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Support the Sea Port of Cairns, Australia. Our port, our city, our future.

Let the politicians and their advisers know we support the Cairns Shipping Development Project that can sustainably open up one of Australia's most beautiful ports to more cruise shipping and vessels that service our region.

We love the Great Barrier Reef, our stunning beaches, the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, Daintree, Innisfail and want to share it with others.

The Port of Cairns, developed over 100 years, underpins jobs, businesses and investments. Support the Cairns Shipping Development project by submitting a petition to the Queensland State Government Coordinator General.

Dear Coordinator General of the State of Queensland,

Further development of the Port of Cairns is critical to Cairns’ future. A number of Cairns’ industries have declined or ceased; the remaining industries, in particular tourism, underpin jobs, business and investment for the FNQ region.

Many current cruise ships and most new ones are too large to navigate the Trinity Inlet Channel and dock at Cairns cruise terminal. As well, the existing channel is inefficient for existing and potential future cargo vessels. Deepening the channel will also assist the future efficiency of Cairns’ Naval Base.

To deny Cairns the opportunity to dredge its channel will be a major setback for the city. The economic impact and demand studies in the EIS indicate that over the forecast period, the city will fore-go of the order of $1.35B in NPV earnings.

The DRAFT Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) for the Project presents scientific support for off-shore disposal of dredge spoil. But the Federal Minister of the Environment has precluded this option.

Without considering any public submissions, the State Government decided not to proceed with the project.

Ports North’s draft EIS recommends placing all capital spoil off-shore, and presents options for spoil placement on-shore that are portrayed as uneconomical. However, the draft EIS does not include several different options that could be economic. Some specialists have suggested different options for on-shore placement that could potentially pay for all the associated costs of on-shore placement.

We request that the Co-ordinator General recommend to the Government that a more comprehensive study be undertaken of placement options in consultation with the Cairns community with a view to developing lower cost and environmentally acceptable solutions to enable the project to proceed.

Yours sincerely,
Friend of the Port of Cairns

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