to be employed in most experianced line of work.

14. Bowls: Bring an end to sets play in the national under 25s singles competition

The national under 25s singles championship matches are in a sets format. Many under 25s would prefer it to be a typical first to 21 singles game in bowls because they feel that too much "luck" is involved and that the winner of a match may not deserve to have won.

This is also in the matter of interest of the EIBA as firstly the winner of this event represents England internationally and secondally many under 25s are disatisfied by the current format, causing less entries.

15. Australian FA Cup

Australia has an FA Cup style competition for many decades but there seems to be no discussion at the moment by the Football Federation of Australia to implement a similar competition in the near future.

16. Support Competition In Broadcast Television and Give Viewers a Choice

This petition is to amend or otherwise change current laws and FCC rules and regulations that prohibit competition among broadcast television stations.

This started as a local campaign in an attempt to garner a good faith response from the broadcast companies within the Utica market in order to grant permission so the local cable provider could bring high definition signals into the market.

17. Ban alternative browsers

The world order today is threatened by the appearance of alternative browsers.

There should be only one browser, Internet Explorer, adhering to the standards and whims set out by Microsoft.

In fact we believe that if all efforts where concetrated in one browser a better browser would appear. Competition creates duplication of effort and is therefore wasteful and should be banned.

18. SaveTheFDA

June 19, 2006

To save ourselves, we need to Save The FDA!

The FDA is beholden to Big Pharma rather than the other way around. This is evident since the FDA:

1) lets Big Pharma get away with keeping its defective products on the market - even though they may cause you to die!

2) prevents you from buying Canadian and other low cost medicines -
thereby trying to help eliminate Big Pharma's competition... at great cost to you!

3) lets Big Pharma get away with rewarding your doctor for prescribing you less safe and more expensive medications... that you may not even need.

4) is trying to ban and discredit natural herbs and supplements -
to help Big Pharma eliminate its competition... at great cost to you!

5) continues to permit manufacturers of sunscreen and sunblock lotions to sell their fraudulently labeled and misrepresented as effective, products.


We, the undersigned, petition the Department of Health and Human Services to promptly create an office that oversees the FDA ensuring that the FDA promptly:

1) becomes the people's fiduciary and puts the interests of the American people before the interests of industry and profits, ensuring truth and ***proactively*** prevents collusion and fraud by weeding out those individuals on payroll or otherwise, who put their personal agenda before the agenda of the FDA.

2) creates an independent office that reviews the safety of drugs already on the market, separate from the office that puts drugs on the market in the first place.

3) seeks to help lower the cost of medicines and health care for the American people and helps encourage innovation by helping promote competition for the pharmaceutical and health care industries through the importation of safe medicines and other health care products and services from other countries.

4) mandates that doctors be required to disclose to their patients the costs and risks of all medicine choices - including generic alternatives.

5) mandates that Big Pharma does not use doctors (and others who prescribe medicine) as salesmen; That if Big Pharma provides trips, freebies and other perks to those who practice medicine, it must do so without preference to those who bring in the most business.

6) helps to ensure the safety of natural herbs, remedies and products that compete with Big Pharma's products - not to ban them or discredit
their value without actual independent proof - studies not sponsored by Big Pharma.

7) quits its vendetta against the herb, ephedra and doesn't attack other herbs without merit. Unless a natural substance is more dangerous than its synthetic form, it's disingenuous to prohibit the sale of the natural substance if the synthetic form can be sold without a prescription.

8) promptly addresses the legitimacy of sunscreen and sunblock products and prohibits fraudulent labeling and misrepresentation of efficacy in blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation.

19. Create an Idol competition where age is not an issue

May 4, 2006

I have started this petition in the hopes of taking it to the 2007 Canadian Idol auditions. My goal is to prove to the executive producers, John Brunton, and Barbara Bowlby that each Canadian deserves the opportunity to pursue his or her dream of singing, and age should not be an issue.

In April of 2006 I attended the Canadian Idol auditions in Kitchener Ontario. I went there to ask the producers to consider producing another Idol competition.

I thought that if Mr.Brunton and Ms.Bowlby were sceptical of how successful an " Open Idol" would be, they could simply take advantage of the millions of viewers that tune into the show every week.

My suggestion was to put two 1-800 numbers up during the show and ask Canada to vote on it, at the final Canadian Idol show this year, announce what Canada had decided!

I was not treated very well. I was yelled at in front on hundreds of competitors and parents. I was told the producers were too busy to talk to people like me. I was grabbed at, and humiliated.

To read my full story please go to;

I think Canadian Idol has just scratched the surface of what kind of undiscovered talent it out there.
Talent is talent.

Discrimination can takes many forms... even wrinkles

Thank you for your support!

Christine Strangway


The X Factor isn't as successful as its more famous counterpart, Australian Idol. The format of this program is its faulter with the judges choosing the final outcome in the elimination shows. Recently the outcome of this program was completely flawed when the outright favourite was booted from the competition.

Being described as the competition letting this person down was incorrect for the mentor let this person down. Known as the rock kid or jakey b, many believe he had the x factor potential to win the competition.

21. 17 Team NRL Competition

The NRL plans to expand the NRL competition to 16 teams for the 2007 season.

A 17 team NRL competition would increase the areas Rugby League so desperatly needs to get in touch with. Both the Gold Coast and Central Coast have submitted impressive bids for entry to the NRL and should be admitted to the competition.

22. 'Make' Sharee Audition For Australian Idol

Australian Idol is the Australian version of the UK's "Pop Idol." It showcases a large array of 'talent' and then allows the audience to vote for their favourite contestant. The overall winner is then awarded a recording deal with Sony BMG, and expected to release multi-platinum records.

As some of you may note, this petition falls under the category of "Human Rights." Basic human rights. We, as humans, have a right not to be bombarded with fat, emo teenagers who can't sing, and through a detestable manipulation of the voting results, win Australian Idol. And yet, our rights as citizens of this great nation are being violated. I shudder to think what would happen should another similar 'singer' win Australian Idol next year. That is why we must force Sharee into auditioning. Also, I want to be able to say, "Hey! I know the Australian Idol!" and whatnot. And all you people could say, "Hey! I signed a petition to make that Australian Idol girl audition!" Or something similar.

So sign. Sign it...*OR DIE!!!

And give me pie. Seriously...I want some pie.


23. Abolish the BCS - Bowl Championship Series system !!

We the undersigned move to abolish the Bowl Championship Series system for choosing national champions in College Football. We believe the system is unfair and does not promote true competition. The system must be changed and made equal for all participants.

24. Equality Among the Genders: A Sophmore Lady Basketball Team

Upon the end of a female freshman basketball's season only a select few make it to the next level--Junior Varsity. However that is not the case for the male freshman basketball players. They have a whole team designated for them: the sophomore team. While the boys have the priveledge of a sophmore team, girls have no such thing. Lady basketball players who may be a little late blooming have no chance. They have no opportunity to fine-tune their skills before the varsity level. A lady sophmore team would in turn help the lady basketball program because it would give them more time to develop and expose the girls to the high school competition level. Opponents in our district would not be hard to find because Plano ISD school have sophmore teams for their boys as well as their girls. Equality among the genders is there…..shouldn't it be here too?



26. Stamp out the Corporate Greed of Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is one of the nations largest high-speed bandwidth ISP's. For years and years they have offered broadband connections that many of us use on a daily basis. They have recently announced that they are planning on raising rates for heavy bandwidth users who will pay an additional monthly fee. This means a monthly bandwdith limit which end users are not able to monitor. We are supposed to put our trust into TWC to charge us what they feel is fair.

This is pretty much equal to 'Big Monopolistic Corporations make another money squeeze. No real competition allowed.'

Another show of greed.... Time Warner is not loosing money. They are diverse in many areas of telecommunications, TV, etc.... This is no different than lets say.... hmmm... Record labels creating anti copy-protection that denies a consumer from making "legal copies" for themselves in order to suck more money from our pockets. Yes, there is a thing called inflation.... Yes, companies need to raise prices to equal the overhead... But in this case and many others, they are just plain old greedy. Time Warner and other ISP's lure their customers with fixed rates and then they hijack them by raising prices knowing we will pay because there are few options. It's the ol' way of fisting the public for more and more money.

There is only one way to deal with greedy companies... What's the magic word you may ask? BOYCOTT!!!! It has worked before. If companies think they will loose a majority of their customer base, they will back away from "bad" pricing, marketing, and other business strategies.

Here is what I suggest:

1: spread the word that RR (Road Runner) will hike their prices. Make sure to clarify that it is not because of "illegal" activities, hell I can suck up bandwidth just playing online games. Point out that it can effect everyone, the day trader, the gamer, the average user, EVERYONE.....

Second: Encourage people to flood Time Warner with e-mail, phone calls, and other means expressing that such price hikes are simply unacceptable. This will only work if they receive complaints on a mass scale.

Third: If Time Warner continues with their future business model, then we all need to boycott them. This too must happen on a mass scale. Its up to "US" the users to put an end to ISP price gouging. If you don't, then you are only bitching sideways (someone who complains but never takes action).

Now, if that it is the case, (people only bitching sideways) Time Warner will continue to make everyone bend over and you can bet others will follow soon. So, lets all make a pact to declare WAR on AOL, Time Warner, and other ISP's who feel that sucking the consumer for every last penny is good business.

27. V8 Super Cars Game

August 17, 2001

The V8 Super Cars competition has a cult following around Australia in the hearts of the majority of males aged between 13-45.

We think they sohuld create a game to reflect this for PC.

Do you? Well if yes Sign our petition.

28. Pontoon Pool Comp Protest

The Pontoon bar at Darling Harbour has, for over two years, held a quality pool competition. In fact the Thursday night pool comp has become a tradition of no little significance. Friends gather around the tables with their ales and stories of the week and then shoot pool in an atmosphere of fraternal solidarity wondering what amazing shot will win the night. The Inside Sport models offer their own unique commentary of the classic shots and draw the night together with their organisational skills.

This is the stuff that historians will write about in a hundred years. Regulars, ring-ins, friends, locals and others all gather around the venerable pool tables and all appreciate the atmosphere that has made the Pontoon a place worthy of respect.

Great shock and sadness accompanied the announcement on 9 August 2001 that the classic Pontoon pool comp was over.

This petition is the beginning of the campaign to revive a sure thing. The Pontoon pool comp will live on!!