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1. Get a Walmart or McDonald's in Shelburne NS

With all the closures in Shelburne this week I was thinking about a way I could make a difference to keep Shelburne alive and make a change, and my first thought was to run for mayor and make the change myself. But of course that involves and election and who knows when we will have one of those and Shelburne needs change NOW, before it is wiped off the map (Literally).

So my second thought, which is something that might actually work if everyone cooperates on this, and that is to create a petition with signatures on it and email it to the head offices of McDonald's and Walmart showing them that we want this stuff and we need the big businesses here.

We need some kind of attraction and change here as soon we will have no tourists and NO businesses here. We need some kind of attraction besides Lobsters. We need something that is open late like a 24hr McDonald's, or a walmart. We need competiton and we need change NOW!

This petition is open to residents of Shelburne and area who want to see progress.

2. Bring Back Mcdonald's Pizzas

I remember as a child ordering this delicious item from the menu from McDonald's and would love to re-live those glorious moments!

And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

3. Bring back the Rib!

The McRib is a barbecue-flavored piece of pork sandwich periodically sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's. It was first introduced to the McDonald's menu in 1981, following test marketing the year before.

After poor sales, it was removed from the menu in 1985. McRib was reintroduced in 1989, staying on the menu until 2005 in many countries.

Since 2006, it has been made available for a short time each year, typically during the Fall season.


4. McDonald's Stop Feeding Are Kids Junk Food: Get Healthier Options





I have been wrestling with what I can do personally that would make a difference. I have reached out to a couple of groups and will go to some meetings.

I am also thinking about going old school. Real old school. I have been listening to the speeches of one of my personal heroes; the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and he used this tactic very effectively even if it started small and took time to spread.

6. Stop McDonald's Employees from Having to Work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Holidays are days of the year set aside, designated to spend with our friends and loved ones. All year we work hard to support ourselves and our families and we sacrifice our time with them in order to do so.

We look forward to Holidays in order to take a step back and appreciate those in our lives. Yet employees at select McDonald's locations will not receive that time. These McDonald's locations will be remaining open and in business 24 hours on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as New Years Eve and New Years Day.

These employees are students, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who will not get to experience the joys of the holidays with their own families because of the greediness of the McDonald's Corporation. Please help those employees, who remain loyal to McDonald's, to be given the Holidays with their families.


An inn, the "Tumble Down Dick" has been present on the Farnborough Road since the 17th Century, with connections to Richard Cromwell, and being the central focus of the town before its 20th century development.Since the closure of The Tumbledown Dick Hotel in 2008, the current owners have allowed the pub to fall into a terrible state of disrepair and we have now discovered the pub has been sold to McDonald's Restaurants!

8. No McDonald's in Sandgate

The 4017 community had success in objecting to a McDonald's store, as proposed for the corner of Board and Kift Streets in Deagon, in 2011. Brisbane City Council did not support the application and McDonalds withdrew their proposal.

Within twelve months of the aforementioned community success, it is rumoured that McDonalds have purchased 69 Rainbow Street, and plan for a McDonald's store in the heart of Sandgate. The site is within 100 metres of the local school, within walking distance of independently owned burger shops, and community housing flats. The nearest McDonald's store to Sandgate is only seven minutes drive to Bracken Ridge.

This community has clearly said no to the McDonalds fast food corporation. Sign this petition and help our community keep McDonalds out of Sandgate.

9. Bring the McRib back to Australia!

So many of my friends want the McRib burger back in Australia.

My brother has just returned from the United States where it has just been re-released for a limited time and could not get enough of them.

There is a real ground swell of hunger for this much loved and dearly missed king of burgers.

10. Cheeseburger prices need to be brought back down

Cheeseburgers are overpriced. $2.60 for a cheeseburger is unacceptable. Cheeseburgers need to stay at $2, there is no need to raise the price.

11. Corporations must not dictate public health policy

According to The Guardian: “The Department of Health is putting the fast food companies McDonald's and KFC and processed food and drink manufacturers such as PepsiCo, Kellogg's, Unilever, Mars and Diageo at the heart of writing government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease.

In an overhaul of public health, said by campaign groups to be the equivalent of handing smoking policy over to the tobacco industry, health secretary Andrew Lansley has set up five 'responsibility deal' networks with business, co-chaired by ministers, to come up with policies.

The groups are dominated by food and alcohol industry members, who have been invited to suggest measures to tackle public health crises. The alcohol responsibility deal network is chaired by the head of the lobby group the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. The food network to tackle diet and health problems includes processed food manufacturers, fast food companies, and Compass, the catering company famously pilloried by Jamie Oliver for its school menus of turkey twizzlers. The food deal's sub-group on calories is chaired by PepsiCo, owner of Walkers crisps.

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, the leading liver specialist and until recently president of the Royal College of Physicians, said he was very concerned by the emphasis on voluntary partnerships with industry.......He doubted whether there could be 'a meaningful convergence between the interests of industry and public health since the priority of the drinks industry was to make money for shareholders while public health demanded a cut in consumption..... On alcohol there is undoubtedly a need for regulation on price, availability and marketing and there is a risk that discussions will be deflected away from regulation that is likely to be effective but would affect sales. On food labelling we have listened too much to the supermarkets rather than going for traffic lights [warnings] which health experts recommend.' ”

The Shadow public health minister Dianne Abbott, has called for the Health Select Committee to launch an enquiry into this decision. Please show your support for this enquiry by signing this petition.

12. Extend McDonald's Breakfast Menu Hours on Weekends

Sometimes over the weekend, people tend to sleep in because it is their day off or they had a big night out or they just feel like it. But there's nothing worse than waking up on the weekend wanting a breakfast meal from McDonald's and rocking up just as the breakfast menu changes over.

13. Bring dino-nuggets to McDonald's

Everyone knows McDonald's would be so much better with dinosaur-shaped nuggets. Dinos > Random cutouts.

14. Encouraging Fast Food Restaurants and Outlets to Provide Recycling Facilities for Consumers

For many years Australians have been among the most enthusiastic recyclers in the world, however most fast food restaurants and outlets in Australia do not recycle or even offer customers the opportunity to recycle their waste. Furthermore, the majority of waste products from fast food meals including cups, bottles, aluminium cans, cardboard chip packets and paper wrappers, are fully recyclable but are being placed into landfill.

According to an academic study conducted in 2007 by the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, waste generated by the packaging of fast food is 93% recoverable, in other words only 7% need go to landfill. The reality is that industry-wide only 29% is actually recovered with 71% of mostly recyclable packaging waste from the fast food industy going to landfill.

The research from this study indicated that it is possible to reach the achievable recovery potential in the exisiting solid waste infrastructure through new waste management practices, which are designed and operated according to waste producers's needs and demands. A consistent government approach is believed by the study to greatly assist in achieving lower waste, like in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, legislation was passed in 2004 that required its 600 fast-food restaurants, including McDonalds, Burger King (Hungry Jacks), and KFC, to maintain facilities for proper disposal of recyclables by customers. Diners are obliged to deposit their garbage in four separate containers for leftover food, recyclable paper, regular waste and liquids. Restaurants that don't comply face fines up to USD$8,700.

In March/April 2010, this petition will be forwarded to the head offices/CEOs of the most popular restaurants including McDonald's, Hungry Jacks, Burger King, Subway, KFC and Red Rooster etc. Copies of the petition will also be sent to the federal and state environment ministers to encourage the government to introduce legislative changes that encourage fast food franchises to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

Most of the information in this petition was sourced from

15. Bring back the McFlurry

New Zealand's Mcdonalds stopped supplying the McFlurry and Dom from The Edge wants it back. Do you agree?

16. No McDonald's at Green Meadows Port Macquarie

The Catholic Church has shown complete disregard for the health of students attending 3 schools near Green Meadows in Port Macquarie.

The Church is in the process of selling key land in Green Meadows to McDonald's, meaning the fast food restaurant will be just walking distance from 3 schools as well as residential areas.

17. McDonalds soll den Chicken McFu dauerhaft ins Sortiment aufnehmen

Im Jahr 2000 nimmt McDonalds den Chicken McFu für einige Zeit in sein Sortiment auf.

Warum wurde dieser Burger (der leckerste Burger aller Zeiten) nicht in das dauerhafte Sortiment von McDonalds aufgenommen?

18. Bring back ORANGE drink at McDonalds

When current inventories of ORANGE drink are finished it will be replaced by COKE ZERO. Whether McDonalds understands this or not ORANGE drink is a vital part of their menu. Many customers will be forced to consume brand name products with little or no appeal, including their biggest customers being children.

We feel that McDonalds has forgotten their core values and has pushed customer satisfaction to the side. ORANGE drink cannot be replaced and must be returned to the menu.

Please sign and lets remind McDonalds how important ORANGE is to us and to them.

19. Keep McDonalds Breakfast Open Until 11:30am!

This Petition is all about getting McDonalds to keep there breakfast’s session open until 11:30 instead of 10:30. How great would that be! Not having to get up so early. Not having to rush. Being able to sit back and enjoy your food.

The only way we can achieve our goal of getting McDonalds to keep there breakfasts going until 11:30 is by getting LOTS of signatures. Once we get enough signatures, we will be sending a letter to the HQ of McDonalds. How could they deny that?

Please Visit for more information. If you are feeling generous please support us by paying a small donation to help us increase advertising, its not free you know. (We only accept PayPal)

If you help us, eventually you really will be loving It!

Thank You for your interest and support

20. Boycott McDonald's for Using Paul McCartney's Picture Against His Wishes

Everything you need to know was already mentioned on the video and further elaborated on in the articles/videos that were linked to in the description. Please watch it if you already haven't:

To watch at YouTube use this address:

Here are some additional Quotes from Paul himself (from a 1992 article), asserting his beliefs in relation to his life-changing decision to become a Vegetarian:

"You want your chicken pre-packed and clean; women do not want to stuff their hands up into a chicken and pull out the giblets. People try to hide the fact that they are actually eating something that had a face and a heart, something that had a soul."

-Paul McCartney

"And that's another tradition; in most of the books you read it holds that animals don't have souls - that's something I don't agree with. I think it's so pompous of mankind to pronounce that. What? Has somebody got inside an animal's head and found out?"

-Paul McCartney

••••••••••••Consequences upon McDonald's failure to respond••••••••••••

-Your business will suffer of course. Beatle fans will either stop buying your meat products or stop buying from you altogether.

More information:

•What's the aim?
-However many signatures we could get. The smaller the exposure, the fewer signatures we'll have. Don't let this be the sole testament to how many people would actually support this.

•What happens afterwards?
-Once there are enough signatures to make an impact, I will send this petition to Paul's official website or other sources that will be able to make proper use of it. Thank you :)

21. Bring Back The Mega Mac

I was an employee of mcdonalds a few years ago when the mega mac was out, and it proved so popular it was selling out everywhere, we especailly had to always get extra stock when ordering and that even went, we had to limit it to 1 per customer over 16!

The sales figures were pretty amazing to as no other burger probably sold this many the short period they were out!!!!

22. All Takeaway Shops should have a Vegetarian Selection,-1,-1

Nowhere in any of these major takeaway shops is there a section for Vegetarian meals!

23. Clear cutting is cruel

For the longest time McDonald's has been clear cutting (burning areas of forest for places to raise their cattle) rain forests everywhere.

They are causing animals to loose there homes and exposing them to the cruel "eat or be eaten" rainforest way of life. endangered species have gone to extinct because of this non-environmentaly friendly company McDonald's.

24. We want Mcy D's Brekkie after 10:30am

Why do Mcdonalds stop serving breakfast at 10:30?

Most cafe's pub's restaurants continue to serve breakfast upto and sometimes past 12 Noon.. this is not good enough.. Mcdonadls.. feed us more muffins!

25. Stop the banning of games on Neopets by Mcdonalds in Australia

Mcdonalds has banned games such as: Tombola, Brucey B Slots, Dice-A-Roo, Double or Nothing, Food Club, Fruit Machine, Go! Go! Go!, Grarrl Keno, Grumpy Old King, Guess the Card and the list goes on.

This ban to my knowledge is only in Australia but people around the world just think when your playing your daily games which are based on what Mcdonalds calls 'Something that turns children on to gambling.' about us in Australia who are left broke becuase we can't play the games that get you somewhere.

26. Bring Down The Price Of McDonalds!

This petition aims to reduce the prices of food at McDonalds restaurants.

27. Ban McDonalds

Mcdonalds underpay their workers and they destroy rainforests in poor countries. The people that look after the animals and grounds are underpaid and over worked.

Animals are killed inhumanely to produce burgers etc and transported in cruel ways. They are not treated with respect and neither are the workers. The food contains more fat than you should eat in a week although they do not tell you.

28. Mcdonalds should have nutrition facts food labels on their food

We the people of the United States demand that McDonalds list ALL of its ingredients and nutritional value on the wrappers of everything that they sell. We demand to know what is in our food and how many calories we are eating.

29. Mcdonalds should have nutrition facts food labels on their food

We the people of the United States demand that McDonalds list ALL of its ingredients and nutritional value on the wrappers of everything that they sell. We demand to know what is in our food and how many calories we are eating.

30. Ban McDonalds- The Corporation Abuses Rights of Vegetarians

New Delhi, May 5 2001: The Shiv Sena on Saturday demanded that fast-food giant McDonalds should shut down its operations in India after it was sued in the United States over the use of animal extract.

About 60 activists of the Sena marched to the office of the Indian branch of McDonalds and
submitted a memorandum demanding closure of its outlets in the country. "Today it is a symbolic protest. We came to warn them to shut down the restaurants," Jai Bhagwan Goel, the Delhi head of the Shiv Sena told Reuters.

McDonalds reiterated that the French fries that it served in India did not contain any animal
extracts. "McDonald's India would like to assure you that French fries in India are a 100 percent vegetarian product and do not contain any beef or animal extract of whatsoever kind," the company said in an advertisement in a newspaper on Saturday.

The Press Trust of India quoted McDonalds Delhi Managing Director Vikram Bakshi as saying that all McDonald outlets were open in Delhi after taking "necessary precautions". Earlier this week a vegetarian lawyer and native Indian, Harish Bharti, filed suit against McDonalds in the United States accusing it of "secretly" lacing its French fries with beef fat.

A report on the case appeared in a leading Indian newspaper on Friday, stirring protests and attacks on the fast-food chain. "The cow is sacred to Indians. Foreign firms have made a habit of dumping things here without any regard to feelings of people," Goel said.

A group of unidentified people attacked a McDonalds outlet in Thane on Mumbai's outskirts on Friday, damaging property. A McDonalds spokesman in the United States said earlier this week the restaurant chain had never claimed to offer vegetarian food but that it gave information on ingredients in its food to anyone who sought it. However, the spokesman said that in some overseas markets McDonalds did offer fries with no animal content to conform to local cultural standards.

McDonalds has 28 outlets in India, where it began operations in 1996. The fast-food chain's staple fare in India are chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers. (Reuters)

March 2002,

CHICAGO - (KRT) - McDonald's Corp. is close to settling lawsuits filed by several vegetarians last year who accused the burger chain of deliberately concealing the use of beef extract in its French fries.

A confidential draft of the proposed settlement offer calls for McDonald's to pay $10 million to charities that support vegetarianism, issue a public apology and form an advisory board to counsel the company on vegetarian dietary issues. Another $2.4 million would go to plaintiffs' attorneys.

The settlement would end an embarrassing episode for McDonald's over one of its most popular menu items, the skinny French fry. The agreement would cover lawsuits in five states, including Illinois, that were filed on behalf of any vegetarian who ate McDonald's fries after 1990 in the belief that they contained no meat.

That was the year the Oak Brook, Ill.-based company began saying its fries were cooked in "100 percent vegetable oil" instead of a combination of beef tallow and vegetable shortening. The change came to appease cholesterol-conscious fast-food diners.

Based on the company's marketing of the switch, the plaintiffs contend they assumed that the fries were a vegetarian product, not knowing that McDonald's continued to add a small amount of beef tallow to its fries for flavoring. McDonald's says it never made any claims about the vegetarianism of its fries, but it also did not fully disclose the use of the beef extract. In its nutrition brochures, the company described the ingredient as "natural flavor."

The plaintiffs argue that some of the chain's restaurant employees were not even aware of the beef flavoring and told them the fries were vegetarian. Three vegetarians in Seattle, including two Hindus who don't eat meat for religious reasons, were the first to file a complaint last May. Suits in California, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey followed.

Under the proposed agreement, the 12 named plaintiffs in the five pending cases would each receive $4,000.

But not all the plaintiffs are pleased with the offer. A formal settlement has yet to be filed with the court.

"Given how long the window of deception was, $10 million is a pittance," said Cherie Travis, of Downers Grove, Ill., who filed a suit in her state. "McDonald's made a lot of money telling people that the fries were vegetarian."

Travis was so unhappy she fired her attorney, Jason Shanfield of the Chicago firm Edelman, Combs & Latturner Llc, last month. Three plaintiffs in Texas also dismissed their attorney last month. Shanfield declined to comment.

McDonald's would not discuss details of the deal Wednesday. The company "has been working in good faith to resolve this matter," spokesman Walt Riker said. "It was purely unintentional, and we have been working to address this issue in a positive way." According to the draft, McDonald's does not admit to any wrongdoing as part of the agreement.

The terms call for McDonald's to donate $6 million to vegetarian organizations, $2 million to Hindu or Sikh groups, $1 million to promote children's hunger relief and another $1 million to support kosher dietary practices.

McDonald's also will publish an apology in at least six specialized publications, including Veggie Life, Hinduism Today and India Tribune. Travis said that the apology is not a big concession from McDonald's because the company posted an apology on its Web site last May for causing culinary confusion over the last decade.

She also is not happy with the advisory board because, she said, "There's nothing that bind McDonald's to any of its recommendations."