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1. Save The Little Albion, Broadstairs

The Little Albion, a lovely family friendly pub in Broadstairs, Kent is to have its license reviewed by Thanet District Council on 10th August 2017 due to applications and complaints by a few local residents on the grounds of prevention of public nuisance.

The new owner has done a fantastic job of turning the venue around in the past year, however a few residents are asking for this lovely pub to be closed which will mean a loss of jobs and a facility which is enjoyed by many in the local community. The loss of this pub to the majority of locals would be devastating, the entertainment has been fantastic in bringing in both regulars and further afield patrons.

The owner has complied with everything asked of them and is hoping that this will be enough.

Too many pubs are closing, therefore we need to try and preserve this local pub.
We need to show Thanet District Council the strength of feeling towards this application and we urge you to sign our petition.

2. Save the Cherry Tree Pub Campaign

The Cherry Tree Pub is situated on the tip of the Woodston community in Peterborough. The doors were closed by land owners Milton Estates in November 2016 and have remained shut despite interested parties expressing an interest to take it on.
The building consists of two bars, lower floor space, a large function room and a beer garden full of trees, hedgerows and local wildlife.
It has an charming façade which draws the eye as you walk along Oundle Road either into town or heading back towards the local streets.
The actual date of build is unknown at this time but its thought to be around 200 years old as there are maps showing its existence from around the 1840s.
So what makes this lively pub so special?
The spacious and beautiful beer garden where children can play well away from the busy main road so the parents can rest at ease knowing all is safe and well.
If you are an away football fan - then you will have had a beer at the Cherry Tree - on your way to a Peterborough United game.
And for those who have reached and passed retirement age - this pub was a safe venue for you to eat and chat and talk. A way of breaking the silence if you live alone.
Another major claim for the pub - it has promoted live music throughout the recent years which has seen many bands go on to bigger and better things.
The Cherry Tree pub, fosters greater local activity and brings residents, the local business community and smaller organisations together to improve the quality of life in their area.
The Cherry Tree is much, missed asset of the Woodston community and our aim is to hear its heart beating once more.

3. Support the Laurel Rooftop

The Laurel Rooftop has become a huge part of the Ascot Vale community over the past 5 years since it opened, hosting talented local musicians and providing a safe and friendly environment for the neighborhood to enjoy. The hotel has been around for over 150 years.

Unfortunately, effective immediately, the Mooney Valley City Council have enforced harsh restrictions on the Laurel Rooftop. The new curfew means closing the rooftop at 10pm daily including weekends and bans any amplified music. This includes even background music on our own sound system. So you can imagine the lack of atmosphere as a result of this and not even being able to finish watching the Friday night footy match.

Please help us get back our late night hours and be able to have live acoustic music and DJ’s on preferred nights. Please sign your name as support. We have a VCAT Hearing on 10th July in which we hope to be able to alter these hours and the amplified music restrictions.

4. Keep the covenant on The Aclet Hotel & Our Community Hub

The Aclet Hotel has been a huge part of the local and visiting community for many years, it has provided people with a community environment to ensure social inclusion.

THE SALE of THE ACLET HOTEL Bishop Auckland , I have been informed (not confirmed) that an offer has been made by a large company with finances to do their best to have the Covenant removed from this building, meaning we will most likely lose a wonderful building, local community hub and more.

People gain support in finding work due to the array of people frequenting The Aclet Hotel. To no longer have this wonderful building imprinted on the landscape would be a travesty. In order for us, the residents to ensure we do not lose the heart of our community.

5. Cefnogi Llanffest / Supporting Llanffest

Helpwch alleogi Llanffest i parhau a tyfu!

Help Llanffest continue and thrive!

6. Safeguard the Five Ways Public House Nottingham

The Five Ways Public House has recently been sold and we understand that this Grade 2 listed building is to become a Muslim Education & community activity centre.

Planning permission is yet to be submitted at the time of writing this petition, according to the Nottingham City Council website.

Our concerns ( local residents ) is the future of the grade 2 listed interior and exterior design. We are also concerned regarding future use and believe that the Five Ways should remain a pub as determined by the current planning status.

Please sign and share this petition in order to strengthen our position during the consultation phase of any future planning permission.

Many Thanks.

7. Change Tommy Flynns Back to The Robinson Crusoe

The Robinson Crusoe public House in Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London N16 was named after the book written by one of Stoke Newington's most famous residents, Daniel Defoe. There is a pub in the area called the Daniel Defoe. But, the Tommy Flynn Group have now taken over the Robinson Crusoa and renamed it "Tommy Flynns".

The residents, ex-residents, and visitors to the pub from outside the area, are extremely upset that the pub has now changed names. Everyone knows the Robbie, as it is affectionately called by the locals, and is a famous landmark. Stoke Newington is steeped in history and those who live/lived in Stoke Newington are proud of its history. We do not want it to be wiped out of the history books. It must be kept.

This petition is to show The Tommy Flynn Group that we, the people, are not in favour of the name change and would like the name to revert back to the Robinson Crusoe. Surely, the name can revert back and "Tommy Flynns" be placed in brackets beside or beneath it or in another way?

8. Stop Greene King's new plans to change The Blenheim Public House

Greene King are due to take back the lease of the Blenheim Pub and make it into an "Eatery". This has been done previously in the past without success.

If the plans go ahead the current managers will have to leave and the style and running of the pub will change dramatically with negative consequence.

Regulars will lose entertainment and more importantly the future atmosphere of the pub will kill the camaraderie of the customers both young and old.

9. Save the Pear Tree Pub Hildersham

The Pear Tree pub in Hildersham, Cambridgeshire has been at the heart of our village community for decades. In August the pub closed to customers due to "broken cellar coolers" but the owner (who has only had the pub for 18 months) has continued to assure us that they would re-open in the new year.

However, on 3rd December 2013 a planning application was lodged with South Cambridgeshire District Council to change the use from a pub to a German furniture shop! The work, that has already started, to convert the pub to a shop is not appropriate for a building within the Conservation Area.

Although Hildersham has a beautiful church, the pub is the only amenity within the community where people can eat, drink and meet up with others. It is vitally important that this facility is not taken away from the local community.

We need to show South Cambridgeshire District Council the strength of feeling towards this application and we urge you to sign our petition.

Thank you for your support.


An inn, the "Tumble Down Dick" has been present on the Farnborough Road since the 17th Century, with connections to Richard Cromwell, and being the central focus of the town before its 20th century development.Since the closure of The Tumbledown Dick Hotel in 2008, the current owners have allowed the pub to fall into a terrible state of disrepair and we have now discovered the pub has been sold to McDonald's Restaurants!

11. Save The George pub, E5

The George pub, 171 Glyn Rd, E5 0JT is the subject of a planning application to turn it into a block of nine private residential flats.

Although it closed as a pub several years ago, it has since been a vibrant site for privately run music nights and performances, community celebrations and even a wedding. It has also played host to local and international artists and musicians.

Visit our website

We want to retain this Victorian pub as a resource for the community and call on Hackney Council to refuse planning permission for a residential development.

12. Bring Taxi Service to Grindrod B.C.

Small community 12km from Enderby with a pub and many senior residents needs taxi service. Taxi service stops 4 km short of the community! (more info added tomorrow).

13. Keep Open the Robin Hood with its recreational facilities

Dear customers & friends of the village and Robin Hood pub.

Since Kerry, Katrina and Jon have moved to the Robin Hood, they have turned the Pub around 100% from what it used to be. The Pub has come back to life and this is the feedback we are getting from everybody.

However, there are certain persons in the village who are determined to close the Pub or at least the facilities by spreading malicious rumours i.e. outside rock bands every Saturday night (UNTRUE), outside bar for seating 30/40 people (UNTRUE). This seems to be a re-occurring event with all past landlords.
If we cannot resolve this then we will lose all our summer trade.

There are 8 pubs a week closing down because of loss of profits, DON'T LET THIS BE ANOTHER ONE.

14. We Support the Management of the Bold Forester Pub Mansfield

As per recent reports, the licensing panel of Mansfield District Council imposed a licence suspension of 6 weeks on the Bold Forester following a request by Nottinghamshire police asking the council to review their license. This followed the supposed sale of alcohol to an underage boy, who spent time in various pubs and an off licence in Mansfield, before fatally attacking an innocent man with other youths.

Although we in no way support the sale of alcohol to underage children, we wish to show our support for the well managed and respectable pub we know.

15. Save Arch Bar in Hulme

Arch Bar in Hulme was a great community resource but sadly there were occasional problems on the door. It has been closed for two years. We have lost the legendary Russell Club (aka the Factory, aka the PSV) and far too many pubs to mention... There's nowhere left for the community to meet! (Very few places, anyway.)

The Cavendish pub has now closed, having been sold by the owners last week. It is rumoured that it will become a fast food outlet. THIS IS ALL THE MORE REASON TO SAVE THE ARCH.

We are nearing "tipping point" in Hulme, past which the local community will be swamped by transient young people who have no roots and who are generally encouraged to keep themselves apart from the local populace (e.g., local pubs).

We know that MMU plans to build up to 900 student spaces, according to their own "Impact Assessment Report", and yet we've just had the announcement of a private 672-space block that's going to be built on Coupland Street, near Birley Fields.

We're not anti-student - so many people in Hulme are ex-students that it would be daft to be so - but we are concerned about keeping a viable community going in Hulme. There are few enough venues for going out, or having meetings or running workshops. The Arch Bar could be a great resource for the community - don't let the Council cave in to the first money-making scheme that comes along.

The people of Hulme deserve better!

The planning application report can be viewed here:

Or else try [www_manchester_gov_uk]

14th January 2010: LATEST NEWS

The Planning Dept. made a "site visit" in the morning, when they actually GOT OFF THE COACH (a very rare occasion) and later in the day the deferred the decision. The next planning meeting is mid-February. Please join the "Our Hulme" email group if you want to be involved in the campaign to save the Arch and to resist the saturation of student blocks. (Post a message to me on here if you want to be added to the group.)

Thanks for all your support so far. The first thing that happened at the start of the meeting was that the Chair defensively declared that "there's no such thing as a done deal here", quoting from a local activist's Twitter update of that day. They are now aware that there are genuine concerns from the local community about the proposals.

16. Save The Central Public House

To stop the brewery closing the central.

17. Save The Tumbledown Venue

This petition is to stop the closure of the venue at The Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough.

Over the past few decades the venue at The Tumbledown has been a host to hundreds of local and not so local music acts.

The likes of The Jam, Hundred Reasons, Reuben & The Selecter have all passed through the doors at early stages in their careers and The Tumbledown was proud to still be consistently supportive of new and upcoming bands.

However the current owners, Spirit Group Ltd., have decided to convert the entire building into a pub-restaurant the likes of which proliferate about the Farnborough area.

We find this viewpoint extremely short-sighted.

Due to a lack of company expenditure the venue has become tired and ill-fitting but with Spirit's publicised spend of circa £1m it would be easy to push this venue toward a much more community orientated venture.

In a town devoid of cultural stimulation or an outlet of creativity would it not be foolish to lose a venue so ideally positioned and capable of sustaining such growth?

By signing this petition you hereby state you support and want The Tumbledown venue to stay and be improved upon and not to simply be converted into another generic pub-restaurant.

Spirit Group need local support to run a successful pub.
Without the locals, there will be no trade.
Our voices will be heard.

18. Keep The Highway Public House in Hoddesdon open

The Highway public house in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire is at risk of losing its license to trade because of a recent police drugs raid.

The raid resulted in only 2 arrests, both of which were for possession of illegal substances and were later released by the police.

The size of the raid and resulting action was disproportionate to both the size and character of this family oriented pub. The pub licensees, Ian and Sue Bradford have never condoned the use or dealing of drugs of any kind on their premises and would immediately bar anyone caught doing so.

The Highway is a responsibly run, friendly, non violent venue, which accommodates family clientèle with their children, including the licensee's own.

Action resulting in closure of the pub would be tragic, as it is a pillar of the local community and would ruin their continuing work for the Royal British Legion charity.

19. עצומה להקמת פאב ללא-עישון בחיפה

הגיע הזמן להראות למשקיעים, יזמים ובעלי פאבים בחיפה שיש קהל אדיר
של אנשים בטווח גילאי הסטודנטים (בערך 18 עד 32) שרוצים לצאת לבלות
בערב, לשתות כוס בירה ולדבר עם חברים בלי לצאת מסריחים מצחנת סיגריות

השינוי תלוי רק בנו! המהפכה תבוא רק אם ניקח פעולה
!לידיים וניתן עדיפות בוטה לפאב שאוסר עישון

לא נתפשר על איכות האוכל,
לא על איכות האלכוהול
ולא על איכות חיינו ובריאותנו

לשאלות פנו לאימייל

העצומה התרחבה ונוספו שותפים חדשים לפרוייקט! עקב כך עברנו לאתר חדש
אנא גלשו וחיתמו שם

20. Petition against the redevelopment of The Intrepid Fox pub

Update: September 18, 2006

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed. Results will be posted in due course.


The Intrepid Fox pub on Wardour Street in Soho is a landmark for the alternative / rock/ goth movement of London. There has been a pub at that location since 1784.

The property has recently been sold and news has only now been made public that the landlord and staff have just a few weeks to vacate the premises.

It is believed that the property has been sold to a company to develop into flats.