#Residential Disputes
City of Ann Arbor Footing Drain Disconnection Program
United States of America

The City of Ann Arbor has granted a parking permit to Sanita's Construction Co. of Clarkston, MI to use the court at the end of South Seventh Street to stage a construction site.

There are numerous large construction vehicles stored there daily in addition to piles of stone, sand and dirt and a portable toilet, which is not fenced in. The construction equipment is used for the footing drain disconnection in the Morehead/ Churchill area. This project has been in process for five months.

The court is in a residential area and is next to a public playground. The playground and park are also a major traffic area for children from the Northbrook area to go to and from school. This is a very dangerous situation for the students walking past the site. The vehicles drive at too high a rate of speed to be able to stop quickly in case of an emergency.

The constant noise and traffic has been excessive on S. Seventh, Morehead and Delaware Street, although the work is now in the Churchill Downs subdivision. There are several courts over in that area that would accommodate the equipment

We, the undersigned, ask the City of Ann Arbor Footing Drain Disconnection Project to remove the construction staging site from South Seventh Court and park their vehicle and materials only in the area in which they are currently working.

Our request is to insure the safety of children and the right of our residents to a residential neighborhood, that we are zoned for.

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