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1. Support the Amendments to the Solo Parent Law

On November 2000, the Solo Parents' Welfare Act of 2000 (RA8972) was passed to provide benefits for solo parents and their children in the Philippines. After almost 17 years, the law has seen lackluster implementation to say the least.

With a growing number of solo parents that is estimated to be anywhere from 15 to 20 million, this is the first time that relevant legislature is being pushed to amend the antiquated law. HB 3398 seeks to push for amendments to make the law more relevant to the needs of solo parents and their children today.

It is also a way of ensuring that national implementation is achieved for all solo parents. To date, the solo parent sector remains as one of the biggest yet widely neglected in Philippines society.

However, we face renewed hope with the unparalleled support extended by current DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo who took office upon the assumption of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the presidency.

We take this opportunity to encourage you to support this campaign to help solo parents and their children in the Philippines.

- Kuya Ernest

2. Free School Meals for low income families

It is heart breaking hearing parents say that they do not send their kids to school because they have no money to give them for lunch or no food for a packed lunch.

It's saddening that children from low income families or single parents are not getting the education they need because there is no money for lunch.

I think the government should introduce Free School Lunches for children that do come from low income families and or single parents.

Children have the right the learn, they are our future. Don't we want children to be able to go to school and not grow hungry. They need their lunches to help them get through the day, and concentrate on their work. For some children that may be the only meal they have that day.

Better prepared children, means better test scores, brighter future for the children and the Australian society.

In the UK there is a system put in place, that if the child comes from a low income families and or single parents, that are entitled to any government support, they get free school meals.

Doesn't it make sense that the Australian government implements a similar system.

Please help us get the signatures for this issue to be take to the parliament, then hopefully we can help out those children that really do need it.

3. Stop government cuts to welfare and security

We are doing this petition as there are cuts that are being made and every thing is not being taken in to consideration. Our soldiers have been fighting for years in Afghanistan and yet there are being cuts made to the Defense system.

People have died for the United kingdom fighting front line! Laying off soldiers is showing them is a stab in the back!

Cuts are being made to single mothers and elderly and disabled but yet there is a £100,000 a week pay out for Abu Quatar to stay in this country because it affects his human rights. People that have lived in this country all their life and even people that have moved here and pay tax and national insurance are not being thought about. Every one is being affected by cuts but yet when there is one way to save money it isnt being done.

"Qatada's release was ordered by a special immigration court which ruled on Monday that sending him back to Jordan to face terror charges would breach his human rights. He will be allowed out between 8am and 4pm and be monitored by the police and MI5 at a cost of £100,000 a week." Daily mail Online.

Another thing is there are plenty of working people but as the cuts are going forward by the time younger people get to 65 there wont be any money for a pension, So therefore we are having to pay into a pension even though all the tax we pay should go towards a state pension. No one ever goes to rich people for extra tax when they are earning +Millions, Every one is trying to live and do their bit for them selves and their family but it looks like the middle class working people are the most affected in the current government.

4. Realistic Scheduling Options for Single Parents At the MBTA

This petition will serve as a notice to the MBTA (Mass Bay Transit Authority) of the growing dissatisfaction of the many single parents that have small children and no help to care for them.

The hours that the Authority requires us to work are usually before any childcare facilities open, and we are also required to work hours long after any childcare facilities is open. Also the inconsistencies by which we are forced to live our lives on a 3-4 month ever changing schedule, holiday schedule, school vacation schedule etc, is unrealistic. No one person or daycare facility would be able to support such an inconsistent, unpredictable schedule.

Being subjected to the stress regarding childcare and having no reliable consistent help, many single parents are being forced out of their jobs and this needs to stop. The MBTA needs to recognize their growing diversified workforce which includes many single parents, predominantly African American women, and address these scheduling conflicts immediately.

5. Plus de titres de Jonas sur nos radios françaises et chaines musicales!

Parce que les fans français sont convaincus de son potentiel musical et de sa réussite en tant qu'artiste solo! Son nouvel album FastLife mérite d'être écouté par tous!

French fans are convinced of his musical potential and his success as a solo artist! Fastlife, his new album worth to be listening by all!...


Following the initiation of mandatory single-sex residence halls at The Catholic University of America, let this petition declare an overwhelming opposition.

7. Release Rebecca Ferguson's 'Distant Dreamer' single!

This is a petition to ask the rights that be to release Rebecca's cover of 'distant dreamer' to iTunes.

It would be understandable if it was not eligible for entering the chart but as a download only.

8. Support zoning for expansion of community facilities by New Hope United Church of Christ

The City od Norfolk is trying to rezone property located at 115 E. Liberty Street. The property is currently zoned as Commercial and they are trying to rezone it to Residential for the purpose of building eight (8) single family homes.

The rezoning of this property will prevent the future expansion of New Hope United Church of Christ.

9. The David Tennant Shirtless Photoshoot

The Scottish actor David Tennant, best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor on the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who, is considered by fans the world over to be extremely talented, undoubtedly charismatic and very sexy!

10. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

11. Alexandra Burke and Beyonce should Release "Listen" Duet as Single

Beyonce and Alexandra Burke have done a Brilliant rendition of Beyonce's single "Listen" on X-Factor.

12. Get JLS Hallelujah Release

I want JLS' version of Hallelujah to be released because there's is more original than Alexandra's.

13. Gerard Way should make Umbrella a single!!

Hey dudes.. this one woz mi frendz idea..but i made it.. YAAY EXAMZ ARE OVER!!

14. Preserve Orderly Marketing and Single Desk for Australian Wheat Exports

A wheat growers action group, Wheat growers Action Group (WAG) has pledged to fight the Australian federal government in its plans to deregulate the Australian wheat industry.

They strongly oppose the new Wheat Export Marketing legislation that will change the way wheat is exported and marketed. The legislation takes away growers only ability to collective bargain the sale and movement of their wheat.

It will abolish the Single Desk that provides an orderly marketing system for Australia’s wheat into export markets. It will instead open the market up to many exporters.

Growers fear they’ll be forced to accept lower prices for their wheat as companies compete against each other to secure export markets. They’re deeply concerned it will further affect their viability after enduring several years of drought.

Surveys show more than 80 per cent of wheat growers want the Single Desk retained.

There’s strong evidence that deregulation doesn’t work. Growers lose and consumers lose. Multi-national companies are the only winners and profits go overseas.

Claims that there will be a free market, as a result of deregulation, are a furphy – Australian wheat growers compete in markets that are distorted by subsidised by US and European Union traders.

Deregulation will have serious economic ramifications – the deregulation of the dairy industry is proof, costing the Commonwealth hundreds of millions of dollars in financial assistance for affected farmers and communities. The government would be obligated to do the same for the wheat industry.

The Government has not done a socio-economic impact study to see how deregulation will affect growers and rural communities.

Our Group (WAG) are deeply concerned that this legislation will have a drastic effect on the future viability of Family Farms through lower farm gate returns and increasing levels of market risk.

The Wheat Growers Action Group calls upon all Australian Wheat growers to unite and fight for our future.

15. Get a New Scooch Single/Album

Scooch are a pop/dance band who have had success on the UK Single Charts and represented the UK at Eurovision 2007.

But at the moment they are not releasing any more songs so this is to convince them that fans do want new songs from them.

16. Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Release 'If You Go' As A Single

Fascination Records (a sub-label of Polydor Records) have announced that 'If I Can't Dance' will be the next single released from Sophie Ellis-Bextor's third album 'Trip The Light Fantastic'.

We call upon them to realise that this is not the song that will save the album, after 'Today The Sun's On Us' flopped in at #64, and that instead the pop epic 'If You Go' will be the song that finally gives the fantastic 'TTLF' the large success it deserves.

Please consider that 'If You Go' has received an overwhelming reception and is by far the fan favourite from the album amongst the online community, and with proper promotion will be guaranteed to score a hit for Sophie.

We're aiming for 5,000 signatures, which would probably be sufficient to give Sophie a top 20 with 'If You Go'.

EDIT: Sophie has announced there will be no more singles from the TTLF era and will instead be releasing a Greatest Hits album in the winter, pencilled in for November. Therefore this petition is closed.

17. The Potential Sale of Story Mansion

We ask the City of Bozeman to consider us first for the sale of Story Mansion. We feel the property should not be developed but restored in order to be returned to a single family home.

The house would be owner occupied and further uses to the public, open for disscusion.

18. Give single fathers a fair go!

In the news lately and in my own life single fathers have been getting a bad wrap. Now just last week a good friend of mine lost custody of his four children to their pathetic excuse of a mother thanks to her conniving and lying solicitor.

The suicide rate of men who have lost custody of their children is higher than that of other groups. So please take two minutes of your time and sign my petition.

19. Help Single Parents

We need to help protect the single parents here in America. Why is it we have laws so that gays, different races, and disabled people cant be discriminated against but we have nothing to protect the single working parents of America?

Why is it when you are employed and you miss to much work for taking care of your children that your employer can let you go? Maybe that is why welfare is so high in America.

Who is encouraging single parents to work and get off welfare when they can get fired for raising their children.

Let's stop this from happeninga nd help the single working parents be able to stay off from welfare.

20. World of Warcraft single player Version free

I like World of Warcraft and want to play more of it without the billing or the Subscription for it to play and without the requirements of a Credit card because I don't have one.

I want this version of the game to keep everthing that was on the game to begin with.

The more you sign this petition its going to happen.

Keep on signing!!

21. Team Spirit for our Cheerleaders

The sport of Cheerleading is being harmed by the actions of some team parents. The youth are being influenced by the words and actions they are seeing being played out right before their eyes.

If a team mom and a cheerleaders mom have a difference of opinion it should be handled in a private and direct fashion. The public is watching and the influence it has on them will fashion the opinion they have of the whole sport. The public already thinks that cheerleaders are stuck up snobs who do not care about anything but themselves.

The future of the whole sport hinges on the ability to encourge a feeling of togetherness and team spirt needed to trust the abilities of each other. When a team is in sync the whole flow is beautiful. If the kids are lead to believe they are not as good as someone else they tend to not be able to trust and the pyramid of the team is broken. People are pushed out and the old stuck up cheerleaders mith is perpetuated.

We need to be able to get along and deal with the team of cheerleaders as a whole and one body. Not as a bunch of people who do not care about each other. If the team is to be the best we all need to do the right thing and put petty differences aside and deal one on one with the parents, in a repectful and professional maner. When parent form clicks and oust other parents and newcomers the children do the same.

We need a team of parents to teach these kids not a team mom. The team as a whole should not be governed by a single mom, it should be looked over by many caring mothers, and fathers. The team should be developed into a single body, with a confident flow. The actions of one disrespectful mother are having a negitive influence on members of the board, the parent club, the squad and the public at large.

We need to as a group let her know this will not be allowed. We want our children to be in a loving, positive and caring atmosphere. Can't we all just get along. Please join us in asking the team mom/boardmember to step down and let a more caring loving and dignified person take the responcibility of our childrens welfare.

We need someone who will take the time to address the kids with respect, no matter where they come from. Someone who will lead by example. Someone who will take the time to set up fundraisers that will have an atainable outcome. Someone who will not give attitude to others who are not as well to do as she is making herself out to be. When a child and parent can not afford to just "cut a check" for the money costs it takes to be in this sport. They should not be made to feel inferior. We are not all made out of money.

22. Future Use of Undeveloped School Sites in Briarwood

In 2003 the Public School Board along with the Catholic School Board decided not to build schools in Briarwood. The land that tho schools were to be built on is owned by three groups; Boychuck Construction (60%), Northridge (10%) and the City of Saskatoon (30%).

The land was rezoned for single family dwellings and the developers would like to proceed with the building of such houses. The builders presented the community with a plan to build 44 dwellings in the above mentioned sites.

The residents of Briarwood feel deceived by the decision not to build a school, since the purchase of their homes was based on the assumption that a school would be placed in these lots. The residents that own lots adjacent to the school sites paid a premium for their lots that is not equitable to what residents who neighbor other developed areas paid.

The builders will profit from the development of these sites, the City will profit not onlyl from the sale, but from the property taxes generated by this lots and the residents of Briarwood will lose the green space that a school yard would have provided our community.

23. Alexia Palombo invitée à Fréquence Plus

Si vous voulez soutenir Alexia et désirez qu'elle fasse la promo de son single sur Frequence Plus (1ère radio en Bourgogne Franche Comté), je vous invite à signer cette pétition.

24. Pioneer Park Homeowners' Association Against Major Byrd's Redevelopment

SHA plans to redevelop the Major Byrd area by adding single-family and homeownership units on the site.

These homes are to consist of approx. 20 homes with approx. 7 being rental homes and the remainder homeowners.

25. Better security for residents in LakeShore Dunes Apartments

I live in LakeShore Dunes Apartments at 440 North Lake Street in Gary, Indiana 46403, (219)938-0500. The main security door of my high rise building is broken. They have been refusing to fix this door for the past month.

I am a single parent of a young child that works evening shift and get home late. One night I get off work at 11 p.m. and get home with my 3 year old at around 12:30 a.m. and the main security door is wide open because it is broken and there is a homeless man sleeping in the main hallway.

I pay $630 in rent, no section 8, and have called the manager of the complex SEVERAL times and she is REFUSING to fix the door. I do not feel safe because anyone can walk into the building and catch a resident by suprise and be assaulted by an unwanted guest in the building. It's unsafe and scary.

The door has been broken for an ENTIRE MONTH. The manager told me that it is too expensive to fix the door. The only piece that they need is the "scissor looking" piece that makes the door snap back shut. It's not an expensive piece. They are just being lazy. There are allot of people that have small children and some single mothers that live alone in our building. I would hate for something to happen to a mother and her small child because of the irresponsibility and laziness of management, maintenance, and security.

In the stairwell, there are huge holes in the wall with wires and hanging out and plaster all over the floor. A child could touch the wire by accident and be fatally electrocuted.

I want them to fix the door. There is no reason why the door should be broken for that long. It is just pure laziness. When security does their "routine" building checks, they don't even bother to close the door. The gouging holes in the stairwell walls are dangerous and have been there for months.

Maybe if we can get some publicity about this issue, they will be more aggressive about fixing the door. PLEASE HELP!!

26. Nintendo: Zelda MMORPG

This petition is for a Legend of Zelda MMORPG from Nintendo.

A Zelda MMORPG would be an amazing thing and a good use of Nintendos wifi network and emerging online status.

Link's world has been explored extensively over the past several years which provides immense amounts of gaming possibilities.

It would be nice to see integration of systems other than the Nintendo Wii, such as the DS for those on the go away from home. More importantly, a PC version that would integrate with a Wii version online would capture much more market and would be preferable. (I would personally opt for a Wii/PC release like Final Fantasy XI did, being the PC gamer I am, though I still plan on buying a Wii soon)

Again, if it were to be a Wii only title, that would be enough.

(Though, if it were not a Legend of Zelda MMO, a mix of multiple nintendo worlds in an MMORPG would be more versatile than a single game world structure such as pokemon or zelda alone.)

Sign this petition to let Nintendo know that we want a Legend of Zelda MMORPG.

27. Release XSCAPE

April 22, 2006

Michael Jackson has written many songs in his life and many have yet been unheard.

Michaels song XSCAPE was leaked onto the Internet a while back and boy did it ever get alot of attention!!!

This petition is to request the official release of XSCAPE as a single.

28. Abolish the Single Family Detached Housing and other uses

April 5, 2006

This petition is to abolish the Single Family Detached Housing and the rezoning of the area.

The area has been for agricultural residence for many years and the residents that have property here would appreciate for it to stay the way that it is currently.

29. Remove condominiums from Cottage Grove Ave development plan

March 22, 2006

M.E.N.D., L.L.C. has requested rezoning from "R-2" to "R-4: Multiple Residential District located in the 1500 Block of Cottage Grove Avenue for development of eight 8-unit condos in addition to single-family homes.

The Planning, Programming and Zoning Commission held a meeting on March 7, 2006 at second floor of city hall, where it was requested to rezone this area to "R3-RP", and changed the number of condominium units to seven.

30. Clarissa UK Single CD Release 2006

December 21, 2005

Clarissa Darling is the funky little bitch that appeared in the 90's TV series Clarissa Explains it all, she was played by Mellisa Joan something and is a LEGEND.

Please sign this petition to get the themetune from the 90's classic TV series 'CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL' released on cd single in 2006.

I know that it would be a massive hit, and should be extended for its CD release.