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1. Maplestory Vista/7 dc fix


In many pqs in the game (especially GSPQ and bosses), i have disconnected many times and my computer says "there was an error with hackshield." I cant remember exactly at this very moment, but it was along the lines of that.


This DC issue is getting very problematic for higher levels with Windows 7 and Vista. I claim no expert knowledge in programming or patching but ever since HackShield was implemented, users with Win7/Vista have been having more and more issues with DCing at party boss runs. People have hence found methods to not DC - ie alt-tabbing, changing resolution before and after different phases of the particular boss, restarting the computer before the run - all very tedious things to do just to fight a single boss.

Then came the Evan patch which made things worse, and then with this last Dual Blade patch it is nearly impossible not to DC even while using the aforementioned methods. There are hundreds, if not thousands of maplers who are getting fed up with these issues. When people write tickets or try to raise this issue, your representatives say it is our computers and that nothing can be done on your end to fix these issues.

We maplers love and enjoy most of the new content you bring us with each patch but I strongly believe that I speak for the majority when I say that there comes a time when fixing the in-game glitches should be prioritised over new content and events. There have been false-autobans (especially around the Haunted House in Crimsonwood), DC hackings (spouse chat DC seems to be the new and most prevalent method at this time), lag issues, the recent meso dupling exploit in which innocent maplers were falsely put on "hell ban" and lost their hard earned mesos, and countless many more bugs and glitches.

Please let our words not fall on deaf ears. We simply want to enjoy this game without so many problems in the way of our daily mapling. There ARE serious issues with Win7/Vista users disconnecting at high level boss runs. These are not random cases of 1 or 2 maplers with low-grade computers. Most of us have specs that far exceed what is necessary to play a simple 2D game. Fix these issues please, Nexon.

I ask all of those who are experiencing these same difficulties to join me and let our voices be heard by the people at Nexon. These glitches are becoming intolerable and down-right annoying. Please fix them Nexon, and thank you beforehand.


In addition to my Zakum run efforts, I have also attended a Horntail run recently, with the original poster. The first preliminary head went smoothly; I changed quality twice, it died, and I progressed to the second preliminary head. Then, about fifteen seconds in, I was booted off the exact same way that I was disconnected off zak. Gone. Poof. Nada.

(Add no, I did not press alt + f4. Alt is my torpedo button which I rarely ever use, if at all, at bosses. Much less f4, although maybe it would be suitable after I disconnected.)

In addition to these disconnecting issues, I have been lagging every fifteen seconds as soon as I attack, as many forum users have also mentioned. For most, this is hardly an issue- a one second lag out of 15 when training giving less-than-optimal exp, or entering the PIC code incorrectly. However, the aforementioned issues the least of my problems. Ever since the Dual Blade patch (although people have experienced it as early as the release of the Evan patch), I have been unable to even use my Rapid Fire skill. I know I am not alone - I know several bowmasters who not only have stopped training due to this, but gave up bossing altogether. Normally, this is not too bad for a corsair, but this fifteen second lag does not only apply when I use rapid fire, but battleship cannon as well.

So, what am I getting at? I have already mentioned two rather insignificant problems that this lag created, but there is more.

Enter the Parlor, where happy gangsters and of course, Anego reside. And now, introducing your anego fanatic, me.

Normally at anego, I would pin her to the wall on the left easily by means of rapid firing; a quick and simple process. As of the late, the moment I use rapid fire, I'm unable to move. So I attempt at the obvious solution:pinning with battleship cannon. This is where the problem begins. Yes, I can pin her. However, every 15 seconds, I lag, causing anego to suddenly rush up to me. For night lords, due to the faster casting time of triple throw compared to battleship cannon, this is bearable. Even for me, most of the time, say a good 60%, I can hit her again before the lag ends, thus avoiding getting hit with her magic attacks. The other 40% of the time, I will get hit with a nasty 5.3k magic attack. I consider myself lucky that I can tank a 5k hit now (excellently timed ap reset giveaway, Nexon), but forget not that anego also hosts her (in)famous nasty 18k slap. Guess who's been on the receiving line of that slap six times now? Me. At 162, 10% is an excruciatingly large amount of exp about 25m. I don't even want to think about how slow it will be later, but at the moment, each death is 10%. If these deaths weren't bad enough, each anego consumes a large amount of pots; much, much more than before, to the point that I'm spending about six times as many pots per anego (I use ginger ales, which heal hp and mp simultaneously). I have leveled from 125 - 162 completely off from this boss (aside from 2 levels), and it is a shame that I can barely even /train/ anymore because of this glitch.

To the unfortunate bowmasters who can't even use hurricane... I can only say that I sympathize completely for you.

Nexon, please fix these issues. Although it is generally the higher leveled community that suffers from these two issues (which means much less people), these issues are unavoidable. Someday, that level 32 fighter might become a 135 hero, only to find out he can't survive zakum, just because he disconnects. Or the 118 ranger who's motivation to level is hurricane, only to realize he can barely use it.

2. South Seventh Street Construction Staging Site in Ann Arbor, MI

The City of Ann Arbor has granted a parking permit to Sanita's Construction Co. of Clarkston, MI to use the court at the end of South Seventh Street to stage a construction site.

There are numerous large construction vehicles stored there daily in addition to piles of stone, sand and dirt and a portable toilet, which is not fenced in. The construction equipment is used for the footing drain disconnection in the Morehead/ Churchill area. This project has been in process for five months.

The court is in a residential area and is next to a public playground. The playground and park are also a major traffic area for children from the Northbrook area to go to and from school. This is a very dangerous situation for the students walking past the site. The vehicles drive at too high a rate of speed to be able to stop quickly in case of an emergency.

The constant noise and traffic has been excessive on S. Seventh, Morehead and Delaware Street, although the work is now in the Churchill Downs subdivision. There are several courts over in that area that would accommodate the equipment