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1. Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Broken Memories

SEGA made Shadow the Hedgehog in in 2005 for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

The game's story, Soundtrack and concept was a great success amongst Sonic gamers and casual gamers alike.

But sadly, the game had a few bugs, which made the game hated by hardcore gamers, and made fun out of it.

The story has ended in the first game, but we know, there IS a way to make the storyline continue.


ISAJGS first aired on ABC TV July 2008. It is a reality gameshow with 12 American contestants who travel to Japan to compete against each other infront of a Japanese audience at zany and extreme contests each week.

The show is hosted by Comedian Extrodinaire Rome Kanda, his sidekick Judge Bob, and the adorable house mother where the Americans stay, Mama-san. The shows provide wonderfully fun family entertainment, cultural experience, because of the location, and an insight to the Japanese traditions.

The final winner of the games is awarded $250,000. The show is fantastic and should be brought back again year after year.

3. Keep the B37

The MTA is looking to once again increase fares on the backs of this city on our local buses, express buses, and subways by more than 25% next year in addition to cutting back or in some cases ending service on it's routes.

Most affected by this would be the commuters who use the B37 bus which runs from Downtown Brooklyn to the most southern tip of Brooklyn.

The B37 which stretches nearly the entire Third Avenue connecting several neighborhoods especially for those who live in Bay Ridge Brooklyn depend on this bus especially seniors who use this bus as a way of life, commuters who look to avoid the Fifth Avenue B63 handicapped who cannot take the Fourth Avenue R Subway line, and for connections to other buses along Third Avenue which travel all across Brooklyn.

By cutting this bus it will severely impact nearby buses such as the B63 which is already maxed to capacity, the B70 which is one of the slowest buses in the city possibly the free world, and the B16 especially during the school season.

Bottom line this decision will make everyone life's a little bit harder, and their commutes a little bit longer...

4. Make the 2008 Presidential Debates Open and Democratic


This petition supports the simple idea that having choices in a democracy means being able to hear and see candidates from outside of the two parties that have had exclusive control of American politics for the past 200 years.

^^^^Breaking News^^^^

Third Party Debate date set: Oct. 19, 2008

Go to for details.

Please still sign this petition!


THE OBJECTIVE is for you to take a stand and SUPPORT REAL DEMOCRACY by encouraging four serious, highly experienced, and patriotic candidates running on the Libertarian, Green, Constitutional and Independent platforms (see details below) to hold televised and otherwise broadcast (e.g. YouTube, radio) presidential and vice presidential debates. The debates must take place as soon as possible and regardless of whether the Democratic and Republican candidates, who control the regular debate process, choose to participate.

This petition is addressed to:

1. Third party candidates (first and foremost) - because they must collaborate to organize the debates, publicize them and push for media coverage.

2. The media - because Americans want to have real options and hear real issues!

3. Sympathetic celebrities, politicians and other figures who can use their visibility to speak out and otherwise support the effort.

4. American voters - as one official noted in 1966 about Civil Rights-era mobilization in Mississippi, “the petition ‘is a forceful and dramatic expression of the feelings of [the] people…It does show that there is a good deal of organization at the grass roots level (cited in Andrews 2001, p. 88).’ ”

The petition is NOT an endorsement of any one candidate.

The petition is an endorsement of freedom of speech and voter's rights to have real options and to hear about real issues - not lipstick!

**(Worried about the “spoiler effect”? Read about it below.)**


The Commission on Presidential Debates, created and run exclusively by the Democrats and Republicans, has sole control over who can participate in the regular televised presidential debates. The Commission’s rules prohibit any serious candidates from participating in any debates even if they have collected the hundreds of thousands of signatures necessary to get onto all state ballots and have millions of supporters among voters.

Participation is allowed only for candidates polling at or above 15% nationally. This threshold is completely unreasonable for anyone who does not have millions and millions of dollars to buy media exposure. The commission’s rules are designed only to give the two parties exclusive control for setting the national agenda.

Candidates who can not participate in televised debates have no chance to rise in national rankings. At the same time, the Democrats and Republicans simply claim that there are no “serious” candidates out there - and so the cycle continues! Consequently, the debate rules effectively stifle any real discussion of the issues not covered by the two parties.


In early September, 2008, Ron Paul, a Republican congressman and former presidential candidate from Texas convened a conference at the National Press Club that brought together an impressive group of third party candidates from across the political spectrum: Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader and Bob Barr (Barr did not attend the conference but supports the joint effort). The candidates have different platforms, but all agree on several key issues, including, for example, ending the Iraq War, opposing the Patriot Act and opening up the presidential debates!
(Read all five points of agreement among the candidates here:

You can also watch the entire Ron Paul/ third party conference here:

With the initial boost from the Ron Paul conference, it is time for American voters to encourage third party candidates to go even further and organize open, democratic presidential debates, even if McCain and Obama decline to take part! It is time for the media to broadcast real debates and real issues. You can show your support by signing this petition.

Worried about the “spoiler effect”?

Convinced that Ralph Nader could “spoil” the election for the Democrats? Well, Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman and now Libertarian presidential candidate is being sued by the McCain campaign for ballot access because Republicans believe that he may take away their votes. So what does this mean? It means that third party candidates represent a range of political positions and therefore any votes they get will affect both the Democratic and Republican candidates, not just one side or the other.

Want to hear even more convincing arguments? Watch the third party candidates talk about the issues of “spoiling” the election for McCain and Obama, as well as many other important topics. Check out these YouTube videos:

McCain vs. Bob Barr lawsuit:

Bob Barr on “spoiling” the election for McCain:

Ron Paul on “fragmenting the Republican party” and other issues:
(*Note: Ron Paul is not running for president)

Ralph Nader on “spoiling” for Democrats:

Ralph Nader on many other issues:

The CANDIDATES and select ISSUES (As of Sept. 17, 2008)

Bob Barr (Libertarian Party)

-Former Republican congressman and U.S. Attorney from Georgia
-On 44 state ballots
-Supports free market capitalism
-Supports personal liberty
-Advocates for a small federal government
-Supports expanding private healthcare insurance policies

Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party)

-Pastor, conservative political activist
-On 37 state ballots
-Strongly pro-life
-Supports strict interpretation of the constitution
-Advocates gun ownership
-Favors giving more control over education to communities and parents

Cynthia McKinney (Green Party)

-Former Democratic congresswoman from Georgia, teacher.
-On 32 state ballots
-Strong abortion rights supporter
-Supports increasing welfare state
-Advocates for environmental protection
-Opposes war on drugs

Ralph Nader (Independent)

-Consumer rights advocate, lawyer, progressive political activist
-On 46 state ballots.
-Supports single payer national healthcare
-Supports impeaching Bush and Cheney
-Opposes nuclear energy but supports solar
-Wants to strengthen the civil justice system

5. Third Watch Reunion

Third Watch's Faith Yokas (Molly Price) has been through a lot. She's survived breast cancer, a punctured lung, a bullet lodged in her spine, an alcoholic husband, his heart attack, being taken hostage while off-duty shopping with her daughter and her daughter's drug overdose. Then there's her hot-headed 'super-cop' partner, Boscorelli (Jason Wiles) and all of the complications he brings to her job.

Throughout it all, Faith has remained the one constant, true to herself and true to the law. In the new season of Third Watch, she is sorely tested both personally and professionally. Her entanglement with Sergeant Maritza Cruz (Tia Texada) puts Faith on the wrong side of the law, but leads to a surprise promotion. Meanwhile, her philandering husband serves her with divorce papers as her domestic life crumbles.

This season, actor Josh Stewart joins the cast as Brendan Finney, the no-nonsense son of the head of Internal Affairs who causes ructions within the department. The police officers also deal with a tough new lieutenant who goes strictly by the books but hides a dark secret. However, his dark new secret has nothing on one of the existing members of the 55th precinct's secret. There's a rat in the house - how long can that rat stay hidden?

New to the paramedic unit is Grace Foster (Cara Buono), an occasionally dismissive and arrogant transfer from another precinct who has already alienated a few of her colleagues and attracted the interest of one, no prizes for guessing who. The love interests of cocky medic Carlos Nieto (Ruivivar) continue to amuse as he assists newly promoted Kim Zambrano (Raver) as she takes on the lead paramedic responsibilities. Kim also receives shocking personal news that jeopardises her new role.

Just across the street, the police of the 55th precinct arrive for the third watch, the shift from 3.00 - 11.00pm daily. The usual suspects appear, streetwise long-time cop John "Sully" Sullivan (Skipp Sudduth), headstrong Ty Davis Jr. (Coby Bell), single mum Sasha Monroe (Nia Long), the overly aggressive Bosco (Wiles) and elite Anti-crime Unit Sergeant Maritza Cruz (Texada). Each cope with the never-ending stress of the job, alongside stalwart officer Faith Yokas (Price). This season poses more stress than ever for this tight-knit group as IAB begin to close down on their department, determined get Cruz off the street.

Third Watch was CANCELLED IN 2005 by NBC.

6. Stop interference from the railway noise

Due to a sound assessment done 17 years ago, many of the units in our co-op do not have central air conditioning.

Residents of these units are able to hear the increased noise of the trains at night and during the day, especially with the windows open.

The sound of the trains, particularly at night, has been greatly increased with the construction of a third railroad track beside the existing lines and is expected to increase more so as trains begin to run regularly on these lines.

By adding a new third track to the main rail line, the Government of Ontario expects to increase rush hour service along these lines to Hamilton so they won't conflict with the freight train traffic, therefore freeing up all three lines to be used at the same time and thus increasing freight, VIA rail and Go Transit traffic in our community.

7. More Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is a critically-acclaimed teen drama/mystery-neo-noir series that premiered on UPN on September 22, 2004, airing its first two seasons on the network before moving to The CW Television Network on October 3, 2006.

The final two episodes of Season 3 aired on May 22, 2007. The show stars Kristen Bell as the title character: a student, progressing from high school to college during the series, who moonlights as a private investigator under the wing of her detective father. Said to be "a little bit Buffy and a little bit Bogart", the show balances murder mystery, high school and college drama, and social commentary with sarcasm and off-beat humor.

The third season of Veronica Mars premiered in the United States and Canada on October 3, 2006, at 9 pm ET/PT on The CW and Sun TV (ET only) respectively, a time slot that remained unchanged throughout the season. The season featured two mystery arcs — one presented from its October season debut until the end of November, the other from late January 2007 until the end of February.

On March 6, 2007, Veronica Mars was put on hiatus for eight weeks in favor of the new reality show Pussycat Dolls Present, which aired in that time slot for its entire eight-episode run. Veronica Mars returned with the final five episodes on May 1, 2007.

When the CW Network announced its 2007–2008 fall schedule on May 17, 2007, Veronica Mars was not included. On June 11, 2007, series creator Rob Thomas confirmed that Veronica Mars had officially been canceled by the CW.

Though talks had been reported between Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell and The CW's Dawn Ostroff about a new series, it is unclear if this would be related to Mars or not.

Thomas has stated that he is interested in writing a feature film based on the series, in the interests of providing closure to the storylines and character arcs. He created a trailer that takes place years after the third season ends, with the working title "Veronica in the FBI". It is due to be released on the Veronica Mars third season DVD.

As well as the feature film possibility, there have been talks of a Veronica Mars comic book series in the vein of Joss Whedon's Buffy Season Eight.

8. Stop treating Ron Paul like a third party candidate

Every tv station has either called Ron Paul supporters spammers in regards to his success in online polls or has agreed with his views but then say he "has no chance of winning".

9. Change street cleaning times on Third Street

Street Cleaning is on a day and time which affects business on Third Street dramatically. It is at 12:00 on Thursdays, this is Prime time lunch rush for many business on Third Street. As a result our customers have nowhere to park which cuts down on business.

10. The Third Age for PC

"The Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age is coming soon for Playstation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance."

What about us PC gamers? We want to play this game too!

11. We Will Fund A Third Pretender Movie

This is a sister petition to the current Campaign TPM petition titled "Calling 1 Million Pretender Fans".

After posting that petition, I became aware that many fans may be more likely/willing to pledge if they knew for certain that there really would be a Pretender movie. Therefore, I decided to create this one for all the pessimists (and optimists too) so that we can get a true idea of what fans are willing to do for a third Pretender movie.

In other words, if you sign this you are saying "Yes, I will pledge funds to a third movie if I can be sure the PTBs will make a third movie"!

12. Keep Miss Amelia Bailey as the current second/third grade teacher at St. James Catholic School

We the undersigned are signing our names to this petition in an attempt to keep Miss Amelia Bailey as the current second/third grade teacher at St. James Catholic School.



14. Keep ferrets off the list of proposed exotic animal ban in Chicago!

There is a proposed ordinance in Chicago that might make owning a ferret in Chicago illegal. We can't have this. Ferrets are not dangerous, do not carry monkeypox or rabies, and are the third most popular pet just behind dogs and cats! This ordinance needs to remove ferrets from the list.

15. State of Maine's third lane law for truckers

The State of Maine the way Life should be.

This moto is changing with new laws trying to be passed by the State of Maine. It is becoming a discriminating state if they allow the law for trucks to stay right to be passed. Take a look at other states and how the left lane law has affected them. Traffic is impaired worse than Maine's. The only thing slowing us down are the toll boths.

16. Hugh Miller book for series 3 of Ballykissangel!

This petition is for those people who agree that Hugh Miller should be commissioned to write a third book for Ballykissangel, based on the third series of the drama. A book for this series would introduce a whole new dimension on the many relationships which changed their dynamic in the duration of the series. It would also highlight the innermost feelings of the characters, which don't often translate onto the television screen in the same way that they do in book format.

17. re-print darren shan books

This petition is to try to get the publishers of the city books to re-print these books and print the third book.

18. Third World Human Rights

This petition is about the human beings in the Thirld World who are suffring from their corrupted, destroying, and heartless leaders. The strong, and greedy countries place them to get their benefit. The suffering of the Third World human beings has been going on for years and years. Why? All human beings (the good ones) want freedom, independence, and human rights.

19. No More War

Today we are at a point of imbalance in the world and are moving toward what may be the beginning of a THIRD WORLD WAR. If you are against this possibility and even if you decide not to sign, please consider forwarding the petition.

20. Bring back Charlie McWade to Third Watch

This petition is to show how much we enjoyed the character that Charlie McWade played, Steven Gusler, on the hit television show Third Watch. It is not us demanding to see him back on, but to show the producers of the show how popular his character really was, and maybe by doing that, they'd consider bringing him back on.

21. Cancel third world Debt

This petition is a small contribution to the ongoing campaign around the world - to cancel thirld world debt.

Add your name to one of largest campaigns of time and feel good when WE accomplish what we are targeting - the cancellation of third world debt. Let these people forget the past and work towards a new future.