Sonic & Shadow fans around the world.

SEGA made Shadow the Hedgehog in in 2005 for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

The game's story, Soundtrack and concept was a great success amongst Sonic gamers and casual gamers alike.

But sadly, the game had a few bugs, which made the game hated by hardcore gamers, and made fun out of it.

The story has ended in the first game, but we know, there IS a way to make the storyline continue.

We, gamers, want SEGA to make a sequel to this awesome game, Shadow the Hedgehog, with less bugs, updated graphics, and brand-new storyline & more playable storylines.

Support this petition by signing this & sending it around to your fellow Sonic fans & casual gamers, to make this game real!

And if you agree to MAKE THIS TRACK AS THE THEME OF THE GAME, sign this, and send it around as well:

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