#Consumer Affairs
Chuck Hagel, Buffalo County Senator
United States of America

People in Buffalo county that are disabled or of the age of Senior acceptance only receive ten dollars in food stamps on a monthly basis.

This can't be accepted, because of the fact that seniors and people with a disability consume more than ten dollars of food in one month, and people who are in this age or disability range may not be able to work for themselves in an income manor.

Seniors and disabled people, I am writing this too move for a more percentage of food stamps per month for you.

Signing this, you are saying that you agree that Ten Dollars per month for food is not enough to hold you off till you get the next months stamps.

Signing this will ensure that you stand in Affirmation to have more than what you are getting now in food stamps.

Please note that you signing this will NOT insure you will get the price you want, but only insure that you get an increase.

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The Seniors of Buffalo County, Nebraska Pushing for more than a $10 Food Stamp Supply petition to Chuck Hagel, Buffalo County Senator was written by Dylan Bond and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.