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Dear Reader,

The University of Canberra has proposed to cancel the Japanese Language Program. As a current student of the program I urge everybody to help convince the preservation of such a great university course.

With many students in the middle of their degrees this cancellation would cause so much stress and many problems. Especially for the ones who decided to go to university to specifically learn the Japanese Language.

The Japanese Program has allowed many students to learn the language and culture, which is important in the current globalizing world and especially in our very multicultural Australia. It has helped create great friendships with many Japanese students on exchange at the university and also while benefiting local students, it is a very attractive course for international students.

The university has agreements with several universities in Japan and while we have students anticipating going on exchange in Japan, we also receive many Japanese students to learn English. This is a great way to represent our university and our country.

Please help us maintain this excellent, well developed language course with the best, most encouraging teachers by signing this petition.

The past students, current students and future students appreciate your help.

We, the undersigned, call on the University of Canberra to preserve the Japanese Language program for the sake of current students and the many more to enter the university in years to come.

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