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An inn, the "Tumble Down Dick" has been present on the Farnborough Road since the 17th Century, with connections to Richard Cromwell, and being the central focus of the town before its 20th century development.Since the closure of The Tumbledown Dick Hotel in 2008, the current owners have allowed the pub to fall into a terrible state of disrepair and we have now discovered the pub has been sold to McDonald's Restaurants!


We, the undersigned, wish to stop the demolition of the former Tumbledown Dick Public House, a historically significant building dating from at least the 18th century.

In 2008, the Tumbledown Dick Public House was closed by the landlord. Over the last four years this beautiful historic, and much needed, building has deteriorated and is now left in a dilapidated state.

We, The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick, are campaigning to save this historic building, have it refurbished and modernised, so that it can once again be opened and used by the people of Rushmoor as a valued community, music and arts venue.

We ask you to sign this petition calling on Rushmoor Borough Council to act on behalf of the residents to block the sale by the current owners to McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. to ensure that the building is not demolished, irrevocably changed or turned into a McDonald’s franchise, but is instead made available to the community to run and deliver much needed services from.

Please help us to achieve our goals by adding your signature to ours.

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