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1. Renew, not Remove: Buffalo's Downtown Train Station

Please see the attached video.

2. Bring back Ruffels Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip

Ruffles best dip ever. There is not much backround I can give for a discontinued dip but I believe it should be brought back.

3. Support The Terrace at Marcy Casino

"The Terrace @ Marcy Casino" is a wonderful proposal for a public access restaurant that is almost at the finish line for approval from the City of Buffalo.

We are asking city residents to support this proposal that will open up Public access to this amazing Buffalo Landmark and bring in much needed extra revenue for the Olmsted Parks Conservancy.

4. Save the 198

In the wake of tragedy, officials and advocates are seeking to impose a plan to downgrade the Scajaquada Expressway (NY 198) from a federally-classified urban Principal Arterial Expressway on the National Highway Network to a low-speed, at grade city street with signaled intersections and/or roundabouts and pedestrian crossings, thus eliminating a key transportation corridor for the people of Riverside, Black Rock, West Hertel, North Buffalo, Kenmore and the Tonawandas.

5. Preserve The Buffalo

The Fox Tech Alumni Legacy is attempting to preserve the memory of our beloved Alma Mater!

6. Keep the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo

Some of the NFL owners want the Buffalo Bills out of Buffalo because it is a small market for Football. Losing the Buffalo Bills would not only be devastating to the economy for the entire Buffalo, NY area, but also for the loyal fans of the team. The fans and Team Members want the Buffalo Bills to stay in Western New York.

Our beloved recently deceased owner Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., bought the team in 1960 to play in the AFL and it has been here since then. It was crushing enough for the fans that our own passed away.

We are still in mourning from it and then for other Team Owners talking about possibly moving the team has put all Buffalo Bills Fans over the edge. We strongly urge the Owners of NFL Teams to keep the Buffalo Bills here.

7. Stop The Violence in Buffalo

There has been a lot of killings in the city of Buffalo.

To protect our love ones we need your help.

8. Bring BACK local diplomas to Buffalo

We the undersigned call on the city of Buffalo to bring back local diplomas.

9. We Want Our City Back!

We Want Our City Back!

10. Gary Thorne Next Sabres Play By Play

-The fans love excitement and quality broadcasts that should come with every Sabres broadcast on MSG.

-Gary Thorne brings 34 years of broadcasting experience in the Hockey world.

-Thorne has called over ten Stanley Cup Finals in his career.

-Brings energy and enthusiasm to every broadcast.

-Thorne's voice has been plastered on some of the greatest moments in NHL history.

11. Get the Jonas Brothers to Buffalo

The Jonas Brothers - what teenage girl or parent doesn't know they exist? The Jonas Brothers, made up of Nicholas, Joseph, and Paul (Kevin), are the wonders of the world. Girls scream while they play their hits including, S.O.S. and When You Look Me In The Eyes.

There are thousands of fans around the world. There's not single reason why they SHOULDN'T play in every United State's state? So why don't the brothers make a stop in Buffalo, NY? The fan's aren't reacting! Sign this petition to get them to your state!

12. Seniors of Buffalo County, Nebraska Pushing for more than a $10 Food Stamp Supply

People in Buffalo county that are disabled or of the age of Senior acceptance only receive ten dollars in food stamps on a monthly basis.

This can't be accepted, because of the fact that seniors and people with a disability consume more than ten dollars of food in one month, and people who are in this age or disability range may not be able to work for themselves in an income manor.

13. Spend less on war and more on education

August 8, 2006

Tell Bush to stop spending billions of dollars on war and start seriously funding inner city schools that are failing such as in Los Angeles, CA and Buffalo, NY.

14. Street Closing in Buffalo for 4th July party

June 29, 2006

I would like to have the street closed on July 4th 2006 so that I could have a Birthday Party for my child.

I contacted City Hall and was informed that 70% of the neighbors would have to sign. I will take the responsability of cleaning after the party.

Your guests will still have access to the block for your Fourth of July activities.

I will be having blow-ups and other activities for the children on the block.

15. Keep the Bills in Buffalo!

April 7, 2006

By signing this petition, you will be showing your support for the Buffalo Bills franchise. Keep the Bills in Buffalo forever!

Please Ralph (Wilson), don't move the team!

16. Reinstitute Internet Access for RAs On Duty

In the Fall 2004 Semester, Internet access was cut off for Resident Advisors on duty in the residents halls at the University at Buffalo.

This Petition is to request a reversal of that policy since it is detrimental to our job/school productivity.

17. Return our quality of life - less noise at Emmerich Parks!


Petition to Give us back our quality of life

To: The Village of Buffalo Grove


Neighboring residents have recently attended several Village meetings in protest of the Buffalo Park District's request to permit the Buffalo Grove Recreational Association (BGRA) and the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL) extended usage of the Public Announcement (PA) systems at both East and West Emmerich Park parcels for the entire season, beginning in 2003.

Prior to 1992 Park Ordinances poorly governed the organizations listed above. In 1991 the Park requested that the Village allow them to install PA systems on both parcels. Public hearings and Village meetings took place due to concerns expressed by not only the residents, but by the planning commission and the village board regarding the request. The planning commission vetoed the request (0 yes - 7 no). The Village amended the wording to "limited use" and passed an Ordinance referencing Emmerich East.

"Limited Use" at Emmerich East was defined as:
· The PA system was limited to homecoming, post-season playoff and tournament football games.
· The PA system was limited to three weekends (six days maximum) for football.
· The PA system was limited to a maximum volume of 70 decibels.
· The PA system was limited to specific hours of the day;
o 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00noon - 4:30pm on Sundays.

Even though the BGRA and Emmerich West were included in all deliberations, once drafted, the Ordinance failed to include this association and parcel.

"Limited Use" at Emmerich West was discussed to:
· Limit the PA system to All Star games for baseball.
· Limit the PA system to one weekend (two days maximum).
· Limit the PA system to a maximum volume of 70 decibels.
· Limit the PA system to specific hours of the day;
o 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00noon - 4:30pm on Sundays.

Through the years, the rules of the Ordinance have constantly been violated, and when requests to enforce the Ordinance were made, little or nothing was done, and the violations continued.

As mentioned previously, the Park District is now asking for amendments to Ordinance. They have requested permission from the Village to allow full usage of the PA from dusk till dawn for the entire football season at the East parcel, and submitted a second request for Ordinance to allow 8:30am start times on Sundays for baseball at the West parcel.

In 1992, there was an estimated 500 participants registered with the BGRA and the BGYFL. There are now an estimated 2,800 participants registered. These numbers do not reflect the teams played against. Activity has risen from some weeknights and some weekends to nearly every night and nearly every weekend.

History of the events that led to the ordinance as well as current events regarding recent discussions can be obtained through the Village web site ( under "agendas and minutes" then under "board of trustees, preliminary agendas". The most recent meetings regarding this topic began with the Village on September 23rd. The plan commission workshop is anticipated on 11/20/02.

We are asking you as neighbors to help stop any further intrusions to our neighborhood. The continuing growth has polluted and overburdened our streets with traffic and our neighborhood with congestion and noise. Should Emmerich East be allowed full usage of the PA, it will be a matter of time until Emmerich West requests the same. Our efforts are to maintain limited use.

Members of the Village Board have told us that our best defense would be to show up at the public hearings with as many neighboring residents as possible, which is the purpose for this letter. We look forward to any issues, concerns or suggestions that you may have, and truly look forward to your support at future meetings.

Note: We are not fighting City Hall. We are asking that the Village maintain and enforce the "spirit" of the Ordinance, which is to limit the use of any amplified system at both parcels. A petition has been drafted, and there are currently thirty-one (31) signatures. We ask at the very least that you sign this petition. More importantly, please attend as many meetings on this topic as you can.

Gary Gillmeister John Teckorius
196 Raupp Boulevard 199 Raupp Boulevard
847-541-0664 847-459-8599

Give us back our quality of life

I have read the Give us back our quality of life Petition to The Village of Buffalo Grove, and I hereby sign the petition:

Eligible signatories: residents of Buffalo Grove.