#Human Rights

The cruise ship 'Ruby Princess' is being forced to leave Australia by this Sunday the 19th April 2020.
What authorities have forgotten is that this cruise ship is in need of our help! They're being abandoned by politicians and local authorities.
Don't allow these people to be abandoned when they need us most. They are being forced to leave so that someone else can deal with the terrible problem that they are facing with the Covid-19 virus.

Dear followers,

We've heard from news reports that the State Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and state police forces are forcing the cruise ship 'Ruby Princess' to leave by this Sunday the 19th April 2020 with so many crew still unwell. Many of them are still infected with Coronavirus.

You could help by emailing the premier and asking others to do the same asking for humanitarian reasons, help those who want to fly home, test everyone and don’t sail the ship until every single person has been tested and cleared of the virus.

I propose that each of us voice our concern to State Premier by sending an email to her at gladys.berejiklian@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

Thank you so much for all of your continued support and prayers.

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