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1. Bring back Marine Mechanic Schooling on Vancouver Island

Hi, I co own and operate a marine repair shop in Duncan British Columbia, in the Cowichan Valley.

We at the present time employ one journeyman that we have sponsored through VIU & ITA, we also have two third year apprentices also sponsored through VIU & ITA .We pride ourselves with the fact that we do want apprentices as we can then teach them the habits that we look for in a mechanic. We also have one first year auto mechanic who has been with us since March. We were told he would be able to challenge his first year marine but have come to road blocks on this process with the up and coming changes.

Earlier this year I attended a seminar sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce with VIU and ITA . At this time I learnt that over the next 15 years there will be approximately 600,000 baby boomers retiring across Canada. Out of those 600,000 how many are going to be sick of the snow and move west? At least 100,000 Out of those 100,000 how many are going to buy a boat? Say 50,000. Now on Vancouver Island there is already no job pool of Marine Mechanics to pull from and they are now cutting the available courses here.

After speaking to 20 different shops on Vancouver Island and asking the question, "Over the next 3-4 years how many of the following positions will you be hiring for?" These were the results;

Journey man 16 out of 20
Apprentice 15 out of 20
Entry level yard person 12 out of 20

So that is 43 jobs alone. In our shop we have increased our staff this year alone by 3 employees and we are still turning potential customers away. The marine trade is booming on the island and the training is being taken away.

Now in reality a first year person used to be able to go to school in Nanaimo and still live with their family then get a job. The new MMT program states that first you must have an employer that is willing to sponsor you even though you may have no idea of the functions on a marine engine. Then after achieving your hours needed you can attend first year schooling in Vancouver. Who is going to pay for living in Vancouver for 10 months? Even for the 2nd 3rd,and 4th year it is an insane assumption these people can just pick up and not only pay for their living expenses here on the island for themselves and their families, but also in Vancouver. It is clear that the people making these changes have never been in the position of changing careers and knowing the hardship that is brought on by this.

If you live on the mainland you have options open to you, but unfortunately if you are here on the Island, your previously economic options are now being stripped away.

2. Support West Coast Inshore Fishermen

Please help to support local fishermen to fight against a government imposed Marine Protection Areas.

We believe the public is being misled to support the proposed MPA which will stop smaller trawlers fishing in areas they have fished sustainably for generations.
It will put the safety and viability of these vessels at risk, forcing small boats to seek their livelihoods in more dangerous and open waters.

The loss of this inshore fishing grounds will have an unimaginably detrimental effect on the employment and economy of our small communities.

3. Save the Port of Cairns

Support the Sea Port of Cairns, Australia. Our port, our city, our future.

Let the politicians and their advisers know we support the Cairns Shipping Development Project that can sustainably open up one of Australia's most beautiful ports to more cruise shipping and vessels that service our region.

We love the Great Barrier Reef, our stunning beaches, the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, Daintree, Innisfail and want to share it with others.

The Port of Cairns, developed over 100 years, underpins jobs, businesses and investments. Support the Cairns Shipping Development project by submitting a petition to the Queensland State Government Coordinator General.

4. British Marine is Not a Murderer

A British Marine was found guilty of murder today for finishing off a Taliban terrorist.

I feel he should get a medal. In the heat of conflict when you have seen your dead comrades body parts have been left hanging from trees who can blame him...

What would the taliban have done?

5. I Love you, sarge!

One of the cult Terramn quotes in a cinematic before death is "I love you, sarge!"

6. Approval To Re-Enlist in the Armed Forces

My discharge was inaccurate and imprecise, because during the time I was in DEP, I wasn’t smoking at all. I was enlisted into The United States Navy on August 20, 2009 and I shipped off October 28, 2009. In the middle of June, when I decided that the Navy was something I wanted to do I knew it was time to commit myself solely to it.

I was a very heavy smoker, not because I loved it, but it took my mind away from my unhealthy surroundings (Memphis, Tn) and instability. When I spoke with the recruiter and she said, “The Navy has a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ with drugs, I knew it was time to handle business. I PROMISE I gave up the smoking and got a pharmaceutical government job at McKesson. I had to take a drug test in August with Select Staffing, in Memphis, Tn, to obtain the job. I passed it with flying colors. Also, I took numerous of drug tests with my recruiter and passed each one. Then, took two urinalysis exams for MEPS; once while getting my examination and the other before I shipped off. I don’t understand how I failed! Plus if there was still THC in my system it wasn’t from smoking while enlisting nor while in DEP. It came from being a heavy smoker before I decided to join the Navy.

It is scientifically proven that the length of time it takes to remove THC completely from your body depends on the amount that you consume each day. I was a Heavy Smoker, smoking a plethora of grams a day or every other day. The length of time varies, due to different smokers and different bodies. It also proves, that if you are a heavy smoker, it could take anywhere from two months to seven months. Maybe Even More! The marijuana that was used before considering the Navy enlistment shouldn’t be used against me, for I wasn’t a product of the NAVY until August 20, 2009. The day that I signed myself over should’ve been the THC considering factor. I was in DEP for two months, and once again, I Did Not Smoke. If it takes almost 2 months to 7 months or more to remove a heavy smokers THC, why didn’t the Navy check the levels of THC before enlisting and when we arrived for Training.

I was constantly passing all of my drug tests from my recruiter, MEPS, and my job. If I would have known that it took longer for THC to leave my system and the urinalysis given to me everywhere else didn’t mean anything, I would’ve waited and tried to check my THC levels. Passing every drug test prior to shipping off really gave me confidence that I was THC free and I was done with weed. I even tried to fight my case in Training. I was willing to do anything to stay. I agreed to drug test, appearing before the board, and I even requested to respectfully to appear before the Captain. The most important thing to me was appearing before the Captain, so he would understand how sincere and passionate I was about returning back to my division. I felt I was falsely accused of drug abuse and my THC level.

I’ve sent a DD293 before in 2010 and this is my second time submitting one. I never received a letter or email stating if I was denied or approved of the code & narrative reason change. I’m not going to give up and I will keep sending paperwork until I get a response. I know it’s almost been three years since I was discharged, so I’m mailing and faxing this before you may say it’s too late. I’m clean as a whistle and if I was to be drug tested right now, it would show up as 0% THC. Everyone deserves a second chance!

7. Dare to Be Deep

Dare to be Deep: CPAWS has identified 12 marine areas that are excellent candidates for protection.

These are amazing places that nurture fish stocks and shelter endangered species like Right and Blue whales, tufted puffins and leatherback turtles. This petition is to get 12 marine protected areas (MPAs) by the end of 2012!

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is a non-profit, grassroots-based conservation organization and Canada’s voice for wilderness since 1963.

Our vision is to protect at least 50% of Canada’s wilderness and oceans. Our British Columbia chapter is one of 13 across Canada.

8. Tests For Persian Gulf Illness Veterans

Do you care about veterans and would like to help many in some small way?

Signing this petition is that WAY you can do just that!
New tests PROVE injury to Persian Gulf Illness Veterans.

A brain scan reported Sep 15 2011 to show brain injury in PGI Vets. A SKY blood test shows chromosome damage in PGI Vets. Yet the CDC which VA follows, has now limited how many symptoms PGI Vets are actually related to PG Illness.

You can go to the website link and see many articles or videos about this subject. Please do! You can show some support and encouragement for PGI Vets that visit that page also! Please do! It is visited by PGI Vets globally.

So with the new tests available, PGI Vets can have their injury rated for compensation and move for treatment research for such injury. Any money now given for research to PGI is only going to be on what symptoms are being recognized as related to PGI.

This is why PGI Vets should have the new tests done. Please sign this petition and share with others to tell the legislature to pass a law for PGI Vets to be tested with the new tests. Thank you for your support! PLEASE share this petition with others!

9. Support the Crocodile Islands Ranger Program

The Crocodile Islands Rangers are the last line of defence for the breeding and nesting sites of endangered species, heritage areas, endangered indigenous language and traditional ecological knowledge, the jewel of countless generations of intimate co-existence with the marine environment in the Northern Territory of Australia.

10. Riviera Maya - Help Save our Marine Ecosystem

The marine ecosystems of the Riviera Maya are facing a crisis - overfishing and irresponsible tourism practices, in combination with the lack of designated marine park protected areas are killing our reef and marine life.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, second largest in the world, is an International Protected Area. However, the section adjacent to the popular tourist destination of Playa del Carmen, remains unprotected.

The dive community, together with concerned global citizens, can make a difference. We are petitioning local and federal government to regulate responsibly, with concern for the environment.

11. BP - Save Our Oceans!

On April 20th, 2010, an oil rig called the Deepwater Horizon exploded in the waters off of Lousiana, killing 11 people and injuring 17 others. Oil seeped into our oceans, and has yet to come to an end.

Though BP placed a cap on the well, it is not capturing all of the oil that is flowing. 597 birds to date have been found dead due to the oil spill and the numbers are rising. Even dolphins, sharks, fish, and turtles are suffering from this tragic event.

This petition is meant to tell BP that they are held responsible for what has happened and no matter where the fault lies, it happened on their watch.

We are already facing enough of a crisis with global warming and this has added to it. Please BP, take care of the problem, stop the flow of oil, then help our oceans, our marine life, the gulf, and EVERYONE impacted to recover.

12. Say NO! to Offshore Oil Exploration/Extraction in Belize

In response to the signing and intention to start Offshore Oil Exploration and Harvesting in Belize, the Government has chosen to embark on large scale agreements with international Oil Companies to start Offshore Exploration off the Coast of Belize.

Instead of steering toward more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, they are advocating tapping into our strategic natural resources and protective areas, a measure that not only endangers the life forms around said areas but steals the future from our children and provides only a very short term benefit for our country and the companies that will be harvesting the oil.

The Government demeans our system with claims of progress and practicing political maneuvers that work behind closed doors instead of cooperating with the Conservation groups in Belize and abroad.

Download the full pdf version at

Keep an eye on the spill here:

13. Free Tilikum, and Other Captive Marine Mammals

This petition has been created to show SeaWorld how many people are for the release of their captive marine mammals. Statistics have shown that captive orcas only live around 20 years on average; a far cry from the 60 years of wild orcas.

These intelligent, powerful animals are reduced to sideshow attractions; no better than the dancing bear attractions, that are now banned.

Together we can provide a voice for these animals, and help them be rehabilitated and moved to sea pens where they can live out the rest of their lives without the stresses of performing.

14. Let LCPL Dustin J. Anderson come home

Dustin has wanted to be a Marine his entire life. He left for bootcamp June '07, attended S.O.I. and then was placed in a unit at Camp Pendleton, California. Before leaving for his first deployment in May '08 they were given leave, as is standard, but their leave was severely shortened due to training schedules and other circumstances, he was only home for about a week.

Now while on a 6 month deployment, living on a ship, ALL he had to think about was coming home to see his family. Since returning in November he has stayed on base to save all his leave for Christmas, 23 days. Now brought up under "hazing" charges he is not being permitted to come home. His leave was already approved (on Dec 1st), his father had already bought him a plane ticket home. His fiancé's father was flying him with their family to see her grandmother for Christmas because this is probably going to be her last one. His mother (single mother) just yesterday had someone very close to her pass away.

His family needs him to come home this Christmas, but he's not being permitted to. Of course the "superior" that made this decision, after NJPing these boys, immediately left base to go spend the holidays with his family and is not taking phone calls.

15. Stop Proposed Sydney Marine Park

A Plan has been released to the state government for a proposed Marine Park Stretching from South Sydney up to the Central coast.

If this marine park was to go ahead recreational and commercial fishing WILL banned.

16. Marine Conservation Centre for Ireland

The Irish Seal Sanctuary has been working to build a Marine Conservation and Education Centre for Ireland. This Centre will continue the rescue and rehab. work of the ISS.

It will provide opportunities for further education, research, conservation projects, community outreach. It will provide training for dealing with oiled wildlife and provide a location to spearhead a response to a spill.

The funding has been identified, the site and planning permission passed, the plans drawn up, Fingal County Council now need to allow the building to commence.

The ISS have freely assisted Fingal with their expertise, when called upon by Fingal.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary is Ireland's only marine wildlife rescue organisation run entirely by volunteers, from a private back garden. It needs to move to a purpose built facility to continue to work and grow.

You can learn more about our work on

17. Save the Manatee!

Manatees are magnificent marine mammals. However, they are very fragile. We need to do more to protect the manatees. It is estimated that 25% of all Florida manatee deaths are due to boating accidents. That is unfathomable.

There needs to be more signs to steer boaters away from manatees. If there is an area that is frequently inhabited by manatees, then that area should prohibit any boaters from entering. No more “Caution” signs. There are way too many reckless boaters out there that, if cautioned, would still be too inattentive. All caution zones should be changed into no entry zones.

Way too many manatees are dying due recklessness and it needs to stop!

18. Support Sgt Rafael Peralta and His Family




19. Protect our coral reefs!

Please sign this. This petition is asking for greater federal protection, by law, of coral reefs.

Coral reefs are a vital part of the marine ecosystem and due to boats, global warming, pollution, and other causes, coral reefs are starting to die off. There is only one coral reef in all of America! I am lucky enough to observe this ecosystem [and not do damage to it] and i want my children and my grandchildren to be able to do the same instead of looking in books and at movies of what used to be a beautiful thing.

Also, if the coral reef is harmed then it hurts things as small as a clown fish to things as large as a blue whale. I hope you will sign this petition asking for greater coral reef protection.

I may only be 13 years old but it doesn't matter. I am a citizen who is passionate about this subject and this is what is right.

20. Support The Proposal For Lolita's Retirement!

Lolita, also known as Tokitae, is an old female orca living in Maimi Seaquarium. She was captured along with other members of her family on August 8th, 1970 in Puget Sound.

During the capture, four whales were killed, and seven young whales were captured. One of the seven whales was named "Tokitae", which is Chinook for "Beautiful Day". She is now known as Lolita, and for 30 years she has lived at Miami Seaquarium in the oldest and smallest tank in the country.

Her cousin, Hugo, used to share a tank with her, but he died from a brain hemorrhage after bashing his head against the walls of his tank. Lolita has been alone ever since.

Proposal Draft:

21. Capture of wild dolphins and whales should be ILLEGAL

Only a few months ago, 28 live dolphins were captured from the Solomon islands, and headed for a marine park in Dubai. Already, 4 discarded dolphin carcasses have been discovered, and activists fear the worst for the remaining dolphins. Those that survive will be condemned to a life in slavery.

Dolphins are living, breathing creatures. They form loving bonds with their families in the wild, and they are extremely intelligent. Yet governments just treat them as an object; merely a form of profit.

Activists have called for the release of the dolphins, yet the Solomon Islands government claims that they had been working too long on this deal to stop.

22. Stop dolphin Slaughter

The dolphin culling has been happening for a while now in Japanese waters. We should all unite to help stop it...

If we don't, our dolphin numbers will decrease until they are extinct. Please help the dolphins.

23. Stop Lafayette From Polluting Our Seas

August 4, 2006

In many places, pollution from mining operations damages marine habitats and contaminates seafood consumed by local people, threatening our oceans and ultimately ourselves and our future.

In the Philippines, Bicol's immensely beautiful marine environment and its fragile sea creatures face a grave threat—toxic pollution and siltation caused by mining operations in Rapu Rapu Island in Albay.

The pristine waters of the Bicol region are acknowledged as the feeding grounds and migratory route of the whale shark, the largest fish in the sea. It is also home to five of the seven known marine turtles in the world, and its rich seagrass beds and mangroves, which make for a high marine biodiversity index, have turned the area into exceptionally rich fishing grounds for the region's fishermen.

The Philippine government allowed Australian firm Lafayette Philippines Inc to start the extraction of gold, silver, copper and zinc within Rapu Rapu in April 2005 despite strong opposition from local and national groups concerned that toxic mine tailings will be released into the sea. Clearly, the island is a dangerous place for a mine: not only is it situated along the country's typhoon belt, but also along a major fault, making it a high-risk area for mining catastrophes. During its few - months of operation, the mining company showed negligence and government agencies, such as the Environmental Management Bureau and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, failed to act on behalf of the people and environment. In October and November 2005, cyanide and other contaminants from the mine spilled into the sea and around the island, resulting in massive fish kills.

On May 19, 2006, a government-commissioned report recommended canceling the license of Lafayette in Rapu Rapu and a moratorium on all mining at Rapu Rapu. Greenpeace is running a petition to President Gloria Arroyo to follow the recommendations of the Rapu Rapu Factfinding Commission.

The Greenpeace petition calls for permanent closure of the mine and obligation or Lafayette to clean and rehabilitate the mine site so that further damage can be avoided.

24. Defend II Lt. Ilario Pantano against Injustice

II Lt. IIlario Pantano. Marine Corps. A Hells Kitchen, Manhattannative, Father of two including a four month old daughter, is being brought up on charges of pre-meditated murder when in self-defense he shot and killed Two Iraqi insurgents in the hostile city of Fallujah.

He is facing a Article 32 hearing and if charged could face the Death Penalty. The incident occurred on April 15, 2004. II Lt.Pantano was leading his platoon in a search for weapons and insurgents, to a suspected hide-out/weapons cash near Baghdad. The search yielded several weapons, ammunition, and materials such as nails that could be used to make home-made bombs. During the search, two insurgents ran out of the building and attempted flee the scene in their truck.

The insurgent vehicle was stopped. Lt. Pantano told the men to search the truck themselves, as bombs and booby-traps were suspected. The men began acting nervously and tried to run away. Pantano ordered them both to stop in Arabic, they refused and acting quickly for his and his platoons safety shot them.

Lt. Pantano's commanders conducted an investigation, which valiadted his actions. He continued to serve his tour of duty, then returned to the United States to Camp Lejeune. It was not until an as yet to be named enlisted marine that was under Lt.Pantano's command during the incident, filed a complaint against Lt. Pantano that raised an eyebrow over the April 2004 combat incident. The enlisted man filed the complaint months after the shootings took place.

Sign the petition, Free Pantano
the petition will be sent to President G.W Bush in 15 days.

25. Safeguard our Sea-Life

Safeguard our sea life.

The seas around the UK's coasts are increasingly overfished, over-trafficked and over-developed - but crucially under-protected - our precious seas are dying from neglect. Your support today will help safeguard our sea life.

More than half of the UK's wildlife depends on the health of the seas around our coasts. However, the UK's seas, feeding grounds to some of our most spectacular seabirds such as gannets, shearwaters and puffins, have very little protection under UK law.

Unlike on land, there are very few protected areas in the marine environment. This means that some of our most precious wildlife, including dolphins, corals and seahorses, is at risk from over-exploitation and the damaging effects of development.

It's unthinkable that all this beauty, and all these natural resources should be squandered through lack of adequate protection.

More than half of all the wildlife in the UK lives in - or depends upon - the seas. Under domestic legislation, there are only three tiny marine nature reserves around our coast, compared with thousands of Sites of Special Scientific Interest on land. Up to half the fish caught by fishing vessels are routinely thrown back dead.

Better protection for wildlife at sea. The RSPB is campaigning alongside other wildlife organisations for comprehensive marine legislation to protect the marine environment.

Sign our petition.

Please sign the RSPB petition calling for better laws for marine protection. Your name, along with thousands of others, will be presented to the UK Government in 2005 to demonstrate the breadth of support for better protection for our seas.

Our rich world of sea life must be protected.

26. Protect Alaska's Bristol BAy


Bristol Bay, nestled just north of Alaska's Aleutian Island chain, is described by the National Marine Fisheries Service as the "single most important region of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf for the conservation of marine mammals and endangered species and the protection and management of fishery resources." It has been protected from offshore oil and gas drilling for the last fourteen years. Now, however, it has become a primary target for drilling. A key U.S. Senate committee recently proposed deleting the longstanding, bipartisan protections for Bristol Bay, despite White House support for extended protections.

The living marine resources and global ecological significance of Bristol Bay far outweigh its projected oil and gas value. Bristol Bay:

- shelters the world's largest run of sockeye salmon, a key halibut nursery conservation area, and important herring and king crab fisheries, all of which are mainstays of the regional economy;
- provides the migration corridor for millions of adult salmon and the migration and feeding habitat for numerous seabirds and marine mammals;
- is virtually surrounded by a critical coastal habitat for marine mammals, including the world's premier walrus breeding areas;
- shelters one of the largest eelgrass beds on the planet, Izembek Lagoon, an underwater meadow crucial to the bay's fish, birds, and invertebrates.

This tremendous concentration of wildlife is threatened by routine drilling discharges and accidental spills from proposed offshore drilling operations and risky tankering of oil.

Fortunately, the House of Representatives has voted to extend the moratorium protecting Bristol Bay for another year, so debate over the protections should continue this September, when a joint House-Senate conference committee is expected to take up the issue.

Bristol Bay won a reprieve from the dangers of offshore drilling once before, when 23 oil leases there were relinquished by the petroleum industry soon after the tragic Exxon-Valdez tanker spill devastated Alaska's Prince William Sound. The people and wildlife of Prince William Sound still have not recovered from the 1989 spill, and yet the oil industry now wants to risk an even bigger catastrophe in Bristol Bay, where seasonal broken sea ice, fierce storms, and rough ocean conditions would make oil spill cleanup impossible. The wildlife of Bristol Bay needs your help!!
*Note, the petition may be sent to other senators depending on who signs it!

27. Stop the Navy from Using Marine Life

Sources say the Navy decided to acknowledge the experiment, at least in part, because the sea lions were making so much noise in their pens at Bahrain harbor, home of the Navy's largest facility in the Persian Gulf.
Sea lions are not native to those waters and typically bark loudly when excited. There was no way their presence, officials decided, could be kept secret. No final decision has been made on whether the sea lions will stay.

The animals — along with dolphins and a beluga whale or two — are trained as part of the Navy's Marine Mammal Program in San Diego. They are trained to hunt for mines, to locate objects lost in deep water and to provide harbor security.

Intelligence officials have warned repeatedly about the threat of terrorists using divers to blow up ships. That's what both the sea lions and the dolphins are trained to deal with, among other things.

Working with human handlers, the sea lions are trained to locate unexpected swimming intruders, to snap a locking clamp on an arm or leg, then leave.

The clamp is connected to a rope and signal buoy that humans with guns would then reel up, presumably pulling up a human on the other end. In theory, the animals would not be hurt. Their contact with a potential terrorist — who would presumably be surprised — would last only an instant as they briefly made contact.

Eric Jensen, a veterinarian with the Navy program said: "When you study the animals and you come to realize what they can do in their own environment, the aquatic environment, it's no surprise that we have not been able to build a machine that can do what they do."

Sea Lions, Unlike Dolphins, Can Battle the Elements

Why sea lions?

During the Persian Gulf War and several times after, the Navy used specially trained dolphins to pull harbor guard duty. But their handlers discovered as the weather heated up and the water got warmer in the Gulf, the dolphins became sluggish and far less effective.

Officials say sea lions do not appear to be bothered as much by rising water temperature and they have one other advantage. Unlike a dolphin, a sea lion could continue chasing an enemy — if it came to that — onto dry land.

28. Compensation For Merchant Marine & Native Veterans

Our father is a War Vet with the first WWW2, Merchant Marine, Korean War and a Indian.Our father did not receive compensation as a merchant marine or as an Indian during his duty to Canada.Our father died in 1992 so when the money came along he had passed away.Our mother did not receive any benifits either. We are asking the people of Canada to help us in obtaining funds under these measures.

We are hoping that the money that was given to merchant marine and the the money given to a native who was in the war but never recognized will be given to his children.If our mother was alive at the time the money was given out she would have received it for the merchant marines. We understand that had our father was alive he would have received compensation for being an Indian during the war as well. All we want is compensation that is owed to our family as it was not easy growing up in poverty an living off the reserve.
We hope that the people of Canada will help us in this endeavour.

Thank You
The Children of
Private Gerald Harquail